Lessons living with Mohanji – Day 12

Day 12 Lesson – Dynamic Movement 

By Christopher Greenwood

I wanted to share an example of the dynamic nature of how Mohanji works and also how the teams support and put into action the new ideas that come from Mohanji. 

I am responsible for the ‘Invest in Awareness’ program, which is bringing Mohanji’s teachings to the corporate world. For roughly eight months, I’ve wrestled with putting the teachings into a solid format and structure that will set it apart from various other corporate training programs. We ran a series of the pilot format, but still, we hadn’t caught the essence or spark that would set it apart. With a new team, we had made more steps forward but still not reached a full launch. 

Mohanji called me into his room one morning, and within 20 minutes, set the vision and format for the program. He also asked me, “Can we launch this immediately?” Now, I always interpret these as a question to myself. Do I believe we can make this happen in time? Mohanji says that belief and attitude are everything, and being with him, he empowers all activities fully. 

We discussed and agreed to launch immediately with the Mohanji Platform heads and active Acharyas to recognise their commitment and dedication. In that 20 minute discussion, the program was set, and within the next four days, we had completed the first session of the program with a group of 135 people from all corners of the world. 

Time to unlearn. Re-establish. Reborn. 

The Path of Liberation. Being Buddha.

This is the dynamic movement that Mohanji delivers. We have much work to do in the world.

Good morning, everybody. I hope you’re all doing very well and are enjoying these messages. 

Today, following on from yesterday, I wanted to give an example of the really dynamic nature of working with Mohanji, and how now we’ve developed a really great team in the office who are really flexible, can be equally dynamic, so that when the ideas come, we can put them into action immediately. And here is an example of that. 

As I mentioned in my first lesson, our mantra or motto is – no postponement, no delay, no tomorrow; it is now. And these aren’t just words that I am sharing. We, in the office team, are living this motto. And the example that I’m sharing today is about ‘Investment in Awareness’, the corporate program. For the past eight months, I’ve been wrestling with bringing Mohanji’s teachings to the world of business. As stated in the tagline, it’s about creating ethical businesses, which operate ethically both externally and internally. Ethical externally means that businesses are utilising rather than exploiting the earth; their practices and their products are durable, ethically delivered, and things like this. And internally ethical means that employees are cared for and looked after. 

On the individual level, we’re looking to take people to a very, very high level of acceptance of themselves. That’s because when people accept themselves, they’re optimally efficient, they’re more productive, more content in life, happier and more stable. So, lots of stress is reduced. 

So for months now, we’ve been working for eight months, maybe even longer. And I’ve run various pilots, even one with my company. We ran a pilot also internally here with some of the organisations, and we had different formats. The program was mainly focused on meditation, breathing, and some yoga. While we were working well as a team, we hadn’t really caught the spark to take it forward, that real oomph, something that would set us apart. 

So I decided to disband the team to refocus around what was the core of the program. In this second phase, we have progressed some more with the new team, and we had a small launch on Diwali. We’ve been making steady steps, but we were not fully ready for a real launch. 

So then, last Wednesday, Mohanji called me into his room in the morning. He said he wanted to speak to me, which for me is always a nervous moment, being called to speak to Mohanji, not knowing what it’s about. My first reaction is usually racking through my brain and notes to see which of the 30 or 40 things on the list should have been done and hasn’t quite been done yet.

But he said he wanted to talk about the ‘Invest in Awareness’ program. And he had an idea. So he said: ‘Sit down. See, I was thinking this morning; I didn’t have much to do.’ And you know, that’s always a bit of a joke when he says ‘I didn’t have much to do’ because he’s always busy. So he said: ‘This took me 20 minutes, have a listen to this. What do you think?’ He then basically laid out the whole vision for the program, from start to finish, at a high level. He asked: ‘What do you think?’ And I said: ‘Well, that’s just absolutely fantastic.’ I mean, he completely wrapped up everything in a proper framing and in an understandable way. And it’s going to be something incredibly impactful for people. So, I said: ‘This is fantastic. It’s really great.’ And he said: ‘Okay, good, in which case, we’re launching this now. Launch it now, immediately.’ 

He continued: ‘We’re going to launch this to our teams. For all the people who have been contributing over the past year, I want this to go to our country heads, board members, teams, and active Acharyas for all their contribution and work. And I will conduct the program myself, but it has to happen now.’ So this is the type of direction which you get, or what the team and I get; he gives us an idea or a concept. And then, it’s up to you to make that happen as quickly and as efficiently as possible. 

And this program is really great. So the tagline is about ‘time to unlearn, re-establish, reborn’. And also, it’s about the path of liberation, about being Buddha, essentially. So, it’s really fresh. The program comprises ten sessions, and it’s for those who have consistently invested themselves in the foundation and the platforms, displaying tremendous conviction and sheer determination to bring this mission into the world; for those who’ve been self-inspired and have made a positive difference with their presence.

So, it had to happen. And there could not have been any questioning about whether we have enough time, can we begin later, can we start tomorrow, etc. It’s always ‘right now. So, it’s about ‘what do we need to do to make it happen’, essentially. So first, I spoke with Madhu and the team. Then we put together a provisional invite list. We engaged the Acharya board to make sure they could be involved in their selection; we set the time and date, contacted the country heads, and made sure everyone had the message and passed it on. 

So it’s large logistics, getting the information across to people, and we’ve got around 140 people. You can imagine how it is just to make sure that everyone understands what needs to happen. Then there’s making the team ready, creating the slides, the information, the groups, making sure we have a way to track people, answering all the questions that come in, and everything else that you can imagine about it. Within a day or two, we had the list, and we invited people. And the result is we now have a ten-week, ‘deadly’ program that will transform people. And it will run up until the end of December, and come January, Mohanji said in the first session, there’ll be new people wanting to apply for it. So this is something that we can now adapt and package for the corporate world. 

So, Mohanji has set the format within 20 minutes. And within four days, we’ve organised it, and we’re running the program. And by the end of December, we’ll have a program ready for the business world. 

This is an example I wanted to share because it shows the speed at which Mohanji works. And he said that if we could all go faster, he could then go much faster; he has the capacity to do even more. He probably has the capacity to do much more than we know. The program itself is totally innovative and fresh. The people who’ve been connected with Mohanji for a long time have said that they’ve never heard of some of the topics discussed in the program. Others described it like an atomic bomb had gone off in the session. It’s really remarkable. 

Yesterday, I spoke about being sat next to the fire. And this is somewhat what that means. In this type of situation, there’s no ‘I can’t do this.’ There’s no thinking along the lines of ‘okay, maybe I’ll do it tomorrow’, or questioning how it’ll work, or how we can make it happen, is there enough time, these types of questions. There’s only ‘Yes, we’re doing it’ and then putting it into action. And it’s the same for all of the platforms that Mohanji has founded and that he is involved in. He gives that clarity, that direction, that inspiration and the energy for all of it to happen. And I’m sure that with time, as more people come, and the bigger the organisation becomes, we’ll be able to do much, much more. 

I hope you enjoyed that. It was an example that happened very recently to give you a flavour of the dynamism that Mohanji displays and which the office and management teams have to handle to keep up. Thank you. Have a great day.


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The lock is broken

By Arun Vathavooran, UK

I have had some knee discomfort for at least nine years now. I remember the first time I discovered it; I had an issue in the knee around Maha Shivaratri time in 2012. It started with mild pain on my right knee, which I initially thought my body’s response for keeping awake all night for Shivaratri, but it lasted for a while. I saw my GP (Family Doctor) and was told that I had anterior knee syndrome and was recommended to rest. I took their advice and rested; it helped, but the discomfort didn’t disappear. I learnt to live with it; in general, it was OK unless I did a long stretch of walk or heavy lifting.

I went on a holiday with my family to Sri Lanka in 2013. While there, I managed to get an appointment with an orthopaedic consultant to check my knee. The doctor examined my knees and said, “I think you are lining up for surgery, but I would suggest delaying it as much as possible. You seem well and healthy in your thirties, so it is in your hands to look after your knees by being extra careful and not straining the knees.” I took his advice and tried my best to avoid strenuous activities to the knees.

In 2016, I had the blessed opportunity to undertake the Kailash Parikrama with Mohanji, and then the thought about the doctor’s advice came to my mind. Somehow, I managed to discard that thought and joined the pilgrimage with Mohanji. I have to say; I completed the outer kora Parikrama by walking more than 80% of the 52km trek. There is no doubt this was made possible only through the pure grace of Mohanji. My deep connection to Mohanji formed, and I got busy with my life and serving the world.

In 2019, I became a Mohanji Acharya. I attended a nine-day intensive training with Mohanji in Serbia with another 49 members from the Mohanji Family. At the end of the training, Mohanji blessed each of us with a very special and sacred Rudraksha Mala, which was energised in a very particular way. All the Acharyas keep that Mala as our most precious procession and wear it while performing as an Acharya, serving the world. Mohanji advised us to dip the Mala in sesame oil for a specific duration of time before using it. As per Mohanji’s guidance, I had dipped the Mala in sesame oil overnight and then washed and started wearing it. After that, I have used that oil to apply on the body but kept some leftover oil in a small container.

Last year (2020), my friend Vignesh Anna was doing a distance Mai-Tri session for me for some other reason. After the session, he mentioned that there was some fluid collected in my right knee joint, and I should go and see my doctor and check it out. At that time, I didn’t have any symptoms. Further, getting an appointment with a GP was also not so easy those days due to the peak of the pandemic. Time went o few months, around December 2020, I developed severe pain in my right knee. As usual, with the attitude of acceptance and surrender, I ignored it and continued with daily life. However, the pain increased within a few weeks to the extent that I couldn’t sit cross-legged on the floor to do my Kriya practice and other regular sadhanas.

One of the days in the 1st week of January, early in the morning, I received telepathic guidance from Mohanji during my Kriya practice. The guidance was to take some turmeric tablets as medicine for knee issues. I immediately ordered some turmeric tablets and started taking them the following day. In the meantime, the pain increased day by day, and I found it is very painful to walk around the house to do my basic tasks. It took a lot of time to get up from the bed and get moving around. However, I managed to do all that to the best of my ability. I also decided to seek medical advice and managed to get an appointment with my GP.

Arun with Mohanji – Acharya training Serbia

After a short examination, the GP ordered an X-ray and mentioned to me that I had some damage to the knee cartilage. She referred me to see an orthopaedic consultant surgeon for further diagnosis and treatment. I managed to book an appointment with a leading consultant who specialises in knees within a short period of time. The consultant examined my knees and explained that he suspects cartilage damage and a cyst formation as a result of that within the knee joint itself. He seemed very confident but recommended an MRI scan to confirm the diagnosis. He further said, most likely, we would have to do keyhole surgery to remove the cyst and fluid. He further said that he could also fix some aspects of the cartilage at the same time as well.

In the meantime, I was recording a video for Mohanji Tamil Facebook page with other Tamil Mohanji Acharyas and volunteers. Everyone knew that I normally sit cross-legged on the floor for such recordings. However, I was sitting in a chair this time. This was very unusual, so I had to mention about my knee issues. My Acharya sister Sathya messaged me after the program recommending me to apply some of the sesame oil that I had used to dip the Acharya mala (that oil become energised and demonstrates healing properties). I took her words as Mohanji’s guidance and applied it immediately. I continued to apply it to my knee every night for a while.

During these days, I had a call with Acharya sister Subhasree regarding some organisational matters. I mentioned my knee during the call, and she said she would do Mai-Tri for me that night. The next day she messaged me, saying, “I had completed Mai-Tri last night; Mohanji said to drop all your fears”. I was a bit surprised because I was not aware of any fears. I used to have many fears, but I have lost all of them in the past five years, one by one since meeting Mohanji. I am aware that fears can stay in the causal layer and surface when things are right for them to manifest. However, we won’t be able to recognise them until they surface up. As we move on the spiritual path, our Master will make sure that all such fears would surface so that we can face them and eventually drop them forever and progress in the path of liberation. Now my problem was how to face it without knowing what the fear was. I thought the only thing that I could do was surrender it to Mohanji. I hadn’t mentioned this to anybody but surrendered to Mohanji in front of his picture in my home shrine. I said to Mohanji, Father, I accept that I have some fear within me that I am not aware of, I surrender it to you; please do the needful for me to progress on my path.”

Then, I spoke to Subhasree to get more clarity. She said that it seemed like the fear of something was binding me like a chain to my right leg, which was the source of the problem. She also said that this was definitely from my past lives and advised me to surrender to Mohanji. Further, she has recommended that Mohanji’s “Connect to yourself” process could help me to drop my fears. I immediately joined the special Acharya program conducted for Mohanji’s birthday and took part in the process. I felt some deep relief and the feeling of something leaving me during the process and the next day.

After a few days, I spoke to my Acharya sister Moushumi about something else and casually mentioned that I had knee pain (I didn’t say anything about the background). She said she will do a Mai-Tri for me and did on the following day. After a few days, I received a message from her saying, “Anna, I was doing Mai-Tri for another person but received some guidance from Mohanji to do Mai-Tri for your knees, so I have done a session even without asking you. I felt that there was some block at the start, but a big chain and a lock that was binding your knee were broken towards the end. Now there are some wounds after having a chain there for a long time. But I feel you will feel better soon.” I replied, thanking her but did not have an opportunity to speak in detail.

In the meantime, I completed my MRI scan and waited for a follow-up appointment with the consultant. I continued to take turmeric tablets and applied energised sesame oil to the knee as well. In a few days’ time, I felt some improvement in the knee; I felt that I could walk without much pain but sitting on the floor was still difficult. I received a letter from the hospital that my consultant appointment was scheduled for 11th March (Maha Shivaratri day). They suggested that I elect to have a telephone appointment since this was a follow-up and a physical examination was not necessary (In a medical secretary’s view, it was an appointment to confirm a routine surgery and fix a date for the operation and discuss pre-operative tests).

I have decided not to stay awake all night for Maha Shivaratri this year because I couldn’t sit on the floor. However, the day before Shivaratri, I received a message from my friend and Acharya brother Rajesh Kamath asking me to join the Homa that Mohanji was going to initiate for Shivaratri. His message said, “Please join the Homa if you can; Mohanji is doing it after a long time. It is a big blessing. The last he did was in 2019 July in Kailash. These moments are rare and don’t come often. That’s why I am pushing all the close people I know to join.” I took this as Mohanji’s guidance and decided to join the Homa.

I decided to sit on the floor cross-legged as long as I could. I was so determined that I should sit on the floor at least until Mohanji was performing the Homa (For me, sitting in a chair while Mohanji performing the Homa was unacceptable). As per the instructions, I joined early and looked forward to the Homa. Quite unexpectedly, Acharya sister Subhasree called my name to start the chanting until Mohanji initiated the Homa. This was an unexpected treat because I had the blessed opportunity to lead the chanting of my favourite mantra, “Aum Hreem Aum Nama Shivaya,” on Maha Sivarathtri day.

As usual, Mohanji joined promptly on time and initiated the Homa at 1:30 pm UK time as planned. I had made an intention (Sankalpa), saying, “With the grace of Mohanji, the fear that is binding me and any other unwanted things that I carry, be burned to ashes in this Homa fire.” Then I closed my eyes and sat there in front of the Homa (by zoom) connecting to Mohanji.

After a while, my phone rang, and I realised that my consultant was calling. I answered the phone, and it was indeed him. He asked about my pain, and I said it was much better, but still there. Then he said, “To my surprise, no abnormalities were found in your MRI. Your cartilage, ligaments and everything looks perfectly normal apart from minor wear and tear at the end of a muscle outside the knee cap, this is expected for your age, and I don’t think we need to do anything else unless you are in severe pain. Even if you have pain, I would rather recommend some pain management rather than surgery.” I replied that the pain has substantially reduced, and I was happy to leave it as it is. I asked him if I have to wear a knee strap or anything to support, but he said, “No, you don’t need anything as such. Your knees looking absolutely normal; carry on with everything as usual, unless you develop any pain.” After thanking him, I ended the call and went back to the Homa.

Looking back now, I realise I had sat cross-legged for almost 15 to 16 hours (1 pm to 6 pm next morning with minor breaks for stretching, refreshments etc.). I didn’t have any pain at all! I have started to do everything as usual from that point onwards. I am writing this after a week from Shivaratri, but I have no complaints about my knees.

In summary, Mohanji has healed me by breaking the chain of fear that I was not aware of. I have to say that the beauty of the gift from Mohanji (Mai-Tri Method) is that it goes into the causal layer and removes the impressions at the seed level, even before they manifest as an ailment. Also, looking at my connection to Mohanji – I connect to him as my Guru (remover of ignorance), but he plays many roles in my life at various times. To name a few, a father (correcting mistakes when needed), teacher (imparting knowledge), protector (sending messages about upcoming health issues for prevention),  guide (giving guidance at crucial moments in life), friend (laughing out loud together when there is an opportunity), healer (through many Mai-Tri practitioners), doctor (giving a prescription to get turmeric tablets), therapist (suggesting therapeutic massage with energised sesame oil), dietitian (giving dietary advise through many channels when needed) and so on. It is important to note that he fulfills everything through various instruments and also direct telepathic messages. I surrender my thoughts, words and actions at his holy feet.


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Lessons living with Mohanji – Day 11

Chris lesson 11

Day 11 Lesson – Next to the fire

by Christopher Greenwood

I wanted to share some of my personal experiences living with Mohanji, or more appropriately, living next to the fire! I have to admit that it is not easy at times, and that is because patterns and comfort zones are being continuously broken. It is uncomfortable, and the pace and variety of activity mean plenty of situations where these surface. 

Mohanji isn’t concerned with emotions or feelings either, which means whilst he is here to guide, it’s my journey to work through. His interest is in transformation, and when you get closer to the fire, you either transform or get burnt. Transformation is your evolution, and being burnt is the comfort zones pulling you back. There is no middle ground.

There hasn’t been much time for me to reflect on my experiences while they were happening, but I hope that this message gives insight and feelings of what it’s like being next to the fire – Mohanji. 

I feel this is the same for all people working closely with Mohanji and within the Foundation. We are day by day, given the opportunity to break our patterns and free ourselves from the binding of our comfort zones.

Over the past few days, I’ve shared some general lessons that I’ve learned from Mohanji – some stories and some more information about the Foundation and the platform’s activities. And today, I wanted to talk about a personal experience – living with Mohanji. It’s been probably eight months now. And it’s related to something which Mohanji said the other day, I heard him share it, and I’d heard it before. But it prompted my mind to think about sharing this – and it’s that living with a Master is incredibly difficult. 

When you’re looking at Mohanji from afar or a Master from afar, it is fine because there’s a safe distance. But as soon as you come close, that’s when the heat really starts to happen. That’s when it really starts to turn on. And so what happens in that situation as people get closer and closer and closer to the fire? There are only two options. One is to use that for transformation, which means you have to break through patterns to break through comfort zones. Or the second one is that you get burned, which generally means running away. There’s no middle ground, especially within this path. And as he says as well – this is the path of no-nonsense. And he’s purely interested in transformation: an individual’s transformation, their spiritual growth, their evolution, however, you’d like to call it. So how they feel, how they are that day, their emotions, all these types of things are of no interest really. And I understood this quite early on when I was finding it quite hard. I now understand (from reading the books actually, I read this, and now I’ve experienced it firsthand) that the Guru or the Master knows what you need to move through whatever patterns that you have. So we are a walking, talking bundle of patterns, inclinations – everything which we carry. We’re basically an expression of our karmic baggage, or ‘garbage’, as he said the other day. We’re just walking and talking all the time. 

So they (the Masters) can see this, and they know what activity is good for you, to move you through it. Basically, to move from a state of tamas, inertia, laziness, procrastination, where these habits are binding and ruling and controlling in the comfort zones being served all the time, day in, day out. It requires selfless activity, karma yoga activity so that the weight is reduced. 

So he (Mohanji) described it this way: at the moment when you first arrived, it was as if you were on a bed and you had a big magnet on your back – you couldn’t even get up, you couldn’t even lift yourself up. So through the work that he has provided, he can at least sit up from the bed, which is a big, big effort. And so what that means is constant activity, new activity, changing activity. You start one task and then are quite quickly diverted to another. There’s another session, someone else to speak to, another meeting to arrange, another task to complete, another board to join, constantly, constantly, constantly. And there’s really no way that it’s possible to completely keep up. And that activity drives momentum. 

So quite quickly, I reached a point where I just couldn’t cope. I was becoming, ‘this is too much.’ I would be eating a lot, probably emotionally eating, which made me more tired, lazier. And one morning, we sat down, we spoke, and it was quiet. He was attending to messages. And quite out of the blue, when I thought we’re going to talk about something else, he said, “You know what is amazing – you’re here, in my presence, you’ve got activities, and you’re becoming even more tamasic. Absolutely amazing!” I was completely shocked. And the conversation followed, “If you’d like to go back to the UK, you’re more than welcome. Remember that you’re not bound here. I want you to remain free. And if it ever gets too much, I’d much rather you just say, admit it to yourself and leave everything in good order so that nothing is left untidy, because that would be really bad. So yeah, you’re free to go. But remember where you’re going back to – you’re going back to your patterns, to your comfort zones. And this is the path here of no-nonsense. You have an opportunity to transform, an opportunity to evolve. But that doesn’t mean it’s mandatory. There’s always free will. So you’ll be welcome to leave as well. So, being next to the fire, either transform – or get burned and leave.”

“Never justify Inertia. It is a self-destructive tendency. You are defeating yourself by defending your laziness.”


And this was the general message, and it made quite an impact on me. From that, I realized that work hadn’t been loaded on top of me to make me crumble. And he said that too, “My job isn’t to make you crumble at all. My job is to take you to the highest potential that you can be, it’s to take you to yourself, essentially.” And he’s been giving guidance and clarity on how to achieve that, too. So he doesn’t just give the activity or the task; he shares how it’s to be done. But generally, that will mean moving from where I am now, through a comfort zone, through a barrier, through something that I wasn’t even aware of that’s come up, some feeling, some emotions. So I can progress into that. 

And so, some things that I was personally faced with are public speaking, making videos. All these were gruelling; it felt really awful to have to pull myself out of my general habit or ego, the resistance that was stopping me from doing that – through that to actually do it. When I was in Fireflies Ashram here in India, we had yoga teacher training. Sanja would be able to tell you that it would take me ages and ages to record a video, be really worried and really fearful about what people would think. 

So in the situations that are presented, I’m having to come out of my comfort zone and address fears. Also, really look at myself. Also, at the same time, because that resistance is there, that pattern is there of not being able to overcome it, then the feelings of worthlessness come in, of uselessness. These patterns I have as well, I’m realizing. So, quite quickly and intensely, I’m presented with situations, tasks, activities where I’m able to see in an intense time period all these patterns that are put in front of me that I have. And knowing then it’s putting faith in Mohanji is the test that I’ve been given, that to just do it, not think, and drop the sense of ownership about the feeling that I will have to do this. That’s something else, which is part of the lessons that come. I think Mohanji also says that man minus ego is equal to God. So then there is a surrender element in it as well. 

All of this, day in and day out, is quite an intense, evolving, fast-paced activity. And now, looking back, I can see that. But during the time, it was incredibly uncomfortable. 

And just before I came here, actually, I developed a skin condition as well. So I’ve got a rash coming up all over my skin. When I was speaking, I think it was either with Mohanji or with somebody else here; they were saying that’s probably suppressed emotions over many lives. 

The intensity of being here is that you face in a short period of time all the things which are inside. And they keep coming. So tasks may trigger a situation, people may trigger a situation. And more recently, I found out that there was quite a lot of anger stored inside as well. So, having to navigate through those emotions and patterns which are long hidden is the reality of being close to Mohanji. 

And some people may have felt the intensity when Mohanji has a satsang or when we have a meeting with some of the teams. There’s like a burst of intensity, which generally helps push people through a momentum, like a change. So whilst it’s discomfort, it’s also quite a benefit too because Mohanji matches what he sees in front of him: it’s a mirror. So if he sees that there’s a blockage, if he sees that tamas is creeping in, or inertia in me, his intensity arises. So what might seem like someone is being shouted out or being scolded; actually it’s not. He’s increasing his intensity so that he can remove any blockage. And he does this with a lot of the teams and meetings that I sit on as well.

I can talk more about this later. Though it’s more of a personal experience today, which I’m speaking about, yet it’s still not completely settled. And I don’t think it will be for many months and even years to come. Because it’s still a period of transition, and day in day out, there are very subtle situations that occur, almost like a reflection back of what’s inside. And so I’m slowly becoming more and more aware of those as well. 

So, that’s a little information on what it’s like sitting next to the fire, that is Mohanji.


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My Journey to Mohanji and his impact on my life


by Vijay Ramanaidoo, UK

First meeting

My journey to Mohanji began in September 2010 when my wife Ranjana and I met up in London with a couple who were old friends of ours from our time in Muscat, Oman. They told us about a Spiritual Master called Mohanji, the managing director of three companies, married to a Serbian lady, and living in a villa in Muscat. They had written some blogs of their spiritual experiences with Mohanji, and they encouraged us to read them as well as Mohanji’s blogs. They also gave us a picture of Mohanji’s eyes and asked us to connect to Mohanji through the eye card.

Although a little sceptical, I read some of the blogs and wrote back to our friends saying how much I had enjoyed reading the blogs and thanked them for introducing us to Mohanji’s writings. I then forgot about Mohanji for some time until I had a very significant dream. In this dream, I was in a hall that had a wall with long glass windows. On the other side of the window was a corridor. Through the window, I saw an Indian man with a beard and a white kurta walk purposefully down the corridor together with a few followers and enter into the hall. I followed him into an adjoining kitchen where he held me by the shoulders, pressed down hard on one shoulder to bend me backwards on one side, pressed on the other shoulder to bend me backwards on the other side. Then with both hands around my chest area, he grabbed what seemed to be a subtle body (mine or someone else’s, I do not know) and threw this out of my physical body. He then struck me hard on the third eye area with the flat bottom of his hand. I lost consciousness in the dream, and it seems physically too. When I woke up, I remembered the dream very clearly. The person in the dream resembled Mohanji!

My curiosity was aroused. I tried the Power of Purity meditation early one morning while sitting at my computer and continued to read his blogs. I bought the Power of Purity book from Amazon, which made a huge impression on me. The clarity in writing with clear explanations on various spiritual topics enlightened and resonated very strongly with me. It all seemed to make a great deal of sense.

In October 2011, our friend from Oman contacted me again to say that Mohanji was coming to London for a shipping conference! She said that we could perhaps organise a meditation session while he was there if we wanted to. I replied that I would be delighted to organise the meditation sessions, and if Mohanji wanted to, he could stay at our house instead of staying in a hotel. Mohanji very kindly agreed to this suggestion. I contacted Mohanji directly by email, and we made arrangements for his visit.

Mohanji arrived in London on the 4th of November 2011. It was a very significant moment for me as this first meeting was the start of a life-changing journey! We held a Power of Purity meditation session in my house during this trip, followed by a public meditation and Satsang programme with about 65 attendees. Many of the attendees had amazing spiritual experiences, which was the start of an amazing journey for some of them. We also made time to visit Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of Shakespeare and did some sightseeing around London.

Mohanji’s first trip to the UK was a wonderful and unique opportunity for me. I was able to be with Mohanji while he was still working in the worldly sense, and I was able to see him in multiple modes of existence; as the MD of a company, as a tourist and as a Spiritual Master. Our discussions were very easy-going; it felt like I was speaking to an old friend. 

After five hectic days, it was time for Mohanji to leave for Shanghai. As I drove Mohanji to the airport, he said that if anyone wanted to conduct meditation sessions, I could give them the Power of Purity Meditation CD. Furthermore, he said that helping people to reduce their karma (through conducting these meditation sessions) was one of the best service activities that we could do. 

Following Mohanji’s visit, we started conducting the Power of Purity meditation sessions weekly, rotating the sessions between different people’s homes. These meditation sessions were to kick-start Mohanji’s activities in the UK. A seed of activity was planted, which subsequently grew into a young tree with many blossoms.

Shaktipat initiation

Soon after meeting Mohanji, I went to visit him in Serbia, where I met him at a satsang in Belgrade. After the satsang, he asked me if I would like to join him and Devi to stay at Devi’s parent’s house in Novi Sad for the night. I hesitated and told him I had already checked into my hotel in Belgrade, and all my belongings were there. He said, “No problem, we’ll go to the hotel and wait for you while you pack.” So after packing, I travelled to Novi Sad with Mohanji, Devi, and Biljana. The next day, Mohanji gave me a long Shaktipat and said that he may initiate me into giving Shaktipat (now called Mohanji energy transfer) at a satsang that evening. I was astonished and very hesitant as I did not feel worthy of such a responsibility, and neither did I know how to give Shaktipat.

That evening, during the meditation session, Mohanji called me over, pressed on various chakra points and gave me Shaktipat again. After the meditation session ended, he informed me that I have now been initiated to deliver Energy Transfer! Although I felt very blessed, I was extremely hesitant to deliver Energy Transfer to others even though Mohanji had given clear instructions and guidance. I still did not think I was worthy of being given this responsibility.

I returned to the UK and eventually started delivering Mohanji Energy Transfer (MET) to the participants at our meditation sessions. Many people had the most amazing experiences whilst receiving MET. Once, when I stopped giving MET temporarily (because of feelings of unworthiness), we had a meditation session after which one of the participants remarked that someone had given them a very powerful MET, much more potent than normal, even though no one had done so! This was obviously Mohanji in subtle form. During that period, some of the other participants complained about not receiving MET as they had found it very beneficial. Those complaints convinced me that I should never allow my thoughts of unworthiness to interfere with my new duty. To this day, I am astounded at the impact of energy transfer and the amazing experiences people have had, which can manifest as heat, light, vibration, messages, and visions. I am in awe of Mohanji’s power and humbled that he continues to use me as his instrument. 

Registration of Mohanji ACT Foundation and Mohanji Foundation UK

During his first trip to the UK, Mohanji mentioned that he and Biba (Devi) had set up Ammucare for service activities in India and ACT Foundation for service activities in the rest of the world as a platform to serve the needy. He mentioned that they had set up ACT Foundation in Dubai, but the registration costs were so expensive that they could not continue, and he was looking to see if it was possible to set it up in another country. I said nothing at the time as I had no idea how to set up a charity and did not feel like taking on such a big responsibility. However, the seed for Mohanji ACT Foundation was sown there and then. I started my enquiries and with his grace, about a year and a half later, in 2012, a UK registered charity constituted by a Trust deed was set up with Mohanji, Devi, myself, Rajshree Gohil and Ranjan Premachandra as the first Trustees.

Setting up Mohanji ACT Foundation gave me opportunities to do seva on a much larger scale. Being a small charity, we managed to leverage our work by reaching out and working with other charities and organisations. We first started by working with Mother Teresa homes in London to buy, cook and serve food to the homeless. We also initiated a Food Aid service activity with the Skanda Vale Ashram in South Wales, who have an excess of food donated to them by pilgrims (over 60 tonnes per year!). They agreed for Mohanji ACT Foundation to be one of their food aid partners. Every couple of months or so, we hire a van and make the 5 hour trip (10 hour round trip) to the ashram to collect 1500 kilos of food at a time, mainly rice, pulses, lentils, oil, flour, tea, coffee, and vegetables. About half of this food is donated to Mother Teresa homes to feed the homeless/poor families. The other half was given to other charities that support refugees and the world’s poorest people. Over the past few years, we have collected and donated in excess of 9,000 kilos of food each year. The food we have collected has gone to refugee camps and poor communities in Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Moldova, Serbia, Ghana amongst others.

We also collected and distributed some of the hundreds of sarees and dhotis donated to Skanda Vale by the pilgrims every year. Skanda Vale does not currently have the facility to send and distribute this clothing abroad. So, we stepped in and have shipped them to refugee camps and poor communities in Sri Lanka and India, where we work with the local organisations such as the Sathya Sai organisation of Sri Lanka to distribute clothes to the neediest villagers and refugees. We have supported many overseas projects financially and given aid to areas struck by natural disasters, e.g. Serbia during the huge floods in Eastern Europe, the Philippines after a devastating tycoon, Jammu in North India, the coastal areas of South India during floods, Haiti, South Africa and many countries in Eastern Europe. We have also helped to support animal shelters and build wells for clean water in Sri Lanka.

The highlight of my work with ACT Foundation was in October 2015 when Jay Jeyaseelan (the current Mohanji ACT Foundation President) and I, along with Branco and Milos from ACT Foundation in Serbia, supported an aid trip organised by Hope and Aid direct (the UK registered charity that has been helping refugees in various parts of the world) to Kosovo with a cargo of 40 tonnes of food and clothing transported by 4 lorries. Mohanji ACT Foundation contributed many tonnes of food and toiletries for this aid project. This was primarily a trip to see where the aid we were giving was being distributed. Many of the people we visited were living in dilapidated, crowded accommodation and had to suffer the extremely cold temperatures in winter, which could reach as low as -20 degrees centigrade. We experienced the immense joy of giving the boxes of food, clothing, educational materials, and toiletries to poor families. Watching the smiles on their faces was such a humbling experience. 

After setting up Mohanji ACT Foundation, Mohanji asked me whether we could set up Mohanji Foundation in the UK. This charity was to take forward the spiritual aspects of Mohanji’s work such as the meditations, retreats, Kriya, Mai-Tri Method, pilgrimages, etc. and annadaan in ashrams, while Mohanji ACT Foundation would focus on social service. After spending a lot of time to get the objectives right, the charity was finally registered as a UK charity in February 2018 with Mohanji, myself, Subhasree Thottungal, Hemant Panda and Ranjan Premachandra as the first trustees. Since then, with the hard work of the trustees and the help of a number of dedicated core team members, the work of the charity has increased substantially. 

Kailash Pilgrimages

Mohanji has blessed me twice by allowing me to go on Kailash pilgrimages with him in 2014 and 2016. The first pilgrimage was the Outer Kora trip in July 2014. This was a momentous trip full of divine grace, which helped us to overcome the many immense obstacles we faced. On the morning of the day we were going to cross into Tibet from Nepal, there was a massive landslide ahead of us on the route we were about to take with huge loss of life. Grace protected us and amazingly, we were able to continue our journey using helicopters. I had the unique opportunity to travel in the first helicopter with Mohanji and Devi, landing on the border in Kodari before crossing into Tibet. While up in the air on the helicopter with Mohanji, I was in bliss and thought to myself that if I were to die right now, I would die happy! 

I suffered very badly from altitude sickness on this trip and wasn’t sure I could make it. However, before starting the parikrama, I bowed down to Mohanji and took his blessings. He said to me, “You will do well. Surprised, I decided to start by walking together with him. Incredibly, with his blessing, I managed to walk the whole parikrama over the three days without using a pony! This was surely only possible with his grace. After completing the parikrama and leaving Kailash by coach, I looked up at the sky through the coach window and to my astonishment, there was an incredibly clear figure of Shiva in cloud formation! Mohanji had given me the perfect end to the pilgrimage by giving me the darshan of Lord Shiva.

The second Kailash trip in 2016 was the Inner Kora trip, which was one of the most challenging things I had ever done in my life. There were 18 of us. The Inner Kora group had to walk, as ponies cannot be used for the more difficult Inner Kora trek. Again, same as the last trip, I suffered severely from altitude sickness and even fell unconscious on the morning of the parikrama! 

The second day of the parikrama was one of the most memorable days of my life. In the morning, we trekked to Charan Sparsh, a very auspicious spot where we would touch what is considered to be the feet of mount Kailash (although Kailash is many kilometres away from that point). Mohanji then turned to me and said that those who were feeling tired could rest here, but whoever wanted to could climb up onto the glacier and trek further along to get a better view of the North face of Kailash. The sherpas made a makeshift rope up which Mohanji climbed. Of course, the rest of us followed suit and climbed up too. He led the way, and we trekked, further along, to see magnificent views of Kailash in the distance, the ice and snow melting in places to form rivulets which trickled down to form larger streams. After trekking for a while, Mohanji asked us to say a prayer for merging with the consciousness of Shiva and turn around 360 degrees on the spot. After doing this, we all sat down, and Mohanji chanted the holy Shiva Kavach – the prayer for protection to ensure our safety for the dangerous trip ahead.

Mohanji sat on a rock and sent some of us forward to trek all the way to touch Kailash. He sat and watched us like a divine guard, ensuring we were protected while we endeavoured to go on the extremely dangerous trek. We trekked on for many more hours, frequently stopping to catch our breath. Eventually, the terrain changed from rock covered glacier to ice and then snow. As we got closer to Kailash, we realised that it was not easy to touch it as there was a deep gorge with long icicles next to Kailash preventing us from reaching it. But at one place, there was a natural bridge of ice and snow that allowed us to cross the gap and reach a small ledge on Kailash where we could stand. I slowly made my way up to this snowy bridge. I removed my hat and very carefully walked across the bridge, and stepped onto the ledge of Mount Kailash. I removed my gloves and put my hands and forehead onto the face of Kailash. As I touched Kailash, it felt like touching an energy field that was cool and vibrant. It was welcoming and loving energy. My head, hands, and body drank in that wonderful vibration and energy for a few minutes. I thought of Mohanji, whose grace and blessings had enabled me to reach this point. I also thought of Sathya Sai Baba and Lord Shiva, whose bountiful grace had allowed me to reach this point. I thought of my family, my ancestors and my whole lineage on behalf of which I was doing this pilgrimage. Friends, relations and the rest of the group came to my memory and everyone else that I could think of so that as many people as possible could get the benefit of me touching Kailash. I was elated. I had touched Kailash! At this point, I felt that I needed nothing more. I had reached the ultimate. If the trip finished now, I would be happy. 

As we turned back and walked back down, the weather started changing. The blue skies disappeared like a fog of cloud quickly descended on us. Small hailstones were showered upon us, and the atmosphere became dark, cold and clammy. We could hardly see the ground ahead. With Mohanji’s grace, Lord Shiva had bestowed the most amazing grace on us. Right up to the point where we were able to touch Kailash, the weather was absolutely beautiful with clear skies so we could reach safely and see Kailash in full glory. If the bad weather had come upon us earlier, we might well have had to turn back without touching Kailash. The hail turned to rain, and we got soaked through. The ground became more slippery, and we had to watch our steps more carefully. We carried on down as night descended, slowly making our way back to camp and headed straight to Mohanji’s room, where we offered our love and gratitude. We had walked for 13 hours through a dangerous landscape, and his grace had protected us.

The third day of the Inner Kora trip was just as tough, made more difficult due to fatigue and even higher altitude. It was on this day that I received great teaching from Mohanji. It was at a point where we had to climb up a steep glacier using ropes. However, only one person could go up at a time. It was extremely dangerous and scary. Rocks were falling on us from above as the others climbed up, and we did not have hard hats on. We had to sit on the frozen glacier, waiting our turn to climb up, getting colder and wetter. The glacier was at an angle of almost 45 degrees. One slip, and we would go rolling down the mountain to our deaths. I was very scared, as were all the others. I kept on shifting my position to sit on the stable ground, so I didn’t slip down the mountain. Phaneendar and Mohanji were just behind me. Phaneender was extremely scared of slipping to his death (as we all were!). As he shouted out in fear, I heard Mohanji shout loudly to him, 

‘If you have fear, you have no faith’


Those words were meant for me, too; I reflected on those words and relaxed a little. What did it matter if I slipped and fell to my death? If this is what the divine had in store for me, so be it. Mohanji’s teaching or Mahavakya (divine utterance) that day on the icy, cold, treacherous mountain slope filled me with courage and faith. His divine utterance on that day helped me and the rest of the group complete the Inner Kora trip successfully and stood me in good stead for further challenges in my life ahead. 

Ahimsa The Vegan café

The next major event was almost as challenging as the Inner Kora trip and touching Kailash. This was setting up Ahimsa The Vegan Cafe in London. Mohanji first raised this idea with me while I was on the first pilgrimage to Kailash in July 2014. We had travelled by helicopter after a landslide and had stopped at Kodari in Nepal, which was on the border of Tibet. While we were waiting to have dinner that evening, Mohanji spoke to the UK group about promoting vegan food and veganism as an expression of Ahimsa (Non-Violence). He was promoting veganism out of compassion for all the voiceless animals that are helpless and are suffering unspeakable cruelty, abuse, torture and slaughter at the hands of humans. 

However, vegan food options were limited. He described an incident in the USA when he and Sumit had to travel for a long time to find a place that served vegan food. When they did find one, it was extremely expensive. He thought to himself that there was no point in preaching to people about veganism when there were very few options of vegan food available. At this time, he came up with the idea of inspiring the creation of affordable, healthy, fast food vegan outlets across the world. The impact of this would be tremendous, saving the lives of millions of animals, improving our health and making positive changes in the environment. Mohanji went on to say that Sumit (who was the main organiser of the Kailash trip and a restauranteur) had done a lot of research into this and was taking this forward. A name for the restaurant had already been decided, Ahimsa Vegan.

I was fascinated to hear this. I had first turned to a vegan diet in 2002 when I came to realise that although I followed a vegetarian diet, there was immense cruelty and pain inflicted on cows and their offspring in the dairy industry. I bought into the idea of Ahimsa Vegan immediately, and a desire grew within me to play a small part in taking this forward. When I got back to the UK, I started thinking about the task at hand. I have a scientific background and have never set up a company before, never run a business, nor did I have an interest or experience in cooking or catering.

I started my research on this project by visiting various vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the UK. At Mohanji’s suggestion, I approached a friend of mine called Neeshal, who was a chef at the Hilton and had cooked at one of our retreats for menu ideas. We got a team together, including Rajshree (my sister-in-law), Mita and Hemant, who were all happy to invest their time, energy and funds to take this project forward. This team worked extremely hard and sacrificed a lot of time and energy to bring this to fruition. Each one of us had different strengths, and together, we made a strong team. Grace flowed like a waterfall. A wonderful example of this was when we were getting frustrated, trying to find a suitable location. One day, we all got together in a car and visited lots of different areas to see which one would be most suitable and decided on Pinner (North West London) but could not see any ‘For sale’ signs for suitable premises. 

When I went to work a couple of days later on Monday, I searched the internet on my phone for suitable premises and found a place in Eastcote that was about a mile away from Pinner. When I phoned the agent to enquire about the Eastcote property, he said that he does not have one in Eastcote, but he has one for lease that has just come on the market in Pinner! The road sign immediately outside this property was ‘Love Lane’! 

We put together a business plan and started negotiations with the vendor. Eventually, after nearly eight months, we signed the lease and started the building work in October 2016. On Mohanji’s advice, we removed the whole shopfront to change the position of the door and improve energy flow, stripped out the shop and completely revamped the place with modern décor, furnishings, and new equipment.

On the 16th of December 2016, Mohanji came to inaugurate Ahimsa, The Vegan Café in Pinner! He came for three days all the way from India, despite a hectic schedule! We were blessed, and we had a highly emotional opening with supporters and friends. After so much hard work, Mohanji’s dream was coming true. We were indebted to Sumit and sister Anuradha, who came from India to give advice and support the launch. Their input was invaluable as they had set up the first restaurant in Shirdi. We noticed that whenever we had any difficulties and challenges, grace would descend, and a solution found. Mohanji has constantly been guiding us and giving our wonderful team energy, grace and blessings. His speech on the opening day was truly inspiring. The Café is a statement to the world that vegan food can be healthy, tasty, ethical and cruelty-free.

Since opening the Café, there have been many challenges, but we have overcome them one by one with his grace. We have now celebrated the second anniversary of our opening on the 20th of December 2018. I cannot deny that this has been a tough challenge. The teaching given by Mohanji that day on the Inner Kora trip in August 2016 while I was sitting on the icy glacier waiting to climb up the mountain has sustained us. “If you have fear, you have no faith.” Thank you, Mohanji!

As I sit down in Ahimsa The Vegan Café today on the 22nd of December 2018 (Datta Jayanti) finishing off this article on my laptop, with Mohanji’s picture up on the wall of the Café in front of me, I can’t help but reflect on that day over seven years ago, the 4th of November 2011. On that fateful day, I was waiting anxiously at Heathrow airport terminal 3 with my 10-year-old son Vivek and a bunch of bright orange roses in my hand to meet Mohanji for the first time. Little did I know how he was to change my life and what experiences lay ahead of me! This was the start of an amazing new journey in my life. What a journey it has been so far! 

I offer my love and gratitude to Mohanji, Sathya Sai Baba and all the Masters of the Tradition for helping me and my family sanctify our lives by serving in so many different ways. I bow down to you all with immense love and gratitude in my heart. Thank you!


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Lessons Living with Mohanji – Day 10

Day 10 Lesson – Importance of Vision & Mohanji Temples of Benevolence

by Christopher Greenwood

Yesterday when we were looking at the platform dashboard that I shared a few days ago, Mohanji reminded me of the importance of having a clear vision because, without it, we lack direction. He said that if we want to achieve something in life or to carve our place in the world, we must have a vision. And this needs to come with goals and timelines. 

He then said that probably people don’t know of his vision, especially for the temples and the centers of benevolence. It is a grand vision, and I share the high-level picture today. 

Good morning. I hope this message reaches you well. Today, I wanted to share with you a conversation I had with Mohanji about his vision. This came from a discussion that one needs to have a vision, goals, and a timeline if one wants to achieve anything in life. Having a vision is crucial, he was saying, because you’re essentially fumbling in the dark, walking around, or bumping into walls without it. So a vision gives you the destination, which makes it much easier to carve a road ahead. 

And this discussion came from looking at the dashboard to see where we could strengthen the vision. So the vision is very important: what does that end result look like? How does it feel? How are people interacting? What are people saying? How does it smell, taste, touch, and who is benefited? So anything can be included in a vision. And the clearer the picture, the easier it is to reach that. 

I think Mohanji said that we might not reach the exact destination, which is where flexibility becomes important. But at least if we have somewhere that we’re aiming for, we’ll roughly get there, and we can always adjust it. 

He then said that he’s not even sure that people know his vision at the moment. So he then shared his vision for the temples and the centers of benevolence, which is really exciting. And I want to share that vision with you now. The 23rd of October was a game-changer for the Mohanji foundation activities – a really big day for those who don’t know. That day, Mohanji registered 15 acres of land in Ganeshpuri. It was a Herculean effort to get this done in the pandemic situation with Madhu and Bharath and the rest of the team. And everything went incredibly smoothly. Even the chief priest from Shirdi made a surprise visit to see Mohanji in Bombay, and he brought him gifts from Shirdi – soil from Shirdi and udi from Shirdi. It was pretty much a blessing from Sai Baba for the activity. The registration itself took maybe 10 minutes in this local small-time registration office. Everybody was surprised because usually the office is packed, and there was no one there but us. It can normally take anything up to four hours, but this happened in just 10 minutes. The placing of the soil from Shirdi and the udi concluded in the last moments of the most auspicious time of the day. So, it was absolute grace. 

And this won’t just be a space; it won’t just be an ashram or a temple – it’s going to be a message to the world of the teachings of the Tradition. I want to share that vision with you of what this space will look like. On the grounds, this area itself has one main bank which borders a river and very natural land. So there’ll be a forest area built, and this forest will have 27 types of trees representing the 27 stars in the Vedic teachings that say that everybody is associated with a star. So worshipping a tree with that star connection brings benefits to the person. People will be able to go into the forest, walk around and give offerings. Then there’ll be the rishis and the munis in that forest sitting beneath the trees, alongside Dattatreya. So everything will be in nature. And all the animals will be there; all the small beings such as the rabbits, the mice, the birds, and obviously, the larger beings – all roaming free in nature. So, really a balanced ecology. There’ll be a pond; there’ll be fishes and turtles; there’ll be a river so people can feed animals throughout the location, so everything is in balance. Then there’ll be regular homas conducted, and Mohanji will have his personal dhuni. So the whole space will represent all the elements. 

Now the vision for the river that borders the land is to have banks built to stop the flooding; so caves can be made inside them for meditation. And people will be able to book a place, and if they wanted to meditate there even for 24 hours, food would be brought for them. And in one cave would be a space for maybe ten people, and there’ll be an idol of Babaji in the centre. So people can go in there and meditate, do Kriya and anything like that. There’ll be spaces for silence, and people who are observing silence will have a badge that says they are in silence. And the grounds will be zoned very well. On the riverside again, there’ll be ghats which go down to the river where people can take a bath, and a Shiva Linga will also be installed, so people can take water from the river and perform abhishekam.

And from the outside, there’ll be a place where people can access the main temples. So they won’t necessarily need to go into the full compound, but people will be able to come to the temples. There will be Shirdi Sai Baba there, a regular place for the homa, and it will be separate from the main area. And there’ll be a hall, the space for regular yoga activities, meditation, and all of the Mohanji processes. So all the activities will be completely covered for the practices for people’s higher elevation and connection. 

Then there’s the benevolence aspect. Food will be available 24/7 with three main meals a day, and outside those times, this really delicious potato-type sandwich (vada-paav), will be served. So nobody leaves there with a hungry belly, and all the food will be vegan, completely vegan. Clothing will also be provided, branded with the temple name, so people can see where they’ve come from. And if possible, there’ll be medical care there too, but that can be more complex to arrange. Regarding education, there will be a space for children with Mohanji Ka Aangan. 

And people will be able to stay if they’re passing by, for a maximum of two nights, unless staying for a longer program. For the family members – Mohanji has made this really well because he really wants to respect all those that have contributed consistently to the platforms. So a community card will be launched, and people that have a status on this will have access to accommodation and maybe have preferred access based on their contributions. 

So it will be a complete space for stability and higher elevation. Now that will become the standard; a message of what we represent, what the Foundation represents, and what Mohanji represents, and then that will be taken to every corner of the world. So in countries and cities, there’ll be a Temple of Benevolence and where there’s no space for a forest or the temple, it will be a Center of Benevolence. It almost becomes a recognized brand so that no matter where you go in the world, when you see it, you’ll know what you’re getting – there’ll be a standard for the practices and for everything else. For example, when you go anywhere in the world, you know if you go into one of these, you’ll get a great vada-paav. 

So this is the vision that he was talking about, which is coming to life now – a grand vision that sounds really exciting. And it’s actually happening now. Work is progressing, planning’s on the way, and more land is coming, and things are moving. It’s all about developing assets at the moment, and there’s a lot of work to do. And, of course, anyone that wants to help is welcome. Have a great day ahead.


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The views, opinions, and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, it’s members, employees or any other individual or entity associated with Mohanji or Mohanji Foundation. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability or validity of any information presented by individual authors and/or commenters on our blogs and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display or use.

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Deep Connections of Gratitude

Here are two beautiful examples of Mohanji’s blessings and grace. Both Rajan and Jyoti feel immense gratitude towards their Guru Mohanji as they experienced unconditional love and protection during their difficult phases of ill health and doubts that the mind conjours up!

by Rajan Ganapathy

I came to know about Mohanji through a website when I came across a few articles and I was immediately drawn towards him. This was around four years ago. Shortly after that I got in touch with Narendra from Jammu who guided me to get in touch with Madhu in Mumbai (since I too am from Mumbai).
Within a short time, I got an opportunity to meet Mohanji in a packed hall including international devotees and disciples in Shirdi (Nov-2017), along with my wife. My daughter and I also had the good fortune of taking his aarati and we were also fortunate to receive his Eye card from the Brahmarishi himself.

Further meetings happened in various places in Mumbai and I was also graced by Mohanji’s Shaktipat. I have had the fortune of attending a few satsangs and meditation sessions at a devotee’s residence. I have been blessed to read many articles by Mohanji and have been inspired by his thoughts.
The involvement with Mohanji continued wherein I have been fortunate to receive his blessings through his devotees when I was down with Dengue in 2018.  I have attended some sessions on Ramraksha Stotra during the initial days of Covid.
The most of last year has been tough combating Covid and more so the mental state of most of us. I have been having issues of anxiety and fear and these have reduced a lot thanks to Mohanji.  I am confident that with Mohanji’s blessings all will be well with me. This is the benevolence of our beloved Master Mohanji.

Miracle by Mohanji felt by me
Mohanji has said that fear has a better chance of manifesting in our lives because mind nurtures the negative more than the positive. This became true when I was Covid positive during Navaratri 2020 and put a message on one of the Mohanji Whatsapp groups.

I was fortunate to get a response from Sunita and her call soothed me. I was equally fortunate to receive Mai-Tri from Rekha Murali and Sunita. These sessions were a pillar of strength as I felt Mohanji’s presence with me and my gratitude also to Gayatri and Durga who prayed for me.
When I tested positive for Covid, I was almost in tears and had given up hope as I had been suffering for months due to frequent health issues and I was in a poor state of mind.  It was at this juncture that Sunita made me feel Mohanji’s presence. Her nurturing of me as her son and her motherly love has been a great supporting factor to me and I will remain ever indebted to her.
Online zoom sessions have been happening post Covid and I have been part of the Gayatri mantra chanting, Datta Jayanthi celebrations, bhajans, Maha Mrityunjay mantra chanting and more recently the birthday celebrations. All of these have been a major factor in my getting back to normal and even as I am writing this note I can’t resist but prostrate at the lotus feet of our beloved Guru Brahmarishi Mohanji.

There is immense gratitude to Mohanji and our Mohanji family for all the support extended and for the benefits conferred upon me. The kind of cohesive atmosphere that prevails in our Mohanji family is something which makes our bond stronger with the Master. I prostrate at his lotus feet, pray to him to take care of all of us who are a part of his family. He is truly a Father for all of us.

My Deep Connect

By Jyoti Gupta, India

I am from Jammu and have been lucky to spend time with and serve Mohanji many times. He used to come and stay with us on his way to Dharamshala where his ashram was before shifting to Jammu. For us, he is family, friend and Guru. He accepted us as we are. I don’t know any rituals or prayers. Nor can I do meditations. Mohanji always says be natural. Do what you enjoy. I run a school for underprivileged children – Mohanji School of Supplementary Education for Underprivileged Children. I love children. I love to sing, dance and teach them to be good human beings. Mohanji has always encouraged me and supported me. Being a pottery artist, I teach pottery to kids and have made souvenirs for Mohanji Foundation. 

In the last few years, Mohanji has been traveling a lot and his ashram has also shifted to Bangalore. His visits to Jammu have become few. When you are not able to meet Mohanji as you did before, the mind starts playing games. I started feeling that I have lost connection with Mohanji. 

Last month, I received a call from my sister Dolly from Dubai. She asked me to see the Hindi FB page and listen to the experience ‘My Journey to Kailash with Mohanji’ shared by Preeti Duggal. I asked my sister to narrate it as I was lazy to sit and listen. Dolly told me that Preeti Duggal went on a journey to Mount Kailash with Mohanji. Due to ill health, she was not able to go to Mount Kailash. She was very sad. She is deeply connected to Mohanji and had fully surrendered to him.

Mohanji takes care of all and fulfils our wishes. Mohanji had asked Preeti Duggal to take three circumambulations of him to complete her journey to Kailash. She did that and felt elevated, light and experienced she had been with Shiva. This again brought a thought in my mind – was I connected to Mohanji? I went upstairs to the terrace and kept walking and questioning Mohanji if I had a connection with him or not. My husband Suman was also walking with me. I did not say a word to him. I went downstairs and slept. 

I was suffering from severe back pain for one and a half months. I was wearing an orthopaedic belt to move around the house. Helpers were doing the household work. Getting up from bed in the morning was a big exercise. While on the bed, the same question was troubling me, “Mohanji, am I connected to you or not, please tell me?” In the night, I felt Mohanji come and give a massage on my back. Then he moved his hand on my back like a doctor. He was smiling but said nothing. 

When I got up in the morning, I had no problem. I told my husband that there was no pain. After a few days, I worked around the house. No pain. Suddenly it dawned upon me that Mohanji had come and treated me. I was fine, totally recovered. I immediately messaged Mohanji. Prompt was his reply.

Never doubt your connection with me. I am always connected to you. You are doing wonderful work with children. Keep doing it. I am always with you. 


I know, yes, Mohanji is always with me.


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Lessons living with Mohanji – Day 9


Day 9 Lesson – Black Holes and Suns

by Christopher Greenwood

Yesterday, I shared the Mohanji platforms dashboard, and my morning talks with Mohanji are focused on what else we can do to move each of them forward. We don’t discuss all of them on the same day, but for example, yesterday, we spoke about The Awakening Times, our magazine, and Mohanji gave more clarity on the vision for it. 

We consider and try many ideas, and, as Mohanji says, not all will work. Not all seeds will grow into a tree, but we keep going and stay flexible so that the plan can be changed when needed. 

Along this line, because time and energy are limited and trying to build more teams, Mohanji gave me the awareness of ‘Black Holes’ and ‘Suns’. 

A Black Hole sucks in everything and gives nothing back, whereas the Sun is ever giving, pure brightness. There are people in the world of both categories, and also those who fall somewhere in the middle. We should use our energy and time wisely and give it to those people and activities which are more like Suns. 

Today the lesson is to be aware of the Black Holes and Suns in your life.

Good morning; I hope everybody is doing well. Today, I’ll talk about, metaphorically speaking, black holes and suns because it’s useful to be aware of both of them. It’ll become more apparent as I share some background. 

Yesterday, I shared the image of the dashboard of all the Mohanji platforms. And this is the main focus of my talks with Mohanji in the morning, that picture, all the platforms. And when you see the dashboard, I think it makes it visible and clear, the size and the variety of the platforms, and also the potential of their reach. Our talks in the morning are always focused on what more we can do: how can we move this activity from here to here? What’s the next step we can take? What can we innovate? What can we improve? What ideas can we bring in?

It’s always generative; it’s always striving to do more, add more. And that’s it, we rarely focus on anything else other than that, the purpose and moving forward. So, there’s always movement. 

As I’ve mentioned before, Mohanji is never idle or stagnating. It’s a constant flow of vision, ideas, improvements, and absolute clarity, absolute clarity on what we need to achieve. And so, for all platforms, there’s a clear vision for each one of them. And generally, the vision is that these platforms should reach every corner of the world because then the whole world has benefited; it’s a better place. And through the platforms, we can really make a shift in the frequency of people globally. 

So when we’re setting plans, sometimes we may choose a path or decide away from it, or decide on an activity, and it doesn’t work out. And that’s fine. Mohanji says that when you’re planting many seeds, not all of them are going to grow. And we accept that. But we keep going until something works. 

And along the lines of trying out new options and ideas, once he shared a lesson, or an insight, or passing comment, actually an awareness which really stuck with me. And that is to avoid ‘black holes’ and associate with ‘suns’. So, black holes and suns. Now, if you think of a black hole and a sun, what are their qualities? A black hole basically sucks everything into it, keeps taking and taking and taking, and nothing comes out. It literally devours everything that comes within its orbit, sucks it into it. Whereas the Sun, on the opposite end of the spectrum, is ever giving brightness, warmth. Indiscriminately, it just gives. There’s a saying, the light of the sun falls equally into the gutter on the street, as it does on the petal of a rose. 

So, what can that be about for our life? Well, it’s about people. Sometimes we meet people who are just black holes. And sometimes we meet people who are suns. Sometimes, people that we meet just take, take, take, and there’s nothing coming from their direction. We spend so much energy, help them, give them time and support, but it’s completely one-sided, and nothing will come back. They also may criticize, put down ideas, like the naysayers, ‘this can’t be done”, “that can’t be done”. Whereas the suns are ever giving, and they give, they share what they have, they contribute, they give support, give encouragement, and they brighten our lives with their presence. And they also make things happen. They are self-motivated, self-inspired in that way.

It sounds so simple. But, when I heard this, my mind instantly flashed back to all those relationships and attempts, whether in work, personal life, or other situations where I was dealing with a black hole or giving so much, and nothing came back. This made me realize how much time we actually waste. And I think that’s the reason why Mohanji shared it as a point to consider. Because we have limited time, especially when we’re looking at this dashboard and trying to move things forward. Lots and lots of our energy can go into something, and nothing might come back. And if that’s happening, then it’s not worth it. 

So, what also comes with that awareness is this: you make an attempt, and then quickly because you’re recognizing the situation (as dealing with a black hole), you’re bringing that awareness and clarity, so you change, you divert. And this also demonstrates the flexibility Mohanji teaches: You have a goal, you have a vision, and you’re trying to achieve it. Okay, you’ve attempted to go this way, haven’t reached it; you can turn around, come back, pick a different way and be flexible. 

So, now I use this quick check-up process to decide where to place my time and energy because they are limited. And they are limited for all of us. 

Similarly, I’m more conscious of what I’m eating now, how much water I’m using, my general impact on Earth. I’m now also more conscious of where my time and energy are going and the result of certain interactions or activities. I think it’s a conveniently simple categorization for us to keep in mind – black holes and suns. We can try it out and experiment and think about our life to see how it can bring a positive change to our lives in general. 

Mohanji was amused because he’d shared this, I think, with some other people as well. And they’ve started using it as an acronym. So, he was having a conversation with somebody, I don’t know what the context was, but he shared what the message was that came back. And in that conversation, the other person said: “I don’t think I’m going to try that anymore. I’m dealing with a BH”, and Mohanji asked: “BH, what’s that?” The person replied: “Black hole, you know, it’s what you said.” 

So, black holes and suns. That was today’s message. I hope you enjoyed it. Have a great day ahead.


Edited & Published by – Testimonials Team, 7th March 2021


The views, opinions, and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, it’s members, employees or any other individual or entity associated with Mohanji or Mohanji Foundation. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability or validity of any information presented by individual authors and/or commenters on our blogs and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display or use.

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Mohanji’s 56th Birthday Celebrations Touched the World

Mohanji’s 56th birthday was celebrated in Bosphorus, Turkey on 23rd February 2021, as well as in numerous other places around the world. Platforms which Mohanji created marked this day with highlighted and more intense activities, as a symbol of their purpose, which is selflessly and wholeheartedly adding value to the society while deeply respecting the universal laws of existence.

Mohanji welcomed some 60 participants from around the globe to the retreat “Transform challenges into opportunities” at the banks of the Bosphorus strait. With an hour-long satsang in which he emphasized Being You as his core teaching. This get-together being a sheer miracle in the time of a major calamity, as he underlined, will focus on the participants truly finding themselves, as only then they will find true contentment and be fully settled. Mohanji set the tone for the week-long program, among others, by urging everyone present to forget about the past and think about what more they can do for the world before leaving it. Further on, he urged them to think about their relevance on Earth and how best can each and everyone use each moment to make the lives of people around them more effective for this would mean true spirituality. The evening also included a short presentation of the platforms we now call Mohanji family as well as Mohanji personally handing each of the participants a gift bag including, among others, his latest book The Məst, a very dear gift to all. Watch Birthday satsang here








Book launch

“Guru Leela Volume 4 – Mohanji & I” book was launched on Mohanji’s Birthday.

“Mohanji & I” shares the exceptional experiences, witnessed in different situations that result from the beauty and purity of a follower’s connection with Mohanji. It brings out the different flavours of these wondrous experiences – a miraculous protection, a fulfilment of a wish, or a glimpse of divinity!

Book translations

A big novelty presented on the auspicious occasion of Mohanji’s Birthday was the three new book translations – Tamil and Marathi translation of “Mast” and Marathi translation of “Kailash Inner Kora”. The participants were delighted to learn that “Guru Leela 4” as well as “Mast” were published as hard copies and it is now possible to purchase them both on Amazon in their Kindle and paperback versions.

Prestigious publisher

On the occasion of Mohanji’s birthday, we are happy to announce that Penguin Random House India, the leading publishing house in India, will soon be publishing Mohanji’s book, The Power of Purity. The book will be released in April 2021. Stay tuned for more details on how to pre-order your copy.

New Projects

Mohanji also introduced two amazing projects: Loyalty program and Induction into Sanatana Dharma.

Loyalty Program

Mohanji Foundation introduced Loyalty Program to promote respect, integrity and commitment.

Induction into Sanatana Dharma

Another amazing project is Induction into Sanatana Dharma to promote righteousness and goodness on Earth.

Music Launch

On the occasion of Mohanji’s Birthday recorded audio of devotional songs were launched.

Bhajans by Manaswini Pattanaik, Odisha

Mohanji’s devotee and playback singer from Odisha, Manaswini Pattanaik recorded and launched 9 devotional songs offering as “Nine petals of the flower of devotion”.

See the Audio links of these heart-melting songs in the link below.

  1. “Shaym sundar Mohan”
  2. “Mere Mohan”
  3. “Lok Laaj”
  4. “Ya Allah, mere Maula”
  5. “Chandan Agar”
  6. “Kya tumbhi O’ Mohan”
  7. “Rom rom”
  8. “Kaise dhyan dharoon”
  9. “Hey Guru deva”

Harvey Araza from Philippines, Yastheel, Mohanji Acharya from South Africa and Neelu from India made thre videos out of these 9 songs which are uplaoded onto YoutTube in the following links.

  1. Rom rom tero naam Video
  2. Hey Guru Deva
  3. Kya tum bhi O Mohan

Mohanji Aarati by Sathya Shivakumar

Mohanji’s aarati, written in Tamil by Arun Vathavooran and rendered by Sathya Shivakumar was offered at Mohanji’s lotus feet on his birthday.

Mohanji Aarati

Bhajan by Jyoti Bahl, New Delhi

Mohanji’s devotee and popular singer Jyoti Bahl recorded and released yet another soul stirring devotional song offering on Mohanji’s birthday.

“Gopal dheere dheere”


On our beloved Master Mohanji’s Birthday, the Consciousness Kriya Team is happy to announce and offer the availability of Consciousness Kriya application & training in 6 Indian Regional Languages!

Please find the application forms for the same below:

*Marathi Application* : https://forms.gle/H1tFE2rZrzgvK3ns6

*Telugu Application* : https://forms.gle/iDLXQtizF4fbAtbX9

*Tamil Application* : https://forms.gle/rMznnMbtVEQKW5nG8

*Malayalam Application* : https://forms.gle/gZTc72b1GYt9MNAz5

*Kannada Application* : https://forms.gle/q7jfFPsowzPpiE6w5

*Hindi Application* : https://forms.gle/3NwM1muzdfHCtu2M6

*Our entire Consciousness Kriya Team wishes Mohanji a very Happy Birthday!*

For further information on the regional Kriya process, please email kriya.india@mohanji.org.



A 4-day Online Global Program was conducted from 20th to 23rd to celebrate Mohanji’s Birthday! More than 200 participants from different parts of the world took part in this unique celebration, where they enjoyed the purification and deep cleansing processes given by Mohanji, conducted by Mohanji Acharyas. Unconditional love, compassion, friendship filled the air and all hearts in the 4 days of mega celebration that culminated with a 12 hour chanting & bhajan session on Mohanji’s Birthday, Satsang with Mohanji from Turkey and finally a 5 hour long experience sharing session Live on Facebook.

The true feeling of Being Mohanji, being part of Mohanji Global family was truly heart-melting.

Preparation for the celebration!

In the daily group sessions conducted in different time zones, participants enjoyed the power of various Sanskrit Mantra chanting and some very deep cleansing, rejuvenating and aligning processes and techniques gifted by Mohanji, such as “Connect to Yourself” and “Forgiveness Process”.

Journey of Transformation

With the only motive of “Living for the world and to add value to society”, not just through his own life but also through numerous platforms, Mohanji has presented various opportunities for all to transform themselves. Few devotees came forward to tell the stories of Mohanji’s value adds to the world through these platforms.

Three live sessions where these devotees spoke their hearts out.

  1. Social transformation through individual transformations–  Ammucare & ACT Foundation
  2. Individual transformations through spiritual practiceMohanji given methods & techniques
  3. Raising collective awareness through creativity, individual expression & personal disciplineWCA, EBC, HSTY/HSTD/HSTL

12 Hours of Global Chanting on Mohanji’s Birthday

20 Mohanji Acharyas across the globe did a continuous chanting for 12 hours spreading positive vibrations.

Chanting by Mohanji Acharyas across the world for 12 hours

Click below on the links to enjoy these chants!

Devotional Singing before Mohanji’s Satsang

From Australia, India, Europe to Canada – devotees filled the air with devotion of bliss with some heart-melting bhajans.

Bhajan Session

Click below on the link to enjoy these Bhajans!

Experience Sharing Session

After Mohanji’s Live Satsang from Turkey, the participants of the Global event and other devotees got together in a very open, loving and heart touching experience sharing session on “Mohanji and I” Facebook page which lasted over 5 hours.

Click to watch the session

Experience sharing session by global family




The UK celebrated Mohanji’s birthday by with a video wishing Mohanji and cake cutting.

Click to watch the session

BALKAN (Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia)


🌺❤🌺 Happy Birthday Mohanji! 🌺❤🌺


On the occasion of Mohanji’s birthday, Mohanji Serbia organized a 3-day program where we expressed our gratitude to Mohanji by remembering the blessings in form of various techniques that Mohanji gave us (Meditations, Conscious Walking, Conscious Dancing, Consciousness Kriya, Mai Tri method). We have explained each technique and its benefits to the new audiences, via Facebook Live program. Click to watch the session

On the next day, we presented the platforms founded by Mohanji (EBC, ACT Foundation, Himalayan School, MYC).  We also touched upon Acharyas and their mission to spread Mohanji’s teachings worldwide, as well as the importance and joy of volunteering in any of the platforms. Click to watch the session

On the day of Mohanji’s birthday, Devi shared a video where she talked about the beginnings of Mohanji Foundation, from the first Power of Purity meditation until now and how everything grew beautifully. Click here to watch the session

We witnessed together the journey of Mohanji through the platforms he created to serve the world and humanity.   As Mohanji says “True wealth comes from what we give to the world, not from what we take from it.”

This was also an occasion to inspire people to give their contribution to society with selflessness, kindness and compassion.


Today is Mohanji’s birthday. It is natural that many need to show him love through birthday cards and gifts. But is that the best way? Read what Mohanji says about it.

🌼 Don’t spend money on me. Don’t waste your time on me.

🌸 Money or time you would love to spend on me can be spent nicely on the poor and helpless in the world.

🌼 If you are able to do something for other beings around you, even if you buy hot tea to some poor person on a winter morning, you have shown me love. This is true communication for me.Full blog ′′ No candles and sweets ′′ 👇

You can read the blog here


Mohanji always tells us that the best gift for his birthday is helping the helpless and feeding the hungry of all kinds. Watch the video here


In Denmark we celebrated Mohanji’s birthday February 23rd 2021 with a program based on the theme Veganism. A small group of six people watched Mohanji’s video on veganism follow by a discussion where we touched upon how to transit from eating meat to being vegan when one feel trapped by old habits.

Afterwards we cooked a vegan meal together which we had with a homemade vegan Mohanji birthday cake. We were all happy for Mohanji bringing us together in such a lovely way enjoying each other’s company.



  1. Bhajan Sandhya in different Indian languages

Click to watch the session

  1. Special dance performance by Prisha Menon

Click to watch the session.

Mohanji Hindi

  1. Bhajan- Lyrics by Nirupma and sung by Smriti

Click to watch the session

  1. Bhajans by Sonia Gandhi

Click to watch the session

Mohanji Malayalam

Celebrated a 3 day online program in honor of birthday of Mohanji on 21, 22 and 23rd February consisting of Experience sharing by Devadas, Surya, Anila, Atheetha, Anitha and Savithri. Mohanji Gayatri Chanting was done by Girija, Chitra and Jyothirmayi. Concluded with Bhajan and Aarati.

Click to watch the session

Click to watch the session

Click to watch the session

Mohanji Marathi

2 bhajans were sung by Manjiri

Click to watch the session

Click to watch the session

Mohanji Tamil

Mohanji Tamil conducted four-day program on Tamil Fb page to mark the celebrations. The program started on February 20th and ended on February 23rd.

Chanting of Mohanji Gayathri 27 times along with Mohanji quote of the day. Each day different version of Mohanji Gayathri was chanted. We also have had a topic discussion on 23rd. The topic was seva activities that are conducted as the best present for  Mohanji’s birthday. On the evening of the 23rd, two clssical songs were sung by Meera Gopalakrishnan with the meanings given by Sathya Shivakumar.

Click to watch the session

Click to watch the session

Click to watch the session

Click to watch the session

Click to watch the session

Click to watch the session

Mohanji Kannada

On Feb 23. On Mohanjis birthday, Mohanji Kannada page had bhajans by Vidya Iyengar and Jaya Mukund. They sang Siddha mangala stotra and Hanuman Chalisa.

Click to watch the session

Mohanji Odia

Bhajan and cake cutting program at evening ,  as  guest  executive officer of municipality , in charge of police ,and tahasildar also join us to celebrate Mohanji  birthday at Mohanji bhavan jatani

Click to watch the session

Offerings at various temples in India by devotees

Kamadgiri hill in Chitrakoot

On Mohanji’s birthday, Prashant Singh performed rudrabhishek with two laghu rudra as well as half of 125000 Mahamrityunjay chanting for Mohanji with the help of 23 brahmin priests. The pooja was performed in Ram Darbar temple at the base of Kamadgiri hill in Chitrakoot where Lord Ram made his residence during his exile. Prashant asked to be excused for not getting clear photos or videos since he was short of manpower. This will be continued and the remainder of Mahamrityunjaya mantra chanting will be completed  on Mar 6th (Mohanji’s birthday as per the Hindu calendar)

2. Maha Maya Temple, Jammu:

Pooja and prasad was offered at famous Maha Maya temple in jammu and monkey feeding and cow feeding at cow shelter was also done on behalf of Mohanji by Sakshi Gupta in Jammu.

3. Arunachala:

Kishore Mundanad based in Arunachala did abhishekam at Sivapadam and Guhai Namashivaya on Tiruvannamalai hill for Mohanji on his birthday. Photos for all to witness these blessed and rare spots of Lord Shiva.

4. Vrindavan:

Jayeeta Chkrabortay and our sisters in Vrindavan (the birthplace of Lord Krishna) offered prayers for Mohanji’s well being and protection at Chandi Paath, Katyayani Peeth (one of the 52 Mother power centers called Shakti Peeth), Tara Peeth (afternoon pooja and food offering) and Banke Bihariji (the main Krishna temple in Vrindavan). They had a beautiful day filled with temple visits, puja and fantastic darshans.

5. Mumbai Power Centers:

Sharad Grover from. Mumbai team visited all the power centers in Mumbai (Mumbadevi (the Goddess on whose name Mumbai is named) , Mahalakshmi; Haji Ali dargah (a Muslim Sufi saint’s dargah), Mount Mary’s Church and offered prayers for Mohanji for the birthday

6. Pune Power Centers:

Pune team visited the power centers (Shankar Maharaj, Jungli Maharaj, Hazrat Babajaan (master of Meher Baba) and did special poojas for Mohanji on his birthday.

7. Delhi Power Centers:

Jyoti Bahl visited power centers in Delhi and offered prayers for Mohanji there. Nizamuddin Aulia Sarah (Muslim Sufi Saint),  Damdama Sahib Gurudwara (Main Sikh Shrine in Delhi) and Sai Baba Mandir Lodhi Road.

8. Jwalaji, Dharmashala

Suresh Kumar Bhandari offered prayers on behalf of Mohanji at Jwalaji Dharamshala that is a very powerful temple of the Divine Mother where the fire coming out of the stones is worshiped. No one knows where the fire comes from. Sureshji saw the fire in the form of Om.


GK Hegdeji, the trustee and priest of Gokarna performed pooja  for Mohanji at Gokarna. Gokarna is the only place in the world that has the living aspect (atmalinga) of Lord Shiva. Hegdeji said, “It is a great privilege for me to offer prayers for Mohanji. A small work from my side to help with the immense work that Mohanji is doing in the world. Prayers were submitted at the feet of Lord Jagadeeshwara (the atmalinga of Lord Shiva) for every success in (Mohanji’s) life.”

10. Thali

Since centuries, many ancient and powerful temples have been plundered and destroyed during foreign invasions. These once famous temples were the support and foundation of ancient society that held the community together and actively ensured their cultural, economic, educational; spiritual and ethical well-being. The damage to the fabric of society due to their destruction is incalculable. Last week, Moksha trust was formed in Kerala for renovation and rejuvenation of these temples to their past glory. Mohanji was invited to be the honorary Chairman for the trust to which Mohanji agreed.

Their recent focus is on the re-dedication of 108 Shiva lingams at the Shiva Temple in Thali which is known as the “Village of Lingas” and has been amply blessed with Shiva consciousness since ages. Thali was a village with 108 Shiva temples built in the 9th century Sadly all but one were destroyed and many of the temple ruins were removed over time with the heritage slowly getting lost.

The first phase of land acquisition for the temple reconstruction took place on the day of Shivratri 2020. It has been decided to erect the 108 Shiva lingams in this reconstructed temple complex. Reconstruction and restoration work is underway.

Mother Power Centers:


The presiding priest of Mookambika arranged for pooja and prayers at Mookambika temple in Kollur and also conducted pooja and prayers at Kamakhya temple in Assam. These are two of the most powerful temples in India for the Divine Mother. 


Pooja and prayers were offered at the Lakshmi Narsimha temple in Ahobilam


Year after year, on the occasion of Mohanji’s birthday on February 23rd, many events and celebrations are organised around the world as acts of kindness and compassion to the world, such as feeding the hungry, support those in need of clothing, shelter and so on. Mohanji explicitly says that this is the best gift – support those in need. Make a positive difference in the lives of many. There is no amount too small or big in the Mohanji world, the purity of intention is what makes the difference. Brick by brick, we build these homes together. 

This year, despite the pandemic restrictions, Mohanji Malaysia were able to organise a small cake cutting ceremony and vegan lunch at Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak Yatim Mary KL, an orphanage home which shelters 55 children. The children beautifully sang birthday song and were delighted to receive ‘Angpou’ a gift of money inserted into a red packet which is a customary token given during Chinese New Year. We look forward to making every Mohanji’s birthday a day of great celebration and positivity around the world.

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We marked the auspicious day with 3 programs.

1)      Volunteers share “What Mohanji Means to Me” followed by chanting, bhajans and singing. Prathibha, Sunila and Bojana shared about their deep connection with Mohanji and how Mohanji’s has become an integral part of their life. Chanting, Bhajans and wonderful singing of “The Elernal” by Bojana marked the event.

2)      Singapore Team also had a great Mohanji’s Birthday celebrations with Migrant Workers in Singapore in the evening on 23rd Feb 2021. The two tiered lemon cake was a joy to see and very tasty to eat , not much was remaining by the end of the program.

Bojana sang “Reimagine” for them and Wowed everyone, it may have been the first time the Migrant Workers have had a live performance like this. There were many instances of fun and laughter, all had a good enriching time. Everyone Thanked Mohanji for spreading joy around the world.

3)      On this auspicious day of Mohanji’s birthday, Singapore Team would like to announce the launch of a new initiative – “Volunteering at Stray Dog shelter”. Under this initiative volunteers would offer services at the home for stray dogs under the CAS (Cause for Animals Singapore) program.

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Happy Birthday to our dearest Mohanji! Love from Mohanji South Africa 🇿🇦



Greetings from the USA family

Click here to watch the session

Celebration of Mohanji’s birthday

Click here to watch the session – Part 1

Click here to watch the session – Part 2


Happy birthday dearest Mohanji ❤️🎊💐🌹

Thank you for guiding, mentoring, motivating us. Your every word becomes a source of inspiration and helps us to walk the path that you have shown us to add value in the world with your teachings, loving , sharing and caring with people around us. Thank you for being our beacon of light. Mohanji Canada Team

  1. 12 hours chanting of Mohanji Gayatri Mantra by the team on February 21, 2021
  2. On 23rd Feb – Guru Paduka Pujan (Holy feet worship) as a mark of respect and gratitude to Mohanji. 
  3. Vegan cake, sweet and food offered to Mohanji and all deities in the Ashram.  
  4. Online activities like Group Consciousness Kriya, 360 degrees meditation, chanting , and blog reading.

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Click here to watch the session


We take pleasure in wishing our guru, mentor, and guide, Brahmarishi Mohanji a very Happy Birthday. We thank you Mohanji for being our inspiration as we aspire to follow each step you want us to take to raise the collective consciousness of this generation.

A very special and very beautifully expressed token of love, created by our lovely Sally, from Mohanji Australia family. It reached right in time before Mohanji’s birthday and was received with lots of love and blessings. Story of these paintings reaching their destination goes like this: Originally this drawing was made as a gift for Mila’s birthday in 2020. Due to Covid it wasn’t made possible. However Sally made all possible efforts to send to Bangalore ashram and finally succeeded. Mohanji’s parents were elated to see. In fact, Mohanji’s mother pointed out his drawing and said this is so real, just like him. Mohanji was deeply touched by Sally’s love ❤️

On the glorious occasion of Mohanji’s 56th Birthday, here’s a devotional song presented by Rakshitha. Do soak in the depth of love and devotion to the guru. Listen till the end❤️

Guru charan Preet Mori lagee re….

Here are the words followed by the meaning.

Guru Charan Preet  Mori Lagee  Re  !

Soti thi  main  janamojanamse Gurushabadhse  jagee re! – Guru charan..

Haat bajaar firun matvalee, Loklaj  sab  tyagi  re! – Guru  Charan…

Koham Koham Poochhat  ragee, Soham kahat viragi re! Guru Chalan…

Na main  Raagi na main viragee, Rang  raagse paagi re! – Guru  Charan…

I have fallen in love with the feet of my Guru

I have been asleep life after life but now awakened by the grace of my Guru.

I was wandering in the streets knowing nothing and giving into all illusions of glitters of the world until I found my Guru’s feet.

I was asking who am I, who am I and now I have realised – I am that – by the grace of my guru.

I am neither attached nor detached. I am only drenched in  ‘Rang’ guru’s love.



The World Consciousness Alliance (WCA) is pleased to share birthday wishes for our beloved founder, MOHANJI, who has been an inspiration to us all.

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Talk on Yoga on Mohanji Official Facebook page by Madhusudan Rajagopalan and Usha Lakshmi Narayanan in a group discussion. The topic of the discussion was “Raising collective awareness through creativity, individual expression & personal discipline”.

Click here to watch the whole session



Global member Sathya Shivakumar is talking on traditional Indian dance as art form to cross barriers and boundaries, to raise in consciousness. Click here to watch the whole session (dance is at 31 minutes).

Traditional practices revere elders and seek their blessings. We place Mother, Father and Guru above all and this is reflected in the lines – ”Mathru Devo Bhava, Pithru Devo Bhava, Acharya Devo Bhava” Our dear master Mohanji plays the role of all three in our lives!

As a token of our undying love and eternal gratitude, HSTD offers this dance rendition on the occasion of his Birthday – Tasmai Sri Gurave Namaha

MUSIC CREDITS – Special thanks to Shruthi Kumar for so spontaneously coming forward to do the music and rendition of Guru Brahma shloka.
Vocals, Veena, Music and Audio edit – Shruthi Kumar
Mridangam – Anand Ramakrishna
CHOREOGRAPHY – Radha Subramanian
VIDEO CREDITS – Smt. Lalitha Subramanian
DESIGN – Biljana Vozarevic
CREATIVE WRITING – Shivakumar Chandrasekaran


Global member Mina Obradovic talked about Early Birds Club in a group discussion on Mohanji Official Facebook page.

Click here to watch the whole session (EBC is at 45 minutes)


A beautiful and inspiring offering from Lori Werner for our beloved Mohanji’s Birthday.

This song is inspired by Mohanji and Nature, it is an experience sharing of the inner child filled with the joy of being in nature and expressing what it feels like to be alive. It is a celebration of every aspect of nature, reminding us of its magnanimity and beauty. A wonderful song for every child to wake up to.

As kids listen and sing this song every morning they are bound to imbibe Mohanji’s teaching to love and protect nature.

The seed of this song sprouted inside Lori during the silence she experienced at the Yoga retreat at Bangalore last year. At such an opportune time this song has reached fruition to be offered to Mohanji on his B’day.

Thank you to Priyanka K. for bringing this song to life with such beautiful visuals.

Please Like and Share the video with family and friends. Don’t forget to subscribe to EBC Kids YouTube Channel; we are aiming to reach 1000 subscribers.

Best Regards,
EBC Kids Team


The February issue of The Awakening Times is a Special issue to mark the birthday of Mohanji, a globally renowned humanitarian who has dedicated his life to serving the world. 🌏

⭐Mohanji has been active in serving the world since 2003 with the mission to add value to society. As he often says, “My only investment in this whole world is myself, that is the only authentic investment possible everything else has just appeared while we are living here, it does not belong to us.”.

⭐Mohanji has founded a number of organisations and initiatives, each with a specific purpose and vision, but collectively serving the world with the aim of raising human consciousness. Through narratives of the various facets of the Mohanji platforms, we seek to bring you more perspective on Mohanji’s vision of a kind, compassionate and peaceful world that is united in non-violence (Ahimsa).

We trust you find this issue inspiring and insightful!


Divine M Heritage wishes our dear Mohanji a very pleasant and blissful day!! We wish this year brings tons of joy and happiness for you and all beings around you!!

Lots of Love
DivineMHeritage Family



Dear Mohanjji, The greatest gift we can give you is to follow your teachings. I pray to give my heart, mind and soul, as best as I can, to give back to the world. You are our Inspiration, Guide, Friend, Guru and Spiritual Master in the flesh who has sacrificed so much to guide us on the right path. Everyday is your birthday you have said. For your birthday today, February 23rd, we celebrate your taking a body …so we can hear your sublime wisdom …always shared in a most understandable way.  Thank you! Much Love, Respect and Appreciation

Dimple Chowdhury

Wishing Mohanji a VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thank you always for being my true friend, mentor and guide

Ruchika Gandhi, India

Gratitude father for everything. Humble pranams at thy lotus feet. May the world shine brighter with Mohanji’s love and light. And may we all walk with you with firm conviction, faith, surrender and devotion. Lots of love! I want to share this with you today. Beloved Mohanji, happy birthday to you.

Pravin and Jyotsna Thakkar, UK

Dear Mohanji, You’re a very Secial and Inspiring Person, who Captivates Everyone Around You. We Wish Your Day Is Incredible And Full Of Positive Energies. Many, Many Happy Returns Of The Day.       

Seema Nair


Mohanji is my God in Human Form!!

He is just everything to me.

Happy Birthday Guruji Maharaj, Beloved Mohanji!!!

Koti Pranams!! 

May every cell vibrate thy Mohanam, I pray.

Satguru mei teri patang… Sai ji mei teri patang

Hava vich udthi javanngi Saiyan dor hathon choddi na mai katti javangi

At the service of Lord

Ragam Ravindranath

My dear Guruji,
Wishing you a very happy happy birthday!!!…
Thank you for being there with us at all times.
Love and Gratitude,
Ragam, Ravi and Vishnupriya

Bhavana, Rituparna, Devavratan, Satyakaram and Sreejith Koupra

Dearest Mohanji,  May you live in our Hearts for this lifetime and if there are more then those As well. Please be the light to guide us all along. Love you immensely and Gratitude that we found you. Love love love and lots and lots of Love. Regards.

Jessica Moodley

Parabrahma Mohanji, Happy birthday. Thank you for all that you do and all that you are. We are blessed to have you in our lives. May your light continue to draw us out of darkness and into light. With extreme gratitude, I thank you. Love and blessings 

Vani. (Vi Khn)

Dear Mohanji,  HAPPY BIRTHDAY. May your wishes granted to spread your UNCONTIONAL LOVE, COMPASSION, ACCEPTANCE and EMBRACING every moments on this EARTH. Your messages are spreading so fast  in the mind of the souls that we all came to this earth for a same PURPOSE.  I belief when this is planted their EGO will diminish which leads to LIBERATION. An immense LOVE to evolve this world.

Veni Pather

Namaste.  Happy birthday to my beloved guru,  Brahmarishi MOHANJI. My Guru I offer  flowers of my faith at your feet. Whatever I have, you have given to me and I dedicate it all to you. May you always be blessed with multitude of blessings today & always. Thank you for being in my life, your daily blessings & grace that shows up in my life continuously. Now Make me your instrument…all I am I offer to you!!!  Love. (P.s. I wrote this message in 2017 but it still holds true in my hearts) Jai Mohanji

Madhuri A, India

Namaste acharyas, I would like to convey birthday wishes to Mohanji.. “Many more happy returns of the day to Sri Brahmarishi Mohanji…!!! “Ever since I got to know about Mohanji and got connected to Mohanji, since August till now, my life has transformed drastically for good. Be it spiritually and intellectually.. A lot of churning, spiritual evolution and transformation has happened in my life…I’m indebted to guruji… And also more power to the conduits of Mohanji’s energy i.e Mohanji acharyas.. Jai mohanji…!!!

Nada Raković, Montenegro

Dearest Father, Thank You for sharing Yourself and Your Sacred Time with the world. Thank You for guiding us, protecting us and our families, healing us and making our life more meaningful. Thank You for giving us courage, stamina, acceptance, guidance and positivity to travel further throughout this crazy, but beautiful Life. Thank You for elevating our lives, and making them easier and more beautiful! Thank You for planting the seed of Liberation in all of us!  YOU are such an inexhaustible inspiration to the whole World! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY! Endless and Deep Gratitude, always at Your Feet, 

Diljeet Kaur, India

Jai Mohanji! Baba, you are the light of my life. You have guided me to the true essence of this life. Today I live only because of  your blessings. You are my Guru Nanak and My Sai. May you always show us the right path n guide us through this life to find true happiness of being true unconditional love and liberation.

Miriam Guimaray

Dear Mohanji, I have found that always living with gratitude allows you to be more connected to yourself. That way of life has been strengthened by your daily teachings and your sweetness. I wanted you to know today. Thanks and blessings to you Mohanji 


Countless Bow Downs beloved Mohanji! Thank you so much for being the beacon of light for all of us! We love you, honor you and appreciate you. Happy Birthday beloved Father

Murali Thangrila, India

Dear Father,

When I am joyful/happy, I think of you as you are The  one who gave me the moment of joy.

When I am depressed I think of you  and get inspiration.

When I look at my family I think of you as you are my family.

When I am sad I think of you to give me strength.

When I am worried I think of you to give me courage to face  situation.

When I see the trees, birds, animals I  think of you  and I feel  for them.

When I see myself I think about you  as you have taught us to love ourselves.

Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Happy Birthday

Jameela Jeyaraj, India

Happy Birthday dear Mohanji…for being the light of hope through an endless tunnel…I feel your presence and blessings every second of the day and I am ever ever grateful….Thank you for being there.

Bhumika, Canada

Happy birthday Mohanji. You are omnipresent. Words are not enough to express my gratitude. You are forever giving, holding my hand and walking with me.

Seema, Kuwait

My humble Pranams to Mohanjis Amma and Acha who has brought into this universe a God in human form. Gratitude… A very Happy Birthday to our Beloved Mohanji!!!

Getha, Malaysia


Maple and Lorraine, UK

Dear Father thank you for all of your love, guidance and protection. Hearts full of love and gratitude to you. Thankyou Guru Mandala for protecting Mohanji. Jai Mohanji

Photos and posters

Owen & Bertha from USA

Love u so much Mohanji. These are a video and a photo to you with all our love.

Click here to watch the video

Zoran Stefanovski

Wish you a Happy Birthday Mohanji. Thank you for blessing me with higher purpose, to live in gratitude and grace, and allowing me to be a part of your world. Love you endlessly!

Sanjay Acharya, Canada

Preeti Duggal, India

Pramod Nair, UK

Farshad, USA

Video Greetings

Javier Avila, Peru

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Sakshi Gupta, India

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Sayhiel, South Africa

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Kathiuska Barrio A, Peru

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On Master’s Birthday

by Charles Ndifon Londi (contemplating on Brahmarishi Mohanji’s birthday)

Ever-Blessed One in SUPREME  Awareness
Salutations on the day of your ingress into the School-of-hard-knocks, and the play-house of soul.
Your flesh embodiment concretized your Divine Nobility, conferred
Not by human conspiracies, but nurtured
On the play-fields beyond time and space.
You, who holds continuous, uninterrupted consort with the Heavenly Hosts,
Teach us the true purpose on entry into this dimension of life, a
Dimension with a bizarre celebration of birth and rebirth.

O Mohan, Prince of the ever-resplendent abode,
One-dimensionally your birth is a statistic, but you are
The eternal experience of ever-new births multi-dimensionally.
We’d gladly be affected by Your Elixir of Supreme Awareness, and become
Swans of Heaven–having perception and recognition of the True Self.
O Uncreated One manifested in flesh, in fulfillment of
The Divine Plan, we celebrate hopefully as 
Your birth is eloquent testimony of the Supremacy of Consciousness, which
Consciousness individually and collectively is
Made manifest by the unspeakable Light and Melodious Sound you exude.

A poem by Vesna Misic – (inspired by Mohanji)

 I know you well enough

And I see where this is leading:

If you have decided,

I have no choice but

To be great, 

To be gorgeous,

To be powerful.

You know me better,

You see all my parts

And a beautiful picture

That will appear 

But I have to fit the puzzles.

I am the one,

O yes, I’m the one.

I am a player in this game,

I’m looking for my lost parts,

I rediscover myself,

I put the puzzles in the picture

But you’re helping me solve this.

You gave me the answer

What is in the picture:

God rejoices through me,

He is laughing loudly,

He is dancing wildly. 

People see my body in ecstasy,

People hear my crystal voice, 

But I’m just a messenger.

A song in Tamil by Rekha Murali, India

குழல் ஊதி  நின்றாய் கண்ணா 

மெய் மறந்து நான் நின்றேன் 

கல் ஆன என் நெஞ்சம் 

உருகியதுன் கருணையில்!

மோகனா என்று நான் கூவ 

உன் கருணையில் அணைத்தாய் என்னை 

உன் அன்புக்கு நான் தகுதியோ 

என்ன புண்ணியம் நான் செய்தேன்!

உன் பாதங்கள் என் சொர்க்கம் 

வேறென்ன வேண்டும் எனக்கு 

உன் இருதயத்தில் நான் இருக்க 

என் இருதயத்தில் நீ இருக்கிறாய்


You stood playing the flute, Krishna

I stood mesmerised,

My heart of stone

Melted in your compassion.

Mohana,  I cry out

You hugged me in your arms

Am I worthy of this love

What good deeds have I done?

Your feet is my heaven

What else do I need

I reside in your heart

You reside in my heart!

A song by Shambhavi (Garima Agrawal)

Narayan Narayan
Bhaje mera mann
Narayan Narayan
Narayan Narayan

Narayan Narayan
Aankhiyo main ek hi rupam
Narayan Narayan
Narayan Narayan

Narayan Narayan
Mukh jape ek hi naam
Narayan Narayan
Narayan Narayan

Narayan Narayan
Shwaso ki mala main hardam
Narayan Narayan
Narayan Narayan

Narayan Narayan
Angh angh mange tujhse Milan
Narayan Narayan
Narayan Narayan

Narayan Narayan
Tera dhyan hi hai mera kaam
Narayan Narayan
Narayan Narayan

Narayan Narayan
Ye jivan tujhko samarpan
Narayan Narayan
Narayan Narayan