Mohanji’s 58th Birthday Celebrations Worldwide 2023

23rd February is the sacred day of Mohanji’s birth and is celebrated around the world, as an opportunity to intensify all our benevolent, selfless activities. Here is a brief glimpse into another packed and eventful year in the life of Mohanji—2022, which again has shown a relentless expansion of Mohanji and Mohanji Foundation’s benevolent and selfless activity worldwide.



















 This year we celebrated it in the spiritually esteemed and holy town of Puri in the state of Odisha, India.

The day began at 5:30am with a special homa (fire ceremony) conducted for the benefit of the ancestral lineages of the participants and volunteers present on the retreat and many more who joined online from their homes all across the world.

These homas, specially inspired and blessed by Mohanji, are examples, albeit on a smaller scale, of Mohanji’s key work of cleansing the entire living and ceased ancestral lineage of all living beings. Mohanji and the present group of dignitaries joined the homa towards the end, and after all offerings had been made, Mohanji gave his blessing for the ceremony to be officially closed.

As the homa was going on, Mohanji was also invited as a special guest to attend a local The Fruit Tree Plantation Drive in Puri. The project, initiated and carried out by the Happiness Foundation, involves planting fruit trees all along the roadside pilgrimage route to the Shri Jagannath Temple.

Mohanji’s official birthday celebrations began in the afternoon with representatives from all major countries joining together to light oil lamps. After the lamps had been lit, we were treated to a wonderful vocal performance by vocalist, Manaswini, and a traditional Odishi dance performance by Premananda Sahoo.


Then we came to launch of official publications, which began with the launch of Mohanji Platforms Global Impact Report and the official Mohanji Foundation Calendar for 2023-2024.


The launch of these more formal publications were followed by the launch of the book, Home for a Refugee, by Mohanji’s wife, Devi Mohan.

Devi describes the word ‘Home’ in the title as representing the Supreme Consciousness, to which Mohanji has been gradually guiding all of his followers to, and the word ‘Refugee’ as representing the condition of being lost in the world of suffering and spiritual ignorance.

This was followed by the book, The Ultimate Gamble, by Mohanji’s Executive Assistant, Christopher Greenwood. The book captures Chris’ learning over his three-year-plus journey of living and working with Mohanji and the tremendous transformation that he experienced during the course of it.

Next, the brand new book, JagaMohana: The Oneness of Divinity, was released by author Subhasree Thottungal. The book gives expression to the experiences of many who experienced the deep spiritual unity of Lord Jagannath and Mohanji that was clearly perceived during the time of Mohanji’s first visit to Puri. The book gives expression to the fact that divinity is that which lies beyond all form and all names within the perfect unity of consciousness.

There were also three children’s books that have been brought out by the Mohanji Platform, Early Bird’s Club. For this launch, Mohanji got up to speak and affirmed to the whole audience that we are never really adults, but only grown-up children. As a result of this, he tells us, we should create an environment for our children to develop as naturally as possible without simply trying to force them to become other ‘bricks in the wall’.

The next release was a special printed edition of the Awakening Times, which marks the ninth anniversary of bringing forth this conscious magazine to help liberate all beings and to add value to the world. Mohanji again came to stage, congratulated the team and said: ‘A magazine should talk truth. Something that communicates with the public should only talk truth. Maybe people don’t want to hear it. Society likes to talk of untruth and not truth. It usually takes a couple of generation to know that somebody was telling the truth. So these things will becoming the testimonial of those who told the truth at their time. My suggestion to the people making this is to stay with truth, even if it’s bitter.’

Also released were new translations of the classic book, Power of Purity, into Danish


After the book launches, the following present dignitaries (and many more) were personally honoured by Mohanji: Shri Sulakhe Maharaj – former Chief Priest of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, Swami Goswami Sushilji Maharaj – National Convenor of the Indian Parliament of Religions, and Peetadheeswar (Maharishi Brighu Foundation), Haji Syed Salman Chisty – Gaddi Nashin (Ajmer Sharif Shrine of Kwaja Moinudeen Hana Chisty) and Chairman of Chisty Foundation, Ajmer, Swami Shivanand, Shri Unni Bhaskara – leading entrepreneur in the aviation industry and a long-time friend of Mohanji’s, Shri Padam Singhania – prominent industrialist and entrepreneur, Dr Shankar Gopal – Padmashri awardee and leading architect who specialises in harmony of structures with nature and her elements, Dr Murthy Devarbhotla – entrepreneur from Hyderabad and co-founder of Amicability Diplomatic Club, Shri Yogesh Mathuria – peace activist and strong campaigner for unity across all manmade barriers and boundaries, Shri Narayan Suryakumar – CEO of Ramaiah Institute (Ayurveda), T. M. Sankaran – uncle of Mohanji who played a loving host to Mohanji during his college years, Dolf Zantige – water scientist and creator of full spectrum coherent water (Analemma/Somarka) in India, Dr Umesh Dayanandan – homeopathic doctor and childhood friend of Mohanji. 

Sulakhe Maharaj then came to the stage to present Mohanji with a special Mahavastram, or ‘Great clothe’, which has actually been worn by the Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Murti in Shirdi. The garment was provided as an ‘armour’ to protect Mohanji and all of his global family. This gifting came along with many tender words from Maharaj, including his wish that Mohanji will continue to allow us to externally call him Mohanji whilst we forever hold him in our hearts as ‘Gurudeva Mohanji’.

In the middle of the releases, we finally had the grace to welcome the man who orchestrated this year’s Mohanji birthday being celebrated in Puri: Pattajoshi Janardan Mahapatra, Chhattisha Nijog Nayak and Chief Servitor of Lord Jagannath Temple, Puri. As Pattajoshi made a very humble entrance and greeted Mohanji and the rest of the dignitaries, we also welcomed Mahaprasad Kar, son of late Padmashree Shree Prafulla Kar, to the stage. We were then all blessed to hear a number of bhajans performed by this wonderful vocalist.

The launches then continued with the release of a number of guided meditations, including the Shirdi Sai Baba Miracle Meditation in multiple languages and also a brand new guided meditation, Love Beyond Dimensions, composed by Mohanji Acharya Subhasree. Also released was the brand new official Mohanji App, created by Mohanji follower and entrepreneur, Graham Caldwell, who miraculously learnt a number of new programming languages in a very short time just to create the app.

As we proceeded into the evening, we invited Pattajoshi and the other dignitaries to relight the lamps and we were then treated to another session of traditional Bharatnatyam dancing from the HSTD team.

Nearing the conclusion of this spectacular event, which has also come to act as the main yearly gathering for the global Mohanji Foundation, Madhusudan Rajagopalan, CEO of Mohanji Foundation, came to the stage and paid a special recognition to many of the core team members across the world whose work has been especially important, inspiring and influential in the past year of activities.

The evening concluded with a speech by Mohanji, who gave his overwhelming approval for the organisation of the event and the dedicated work of all the volunteers. Finally, to cater for the large audience, two birthday cakes were cut and Pattajoshi and Mohanji gave their blessings and took photos with all who wished for them. The entire evening was truly a spectacle to behold and one that set the tone for further celebrations in the years to come, which Mohanji has confidently stated will henceforth take place in our new burgeoning MCB spaces worldwide!
Find more photos of Mohanji’s birthday celebrations on Mohanji India 🇮🇳 

included various performances, dances, speeches, book releases and more.

The live stream of the 7 hours long festivities is available on the following link:


The brand new official Mohanji App, created by Mohanji follower and entrepreneur, Graham Caldwell, who miraculously learnt a number of new programming languages in a very short time just to create the app.

Mohanji’s talk at 5.55.00




On Thursday, February 23, we celebrated the birthday of our beloved Mohanji. Birthday parties were held at Mohanji centers in Novi Sad, Belgrade and Čačak. Music was played, delicious vegans snacks were served, hugs were exchanged and smiles were shared.

The magnificent Lotus band played live at the Mohanji Centre in Belgrade and touched the hearts of people around the globe.

We celebrated the birthday within our family’s inner circle, but we were also blessed with the company of some new people.

It just so happened that a guest visited the Belgrade Centre on Mohanji’s birthday for the very first time. Her experience was really amazing.

“Good afternoon, dear people, good afternoon, indeed!” This is how I greeted today the hostess of the Mohanji Centre in Belgrade after our close encounter of the third kind in the centre last night. Namely, I visited this place for the very first time last night, on the very day of Mohanji’s birthday. I was somewhat sceptical and a bit excited, and I immediately plunged into a warm and welcoming atmosphere filled with music, wonderful voices of singers and some loving people who sat on the floor of the room. Such a welcome slowly but surely dispelled all of my doubts and prejudices. After a wonderful meal, a divine group meditation, after Mohanji Energy Transfer (MET) through Jelena’s gentle touch, the most delicious vegan birthday cake I have ever tasted – a deep inner feeling whispered to me – “Welcome to your spiritual family after an endless, lonely journey!” I have been a spiritual seeker ever since I knew about my earthly Self. I have been through different situations, got tired of them all, and I assured myself and my Ego that I do not need a spiritual teacher or a group, and that I can and must reach Liberation on my own. Until I heard my soul cry, “I want to find my Spiritual Master!” And the rest is history. I run upon Mohan Devi on YouTube and was overjoyed, once again listened to several of Mohanji’s speeches, contacted the Belgrade Centre and visited it. This morning, the alarm woke me up from a beautiful dream in which I was singing with my sister at the top of my voice, and found me in deep Peace and Joy, which has not happened for a decade or two. Good afternoon, good afternoon, indeed.”

Good afternoon!-Tamara

Our dear Ivona Pleskonja has also shared her amazing experience:

The birthday celebration of our beloved Mohanji at the Belgrade Centre was magical and special for me. Joy, love and unity spread from all of our hearts. The Kirtan was powerful, everything vibrated in prayers🙏🙏🙏. The meditation was particularly powerful. I felt the entire Universe, especially when I received the MET, I saw with my inner eye that I was in the Universe and that I was shining like a huge star with the hand of the Mohanji Channel on the top of my head. I literally felt like a Star that treats all celestial objects as its children. I do not know which star it is, but the feeling is so LOVE and so strong that I cannot find the right words to describe it.

Happy birthday, Mohanji

Jai Mohanji Namaste

This has been a special day, charged with joy, love and unity.

We are grateful for every minute together that Mohanji gave us, we keep on moving with peace and love. 🙏

Yours truly,

Mohanji centres in Novi Sad, Belgrade and Čačak

Mohanji Centre of Benevolence in Obrenovac

We are extremely happy because of the realisation of Mohanji’s vision to conduct programs in Mohanji Centres of Benevolence throughout the world. This day, 25th February 2023, will remain for remembrance and history.

With great joy and excitement we inform you that the first program has been conducted in our centre of benevolence in Obrenovac. The reason for organising it was a birthday celebration of our founder – Mohanji. And how to celebrate it other than with Conscious Dancing, a beautiful technique that was given to us by exactly Mohanji.

Our gracious Mohanji Acharya, Biljana Vozarevic, masterly led us through the dance and deeper connecting with ourselves through movement, so that everything was vibrating with love and togetherness.

Mohanji centre of benevolence is a realisation of Mohanji’s vision to live united regardless of nationality, skin colour, ethnicity, religion, caste, gender, or age. All are welcome to together unite the world with love, kindness, compassion, companionship and righteousness. In this way we use our time well on this planet and pave the way to our personal transformation through our own experience. The transformation from sound and noise to inner silence, from gross to subtle, from binding to liberated existence where a man can have everything, while needing nothing.

It is very important to stay united and together walk united, support each other, without criticising, judging, comparing or competing with each other. Our motto is respect, appreciation, acceptance, recognition and love. In this way, we contribute to reduce anger, hatred, jealousy and moral bankruptcy in the world. Mohanji Centre of Benevolence will establish and nurture true values through generations. It will practise authentic and transforming Mohanji’s techniques so that as many people as possible radiate the highest in themselves.

Sigurni smo da je prvi program održan u Mohanđi centru mira na Balkanu, prelepim povodom, dao ton za sve buduće proslave i programe koji će se održavati u ovom i drugim centrima na ovim prostorima. Presrećni zbog realizacije Mohanđijeve vizije održavanja programa u centrima mira širom sveta, ovaj dan će ostati za pamćenje i istoriju.

We continue to build other projects on the land, so that we have enough capacity for all future programs. More photos


Croatia celebrated Mohanji’s birthday with various programs as given below:

  • Varaždin – Acharya program with Helena Bjelaković
  • Rijeka – Recording of Shirdi Sai Baba meditation in the Croatian language
  • Čakovec – First meditation Power of purity with ET
  • We baked 3 birthday vegan cakes

Click here to watch the video of celebrations in Croatia.


On 23.02.2023, Mohanji Macedonia celebrated Mohanji’s birthday with short satsang, Mohanji Gayatri Mantra chanting, Blossoms of Love meditation and beautiful bhajans sung by Natalija and Elena. The evening finished with a delicious vegan cake.


On Mohanji’s birthday, we visited a remote kindergarten and donated food and clothes for kids. Teachers told the kids: “Mohanji is a gentleman who doesn’t ask for gifts for his birthday. He gives gifts to children all over the world instead.”


On February 23, 2023, Mohanji’s birthday was celebrated in Bijeljina at the  yoga studio “Light”. In His honor that day, we organized a satsang and meditation “The Power of Purity”, led by Dejan Ćosić, Mohanji Acharya. A dozen participants enjoyed Mohanji’s blessings during this meditation, which helps us to get rid of deep emotional blockages and give peace and understanding to every experience from the past.

On the occasion of Mohanji’s birthday, volunteers from Bijeljina also organized a book collection campaign for the pediatric department of the JZU Hospital “Sveti Vračevi” in Bijeljina and replenished their library with around 600 titles of children’s literature. A truly wonderful day with a wonderful occasion.


Celebrating Mohanji’s birthday for the first time in the UK Mohanji Centre of Benevolence in Aberdeen, Scotland, was wonderful. The day started with the online morning group Kriya followed by a breathtaking sunrise. Surrounded by nature, the bright golden light filtering through the trees was a beautiful blessing from Mohanji. During the day, the home and the surrounding area were cleaned and then purified with vibhuti water and chanting.

The celebrations in the evening included a hybrid session of chanting, bhajans and birthday cake cutting with almost 30 people. An update on the soon-to-begin Shirdi Sai Temple building work was shared with the participants. We are really excited to have this Mohanji space in the UK and look forward to hosting and celebrating many more events in the future.

Thank you, dearest Mohanji, for your grace, love, blessings and protection ever present for all of us. We wish you a very happy birthday. Jai Mohanji!




1- Online Meditation of Shirdi Sai Baba miracle meditation on Zoom and Clubhouse at the same time and 29 people attended.

2- Fruit tree plantation in Iran, 8 fruit trees is planted in the city of Bandar Abbas.

3- Delivering aids to people affected by earthquake in Iran happened on the occasion of Mohanji’s birthday.

4- Food seva for two needy families in Tehran with a total weight of 50 kg. Two cans of infant formula is donated to a family with small kid. 11 heaters are distributed between underprivileged families living in an outskirt area. 

5- Mohanji’s blog “A Chapter in life. A birthday message”, translated and uploaded on Farsi website. 

6- One video from a Mohanji devotee for his birthday 


Singapore celebrated Mohanji’s birthday at the St. John’s Old Age Home. There are 5 elderly whose birthday also falls in Feb and celebrated with cake cutting. Approximately 65 kgs of ration was donated to the old age home.

8kgs of food is donated to stray dogs  at  “Cause for Animals Singapore”.


On the auspicious occasion of Mohanji’s 58th birthday, Mohanji Malaysia family gathered to celebrate with an outpouring of Joy, Love, Devotion and much Laughter! It was a lovely Sunday (19th February, 2023) morning where the sun shone so brightly and the birds sang so beautifully. These, and the warm, bright smiles of all attendees definitely set the tone for the day and celebration. 

The celebration began with the Guru Paduka Puja (holy feet worship) to offer our gratitude to Mohanji, our beloved Father, for his unconditional Love and Guidance throughout time. Each family member took turns to one by one pour milk and rose water over the paduka and Shirdi Sai Baba with the 108 names of Mohanji playing in the background. It was then followed by the Mohanji Aarti where everyone took turns individually or as a family to perform the Aarti while singing to the lyricss with full of devotion and utmost respect. There was a shift in the energy at that moment which was felt by all alike. 

The highlight of the celebration had our dear family members Ash and Hannah dedicating Shiva and Krishna devotional songs to Mohanji. Their voices mesmerised us and brought all of us to a different level of existence.  One family member even described it as a magical and enchanting feeling with heart expanded and being gently lifted into a different dimension. The participants  were afterwards transported into Mohanji’s gentle and protective embrace as all meditated to our beloved Father chanting the Shiva Kavacham.. 

Taken from a letter written on his birthday in 2019, our beloved Mohanji  had expressed that neither him nor his birthday are special. Instead, to view and celebrate it as a “Consciousness Day” where we remember him as a consciousness and that “You & I are One”. Always dear Father, always. And for this we are always grateful for all that you do and are, and will celebrate you in any way. 

We had a beautiful birthday surprise in the form of a decadent vegan cake prepared specially for the occasion. Everyone sang Happy Birthday to Mohanji full of Love and Joy. This was then followed by a lovely vegetarian lunch filled with talk and laughter as most were catching up after a long time since the lockdown and restrictions. All in all, it was a lovely day filled with lots of positivity, blessings and lightness. We are ever so grateful to Dr. Thiages and family for their grace and kindness in hosting the celebration of our dear Mohanji. 

And once again, Happy Birthday dearest Father from the Mohanji Malaysia family. We love you!

Pictures in this link


Mohanji Australia Team celebrated Mohanji’s birthday on 26th Feb 2023 by organising a full day program – A day in Mohanji’s consciousness in Melbourne.

We had about 20 people joining in person as well as another 10 online on Zoom.

The day started with Group Kriya in the morning. Mohanji Acharya Rakshitha,  helped us delve into deeper aspects of practising Kriya and the importance of Kriya Vows. She also explained to us how the Kriya Vows can be applied practically in our day to day life.

Then we had our Country Head Ananth joining us on call explaining about the progress of Mohanji Center of Benevolence and Mohanji’s visit in March. He also answered a few questions from the participants and what can we expect during the Prana Prathista of Baba during Mohanji’s visit.

Post this, we had Power of Purity Meditation with Energy transfer for participants who joined us in person. It felt like a family meet and also gave us an opportunity to meet and greet new people from the Mohanji Family.

Following the value system that Mohanji educates us – about non-violence,  we had our amazing volunteers cooking a full fledged Sattvic Vegan 3-course yummy meal for all of us. With Power of purity filling our hearts in gratitude, the meal filled our hungry bellies with sumptuous foods.

Post lunch, Mohanji Acharya Rakshitha explained to us about self-healing, chakras and pancha koshas and also explained the process of Mai-Tri. Shiva kavacham was played before beginning the Mai-Tri session. 3 Maitri practitioners patiently facilitated one to one Maitri for all the participants present, including children. The entire space was brimming with Mohanji’s energy and everyone felt calm and peaceful.

We ended the day with vegan tea and a vegan Mango cake (cut by kids) for Mohanji. From the contribution collected from the participants, Shruti from our ACT team also organised groceries for distribution to charities.

It was a day well spent and a beautiful treat to the soul and belly. We sincerely thank Mohanji for guiding us & giving us this amazing opportunity/ platform to walk the journey of Liberation.

We also had conscious walking organised by another volunteer at another location as a part of Mohanji’s birthday celebrations.



A beautiful day of beloved Mohanji’s birthday on 23rd February started with Shri Shirdi Sai Baba’s abhishek (holy bath) at Mohanji Datta Tapovan Ashram followed by Mohanji’s Paduka Puja (holy feet worship). 

A Vegan Cake was cut to wish Mohanji a very happy birthday. 

After the Aarti, Guru Raksha Homa was conducted at the Ashram for four families. They were grateful to have Mohanji’s blessings on this great occasion. 

Our M Family member Ketan Patel sang and dedicated a beautiful song for Mohanji on this occasion. 

Thank you, Mohanji for the opportunity to celebrate this day by adding value to the world. We all love you.

Plasma and Blood donation was done later during the day at Canadian Blood Services center. Mohanji Foundation Inc, Canada has a Life partnership with Canadian Blood Services. Total 12 people volunteered to donate Plasma and Blood inspite of adverse weather conditions.  




Excitement, love and joy loomed in the air, as 23 February marking the earthly birthday of our beloved Mohanji approached. South Africa was covered in a bright array of love and colour as Mohanji Meditation Centres in Randburg, Ladysmith and Centurion engaged in beautiful birthday celebrations, padam pooja, meditation, bhajans and seva; Dattatapovan Ashram in Durban also hosted beautiful celebrations, puja and seva. Numerous individuals hosted amazing sevas and celebrations expressing their love and gratitude to Mohanji.

The Shirdi Sai Baba temple at the Mohanji Center of Benevolence, Nonoti hosted beautiful celebrations and three sevas in honour of Mohanji. 23 February marked the birth of a “Mohanji United” soccer team in Nonoti, blessed by Mohanji, as the first of its kind in the world. The Youth club was launched and the children were kitted with soccer shirts, shorts, soccer balls and sports bags all branded “Mohanji United”, a beautiful start to the Mohanji Youth Club powered by Our Master’s Grace! This initiative helps the children in the area to engage in empowering activities and be kept away from violence, crime and drugs.

The Mohanji Center of Benevolence in Nonoti presents future soccer legends. Make way Liverpool and Manchester United, Here comes Mohanji United! During Mohanji Birthday Celebrations, 2150 meals, food products, goodie bags, animal food was served, of which 990 beings benefitted and numerous programs were held where about 300 people participated. Local and international Mohanji devotees participated in 1008 chants of Mohanji Gayatri mantra in honour of Mohanji on His birthday, these devotees are continuing to reach 5000 chants.

The evening culminated with an online musical tribute to Mohanji by Vero Govender, Kerolin Govender and Lotos band followed by a Garland of Gratitude online birthday celebrations from the various Mohanji centres, Dattatapovan ashram and individual messages of love. A professional music video, Dattatreya Mohanji dedicated to Mohanji was launched, this heartfelt composition was by music artist Kerolin Govender sharing his encounter of connecting to Lord Dattatreya through Mohanji. Mohanji’s love and grace was felt by all, thank you Mohanji for loving us and walking with each of us always. 

Enjoy the video of the celebrations in South Africa

Listen to the Dattatreya Mohanji music video:





ACT Canada conducted three activities for Annadaan such as Food bank donation, Women Shelter donation and Bird feeding.


This year, on the occasion of Mohanji’s birthday volunteers from Croatia organized programs, donated food for people and animals, fed animals in nature and donated food and clothes for the homeless. Here are the highlights of all the activities that Mohanji inspired us to do:

  • 41-Day Challenge of feeding living beings in Pelješac, Čakovec, Pula, Crikvenica, Varaždin, Split, Zagreb
  • Varaždin – Food and clothes donation to homeless people
  • Zagreb – Donation of 18 kg food and 12 kg of a pet food to a person with special needs
  • Pula – 80 kg food donation for the dog shelter
  • Pula – 70 kg food donation for the two families in need
  • Labin – First meditation ever in this town
  • Split – donation of vegan cake for the homeless people


Volunteers of ACT Macedonia visited “Happy Shelter”, a shelter with over 200 dogs. We donated 80 kg of dry food, blankets and towels necessary for the needs of the shelter.

Besides this, Individual feeding of birds and animals were also done by our volunteers.

ACT Macedonia also visited a single mother family with 4 children. We donated 2 packages of food, 1 package of toys, 1 package of clothes and 1 package of hygiene items. 

ACT MACEDONIA volunteers were at the Red Cross center in Momin Potok, where they delivered donations of hygiene item packages, and canned food for the survivors of the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.


As part of the Mohanji’s 58th birthday celebrations, ACT Qatar conducted food seva event for the under privileged members of society.  150 vegan meals were distributed to individuals and families with low income. People felt happy not just from the warm and tasty freshly cooked vegan food, but also from the smiles and warm words by members of the ACT team. A little 3 year old girl was the youngest volunteer.



Watch the shloka dedicated to Mohanji and see more in the blog below:


*Njanappana Kannada*

Himalayan School of Traditional Music (HSTM) is proud to announce the launch of the Kannada translation of Njanappana, a poem written by the 16th century Malayalam poet Poonthanam in praise of Lord Guruvayurappan.  This is our second music album under the Purana Parampara Series, and in the future, HSTM will be releasing Njanappana in various Indian languages. 

*Njanappana*, considered one of the most important works in Malayalam literature, is revered for its sincere expression of devotion, the philosophical heft and its simplicity, thereby making it accessible to all devotees. 

With Mohanji’s guidance and blessings, HSTM has taken up the yeoman project of making this masterpiece available in various languages. 

*Njanappana in Kannada is officially launched today, the most auspicious being Mohanji’s Birthday.*  

We have conducted a special pooja at Guruvayur temple in Kerala. Please check HSTM official channel.


At Mohanji’s birthday celebration in Puri, the translation of the Malayalam hymn to Krishna, Jnanappana, into English and Kannada, was launched, as part of the Himalayan School of Traditional Music.

Jelena Fassbender says, “With a blessing and support of our dear Mohanji, Hearts Liberated had a divine opportunity to record Jnanappana, the script of ultimate Truth, in English language. Mohanji’s father, our dear Acchan, beautifully translated Malayalam poem in English language and Natalija and I made a music, with the help of couple of more other amazing musicians.

A lot of thanks to our Shaju and Anand, Madhu and Chris, for guidance and support.

We both feel blessed for the process and the opportunity. Our hearts are maybe not yet liberated  but they are definitely expanded and filed with love. 

This is the first song of Herts Liberated that is uploaded on Hearts Liberated YouTube channel.”  



Mohanji is my Father, my teacher, all of the universe, and the beauty in the smallest things at the same time. Mohanji means unconditional love and eternity. I feel so grateful & blissful that he is walking with me in every step that I take. I can feel his presence and love always. That makes me flow like a river through life, accepting all the challenges and blissful moments with awareness and humility. Being Mohanji for me means being in the moment always, being in the smallest unit and the entire universe at the same time. It makes me see the world through my heart, not through my eyes. It’s the feeling of expansion and true love. Being Mohanji is living the highest truth. Dear Father, thank you for always being by my side, for giving me a true purpose in my life, and for making me feel your unconditional love always. I wish you great happiness, love, and good health. I wish the Mohanji family to grow bigger every day and to influence many lives around the world. Love you always.

Marta Minarkova, Macedonia

Mohanji is my beginning. He is my end and everything in between. Being egoless, being natural and being unconditional love. Mohanji is perfection. Being Mohanji is reflecting his thoughts, words and actions. Being and expressing love, kindness and compassion in every situation, whether pleasant or unpleasant. Happy birthday, Baba. Thank you for taking birth. Thank you for walking with us. Thank you is a small word for everything you are doing for us. We love you, Mohanji. Have a fantastic birthday. At your lotus feet always.

Pooja Sheth, Canada

Mohanji is pure love and Consciousness. Mohanji is everything to me. Every moment in my life is for Mohanji and his teachings. Dear Father, your physical being in this time is huge luck and an Infinite blessing for all of us and any been in the universe. Happy birthday, Mohanji. We love you.

Hamid Vahabzadeh, Iran

In one word TRANSFORMATION. Liberation starts with One’s own personal inner transformation from unconscious to conscious living. Being Yourself, being 100% YOU. That is the biggest gift we can give to the world. We are love incarnated with the lifestyle of non-violence inside and outside of oneself. Being…. just BEing. Hey sweetie, happy birthday. Your birthday is a celebration of life itself. Your passing will be a celebration of life itself. I am so happy and honoured to have you in my life and beyond. I am so happy to have this opportunity to celebrate your birthday in your physical proximity. Love you, baby. 

Dragan Vucenovic, Serbia

Love humanity. The highest spiritual Master. The kindest Father. The best and purest human being. Mohanji is my guide, teacher and Master who will always be with me on the spiritual path. I clearly feel Mohanji’s presence in my life. My dear Master Mohanji, you were a miracle for teaching me how to live a life worth living. Happy birthday to you. With much love and respect.

Ayda Makaryan, Iran

Hello, my generous, kind-hearted dad. I had a hardworking and enthusiastic father who passed away 8 years ago and left me alone. You are the best one for me. My wish and dream are to meet you. Happy birthday a million times. I wish you happiness from the bottom of my heart. Thank God for your meaningful presence, which colored my life. I appreciate and adore your support. Your little girl Leila.

Leila Nasrollahi, Iran

Unconditional love, awareness, kindness, and I can’t explain these meanings as words; everyone must experience them by themselves. Being Mohanji, for me, is being in the moment with the kindest love for all creatures and also being a perfect human being. Mohanji is like the sun shining all over the world. Happy birthday dear Mohanji. I’m always thinking about you, and you are in my heart. Thanks for your presence in my life. I feel you. Love you, Father.

Mansoure, Iran

Mohanji, to me, is the ever-shining light, brighter than a million suns. The light and Consciousness that is available 24/7. He is a protection, guide, friend, teacher and ever-lasting love. He is simply love! Dear Mohanji, I am forever grateful that you are part of my heart and my life. Wishing you many happy returns of the day. Thank you for finding me in this life time. Love you always!

Diana Ialamova, Qatar/Bulgaria

I love Shirdi Sai, so I started loving Mohanji. I haven’t experienced anything as yet, but I sang at Datta Tappovan Mandir in Reservoir Hills, Durban and I feel a sense of inspiration when I am there. Happy birthday Guruji. I wish you well. Have a splendid evening. My granddaughter has been diagnosed with bone cancer. she is 4 years old. Please heal Averi Singh. Jai Gurudev.

Dharam Dawchund, South Africa

Thank you for being in my life. You are always there for me. The tender wind that carries me. A light in the dark shining your love into my life. You’ve been my inspiration. Through the lies, you are the truth. My world is a better place because of you. You were my strength when I was weak. You are my voice when I cannot speak. You were my eyes when I could not see. You see the best there is in me. You lifted me up when I could not reach. You gave me faith ’cause you believed. I’m everything I am because of you. Unconditional love. Happy birthday Dear Brahmarishi Mohanji. Have a wonderful day of celebrations. Keep shining like a million suns. Love you eternally.  Happy birthday Mohanji!

Veni Pather, South Africa

On this day 58 years ago, the world was blessed with smiling baby who did not come crying into this world but smiled, with full knowledge that this will be a difficult life but one filled with so much purpose. 58 years later, so much great work is being celebrated. Meals have been fed to all beings of the earth, water and air. Lives have been transformed and people are leading lives filled with purpose and stability. So many have hope in such desperate circumstances.What an immense pleasure to be able to serve on the platforms created by You. Happy Birthday Guruji. Love you endlessly. Thank you for all that you do for us, all the seen and unseen, known and unknown.

Deloshni Govender

What Mohanji means to me:

The Truth of Me  my True Reality which I have yet to  experience fully, I see in You Mohanji – magnificently magnified.  
Freedom’s Friend You are, my wondrous  Wayshower,
My Pillar of Strength, and  Cosmic Compass.
You mean to me my safe Harbour in Consciousness, and safety and support in Your Dynamic Stillness.
Covered in Your Kavach of Devi and Shiva, the Light of God Golden You are.
Love is Your Nature, Pure and Priceless. 
You hold me close and raise me up to be Me as You, and You as Me in the Wholeness of the Unity – the Oneness in God.

Ami Hughes, South Africa

My whole world. My life-giving force. My Dear Mohanji. On this occasion of your 58th birthday, I would like to give gratitude to you for being you and for giving me spiritual guidance. A blessed birthday to you, Mohanji. We are so blessed to have you as our living Spiritual Master. I love you, Mohanji.

Megan Thulukanam, South Africa

My Guru, guide and friend. Aspiring to reach my highest potential by overcoming the pull of tamas and the limitations of my mind. Dear Mohanji, I would like to wish you a very happy birthday!! I know that you will be inundated with messages today and tomorrow. But I wanted to give you my good wishes on this special day. For your birthday, we are launching a new initiative called ACT4Africa, to expand our ACT4Hunger and ACT Foundation activities to more areas of the world. We are also launching the Shirdi Baba temple project at the MCB to be able to get the funds for a proper temple space at the MCB. Thank you for adding value to our lives, for your example, your grace and constant guidance. We are so happy that the greatest gift of all, the Scotland MCB is in place now. Wishing you a fabulous birthday! Lots of love from Vijay, Ranjana, Nilam and Vivek

Vijay Ramanaidoo, UK

My Beloved Guru, my guiding Master on this journey through life. My Master of the Tradition through the path of liberation. On this anniversary of your birth, my beloved Mohanji, I give gratitude for your birth into this world as a blessing for the purpose of guiding & protecting me & all who have chosen to be a part of your family & Tradition. I give gratitude to you, my beloved Guru, for regarding me as eligible & leading me to your loving embrace. I’m eternally grateful for your abundant grace & for walking with me, guiding & protecting me on this journey. Happy Birthday My Beloved Mohanji. I love you eternally.

Kamla (Kamy Pillay), South Africa

Happiest birthday to you, Lord. We should congratulate ourselves for having you on earth. Your birthday is more beneficial for us than you since you don’t have any agenda here on earth, and you just stay completely selfless in helping us and anyone who prays for help. How many times you took people’s burdens and baggage to yourself and your body, we don’t know. To how many people you have reached out to, we don’t know. In how many dimensions you are working, we don’t know. How you’re operating, we don’t know. We just know you’re the strength and light of hope for many! We know you’re the most compassionate being in the world. We know you don’t rest even if it seems you’re resting. We know you are so humble that you never talk about what you have done and doing for us. We know you see all our flaws, and still, you love us to the fullest, unconditionally. So grateful for your existence. So grateful to Amma and Achan for gifting you to us. May you live long and healthy. Always at your lotus feet. Love You, Mohanji Baba 

 Elham & Farshad, Iran

n celebration of Mohanji’s birthday may we walk the path of Liberation with dedication,  commitment and consistency. Living our lives as the highest expression of all the positive values Mohanji embodies. May your light shine bright and illuminate the world for ever!  Happy birthday  Mohanji.

Sjarn, South Africa

Unconditional love and hope. Love. Happy birthday Guruji. On this special day, I would like to thank the blessed parents and the whole universe for gifting Mohanj to us. Always grateful & blessed to live in the era of Mohanji. Thankyou Parabrahma.

Kavitha Sajjith, India

Happy birthday, Mohanji. Being your student is the most beautiful thing in my whole life. I hope to reach liberation in the blessing of your existence. I love you, Mohanji. 

Mitra, Iran

Happy Birthday, wish you a long, healthy life. With your guidance may we all go through a better furture.

Hello, dear Mohanji. Happy birthday to you. I love you, and I wish you the best. I hope to see you.

AK Chanda, India

He is my everything. Love, I wish you all the best. You are my Sunshine. My love. I love you!

 Svjetlana Vulin, Croatia

Zahra, Iran

He is my wayshower to Liberation. Merging in Mohanji’s Consciousness. Deep gratitude for Father’s blessings. 

Eric Elbers, Canada

Jameela Jeyaraj

Experiences with Mohanji, India 2022 – Part 4

Linda Abrol, Netherlands

Yesterday afternoon, on the 31st of August, I had the unexpected good fortune of attending the Ganesh Charturti event with Mohanji, and I was still staying with Harish and Neetha, two dear friends I had not seen for a decade. Harish was, in succession to his father, Dharmadarshi NC Nannaiah, the Managing Trustee of the People’s Trust, a charity that had incessantly worked the past forty years for the welfare of eighteen of the poorest villages in the countryside around Bangalore.

After waking up at 4.30 this morning, I did my daily sadhana practices. When I opened my eyes, a beautiful surprise awaited me. The reflection of the candlelight, shining through the transparent frame of a small Shiva picture, created a cross of light on Mohanji’s heart on the picture behind it. From a physical point of view, the appearance of the cross was perfectly explainable, but it was a miracle for my heart and gave me an intense feeling of being connected. Born a Christian, the very first thought I had during the satsang with Mohanji in Onderdijk last year in 2021: ‘This is how the disciples of Jesus must have felt at the feet of their Master by the waterside two thousand years ago.’ I posted the picture on the Mohanji Netherland app, and this was the immediate and astonishing reaction that followed from Selma, one of the devotees: 

This is really remarkable… Early this morning, I did a prayer to Jesus. I said that I just wanted to be in his presence; I closed my eyes and just kept seeing Mohanji in front of me, I often feel Jesus and Mohanji as one energy, so I jokingly said to Jesus: ‘You will have to give a sign with a cross or something hahaha’.I fell asleep…and see this picture now that I just woke up!

After visiting the People’s Trust project in Sriramanahalli that day, we went to Mohanji’s home address, where we were expected at half past three. Because the main road to the airport had been blocked, it became a bumpy ride through small villages and fields, which made them silently wonder if we would be too late this time, too. But no, we were kindly received, and Mohanji entered his reception room after a few minutes, dressed in white cotton trousers, a plain cobalt blue t-shirt and his hair in a ponytail that had been twisted into a bun at the back of his head. It looked casual and gave us the feeling of talking to a good friend. He inquired about my trip to Kerala.

At Mohanji’s right hand was a beautiful, lifelike painting of himself. To my surprise and amazement, the booklet In Silence with Mohanji, which I had only recently written and was published by Gurulight, was leaning comfortably against his picture. It gave me an enormous feeling of connection and also recognition of the – for me – life-transforming experiences that are described in the book. Rajesh told me afterwards that Mohanji had placed the book there himself a few weeks ago and, in the meantime, had shown it to several people and also given it as a gift. That touched me tremendously and made me think of Swami Gopal Baba, my deceased Master. He, too, did not give direct compliments, but through others, one heard how happy he was with your work. 

A week earlier, a spontaneous thought had come to me: how wonderful would it be if Mohanji would come and visit the People’s Trust project. After all, People’s Trust had already committed itself for forty years to social work for eighteen of the poorest villages around Bangalore and had provided children from poor families with free schooling, nutritious food and much more. One never knew what cooperation or inspiration from both sides with Ammucare (Mohanji’s charity foundation in India) might result from it. Harish had brought a leaflet of the Trust and handed it to Mohanji. Mohanji looked at it calmly and agreed to come. The condition was that there would be no ceremony or garlands, gatherings, speeches, etc. He just wished to come incognito as a mere guest. That, too, is great, so Harish had no problem with that commitment. 

Soon our conversation became what could rightly be called a satsang. Mohanji visibly enjoyed answering the in-depth questions that were asked. When Milica came and pointed out the time and that his next meeting would start elsewhere, he replied nonchalantly: ‘Just tell them I’ll be there in twenty minutes. No, tell them to start already.’ The importance of silence was discussed at length, and briefly, he explained daily life techniques. Freely translated, the technique went like this: Imagine a busy road (symbolising all the mind matter and daily concerns), and on the other side, you see a quiet bench. Now stay focused only on the peace that the bench radiates. As if you were looking right over the passing cars and buses. After a while, there will only be silence. No matter how many cars pass by.

Mohanji also told us about the tremendously beneficial effect of Pitrupaksha, freeing you from the karma and inclinations of your ancestors. And he also said that even without giving annadaan to saints and the needy, you could already experience a great difference in your life by simply offering all your food and drink to the following six forms of Gods: 1. Ganesha, 2. Kul Devatas (to the God who your family worships), 3. Naga Devatas (High souls who return to earth in the form of snakes – nagas – because then they are most likely to be left alone and to function unseen as saviours of the consciousness of the world), 4. Ishta Devatas (your personal form of God), 5. Pitru Devatas (the ancestors), and 6. Gurus.

He spoke about how Mina (a devotee from Serbia) sat next to him on the floor in Novi Sad, Serbia, while he was busy with the messages on his phone. He heard her inwardly repeat the question: Who is Mohanji beyond the physical body? He looked up from his phone and told her to touch his big toe. Finally, after wondering about this question for five years, she got a fulfilling answer when Mohanji took her on a wondrous journey to the sun and through the universe. She has described her experience in a three-part blog. Mohanji asked me to share the link to her experience with one of the attendees, and now I am sharing it with you. Read the first part of her incredible experience: 

He took all the time for us and, when a few more people arrived, for them too. Calm, interested, clear and loving as always, he asked us not to leave yet, but to remain seated while he spoke to the other guests. When he finally had to go, he asked us to stay for a meal. We felt at home and welcome and accepted the invitation with both hands.

The arathi in the house mandir started and was similar to the arathi during the Ganesh Chaturti event one day ago; anyone who wished could participate in the flame-waving. Being able to experience this sacred ceremony at Mohanji’s own home will certainly add a special dimension to my daily Mohanji-arathi at my home temple. Mohanji’s parents were watching with shining eyes, and I felt strongly attracted to them. Realising at that moment that calling Mohanji my bada Bhaya (big brother) included them to be my parents as well! While the others were in the living room, I had a long conversation with both of them. They did love the bustle in their house. There were people coming and going all the time. Mohanji’s father had been a surgeon and had worked till old age. If I remember correctly, he was seventy-two when he finally stopped performing surgeries. 

He told me that when he saw me, he thought: ‘I know her. I have seen her before, but where and when?’ Then he went to his sleeping room and returned with a triumphant look and a copy of my booklet. He pointed at the picture on the cover, showing Mohanji and me. That was why I had seemed familiar to him! Now he knew! He smiled. He had even read all my testimonials and therefore felt he already knew me. I was delighted. Mohanji’s father wondered why I did not write a thicker book about Mohanji. His idea was to add new experiences to the book and let it grow. Both parents were so sweet and involved. Mohanji’s mother was a woman of great integrity, and when I mentioned that because of their great example, the world had gained such a Divine Friend, tears ran down her cheeks. We looked deep into each other’s eyes and shared the emotion.

We had a delicious meal of dosa and puri, and when I asked Rajesh why he was not eating with us, he said that he had eaten before, and that his current habit was to eat no more than two meals a day. I smilingly asked him if that was difficult for him because I knew from translating Miraculous Days how fond he was of food. To which Aditya, president of Mohanji Foundation India, said that Rajesh had changed a lot. So he had not only given up smoking (as he wrote in the same book) but also eating a lot since he was with Mohanji. Transformation with Mohanji is unforced and lightning fast; I have had the feeling (and the experience). 

Rajesh, as coordinator of Gurulight, helped enormously with the process of translating and publishing MAST and In Silence with Mohanji, and I had never seen him in person, although we must have exchanged dozens if not hundreds of messages with each other. So he got not one but more than four hugs spread over arrival and departure. After which, I asked him if he had already received a hug from me. After a short photo session with all of us, we said goodbye smiling, satisfied, grateful and happy.

Three beautiful days with my friends later, my flight was leaving at 6 o’clock in the morning of the 4th of August. My loved ones at home were joking that they were doubting whether I was coming home this time or making a new impulsive decision again to stay in India. But this time, I arrived safe, grateful and immensely happy. Being inwardly connected to Mohanji all through the process, I felt safe, loved and cared for, and I was guided to the right people and given the right inspirations and prompts at all times. I had continued my daily Shiva Kavacham listening sessions every night in Vedasudha Hospital, and I felt confident that nothing untoward could happen to me. 

To be continued after the coming blood test results from the hospital in the Netherlands are released within two months…

Links: Pitru Paksha:


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Pain and Suffering – Part 3

Ivana Kalinic, senior MTM practitioner

The day when Mohanji’s accident happened, I was on the phone with Barbara, and we were talking about how we both felt that something huge was going on, negative. We didn’t know what exactly. And at that point, Milica called me, and she told me to do a session for Father (Mohanji) urgently and that she would let me know what was happening. I was not worried at all; I was very focused and stable. I immediately sat and tapped into the situation.

I first saw Father, and huge, black energy, like a balloon, hit him strongly in the chest area. I saw that the intensity of the hit was so hard that it caused hard pressure. As his blood pressure increased immediately to a very high point, his ears started to buzz, and his arms were completely numb. And at that point, I didn’t know that he had a car accident and that the airbag opened up, so I was witnessing this part.

I could see his legs were also very numb, especially from the knees down; it looked like energy had started to withdraw from the body. That is when I received the message from Milica that they had a car accident, a head-on collision, and that Father was injured by the airbag, which opened and caused a severe hit in the chest.

Simultaneously on an astral level, so many things happened at once. Some of the things I will not share it is irrelevant to this story – it’s about the personal stories of many family members, which he took over at that time.

One scene that I saw was very important. I saw all the saints from our Tradition, various saints. I recognised some of them, and some were unknown to me. I could clearly say that they never incarnated on Earth. And they were all gathered around Mohanji, around his physical body. Only Shirdi Baba stood next to him; they were all very quiet and occupied. They didn’t even notice me; they didn’t even look at me. I was standing and observing. And they were all either praying or chanting; some were performing fire ceremonies. To me, it looked more like a ritual than some healing process.

I found it strange. I thought to myself that they were kind of passive, not actively healing his body. I felt something strange about that. Probably at that time, I was not ready to understand it, to comprehend it. I could see that, of course, in his true form, Mohanji was glowing in golden light. He was very well; he was smiling. He was not affected at all; his physical body was there.

At some point, they took him somewhere, and they didn’t allow me to come. I didn’t know what was happening. Meanwhile, Milica told me that it is a secret and not to share it with anyone, that only Preeti Duggal, Devi and me know what happened, and that he was not in the hospital. Hearing that he’s not in the hospital gave me additional confidence that all is well. That is when I closed up this process for that time.

In the morning, they went to the hospital. I knew Father was in pain, but even then, I didn’t realise the seriousness of the situation because the day before, I sent him a message, and at some point, he responded to that message. It was not related to the car accident; it was before the accident. He was basically responding to me from the hospital, which happened a few days back. I thought, “Okay, he’s responding to messages; let me directly check how he is.” He told me that he was having pain in the chest and heart, but he didn’t take any painkillers because he didn’t want to become numb and not understand whether the pain increased or decreased. 

But, even from the hospital, he was working, responding to messages, etc. That is when he also told me that the heart had a concussion and that the doctors were finding it serious, and they wanted to admit him to the hospital. Still, I could not relate to the seriousness of the situation because he looked completely fine in the sense that he was not panicking; he was not creating any drama. Of course, we know he never does that, but without that, it was hard to understand the seriousness of the situation in those circumstances.

When he mentioned the heart and the doctor’s diagnosis, I asked him, “Can we from the MTM group do a session for you for that situation?” He said, “Yes, but only work on the physical body. If I’m being recalled, do not touch that. And that is when I understood the actual seriousness of the situation. I started to panic. I remembered the scene I saw with the saints all together around them; I understood that it was a ritual of transition for exiting the body. Those rituals were for that purpose, not to heal his physical body. That is when I freaked out. I sat again to tap into this situation. I knew he said not to touch anything else, only to work on the physical body.

Then I understood and thought, “Oh my God, if they recall him, they’re not going to listen to us, and we are not allowed to interfere.” I thought maybe if we pray, that is how we can affect the situation. So I contacted the other members of the MTM group, and I asked them to all get together and witness what was happening and to pray. I thought they would not listen to me, but if more of us pray that he stays, perhaps they will be compassionate about this. Suddenly, some of these saints seemed so strict to me. I thought there would be no negotiation about it when they made their decision. That is when reality actually hit me. I understood what he meant when he said that his body belongs to the Tradition. Once they decide to recall him, it is going to happen. I mean, we cannot do anything about it. I felt totally helpless in that situation.

That is when I understood how selfish I am to think about myself in that situation, whether I am ready or not for his leaving. I could see that the entire Tradition was not really happy about how we treated Mohanji. I started to feel sad about how much we take his presence on Earth for granted. I mean, having a saint of such stature who can sit anywhere else in the universe and be of help and in service, and he’s sitting with us, and we are taking his time for granted, we are taking his presence for granted.

While witnessing that, I was still on the messages with him. I shared the feeling, and he sent me a heart. I was thinking again about how selfish I am. He was in ICU, waiting for the examination of his heart, and he was comforting me about the possibility of losing him. I mean, what a paradox.

When I saw his physical body during the session, in the second part, I saw that the heart was swollen, and one of the arteries had some leakage. And I could see that it is very seriously possible to have a fatal outcome. Again, I saw the saints sitting around. Some negotiation happened. I couldn’t understand everything, but I understood that some suggested that he leaves, and some suggested staying. Later on, Mohanji explained that some of them offered him to take another birth and live a short life, like up to 30 years and then exit.

Even in the first session the previous evening, I could see that they took him somewhere; I couldn’t see where, but he was happy. They allowed the heart issue to stay so they could call him back at any time.

The next day, when I looked at the situation again, when negotiations were happening, I could see that the possibility of him leaving was still open. So that is when I started to pray and pray more, and the MTM group prayed for him. At some point, I saw all of them leaving, and Mohanji’s physical form remained there.

At the same time, simultaneously, we were on messages. I told him that they all left and, “It seems like you’re stuck with us.” And that message didn’t reach him. WhatsApp said that it was sent but not received. That is when my mind started to get more and more active. I thought of the story he told us so many times about the guru whose disciples took him for granted, and at some point, he left his body. When he was on the way to the hospital, the Guru was still speaking to all the nurses and his disciples who were there. When they came to the hospital, they said he had died an hour ago. His last lesson for his disciples was proof of his stature, where he talked to them while he was dead.

That is when my mind started to think, “Oh, my God, what if he is actually dead, and he’s messaging me?” Because I knew anything was possible. I was restless until he received my message. I said, “Okay, luckily, we got out of it this time, but this can happen at any point.”

A few days after that, when Mohanji came to Novi Sad, I visited him with Barbara and Monika. He was so calm and happy as always. He was not affected by the situation at all. The second time when I did this session, I could physically feel his pain, the pressure on the chest area. Even now, whenever I talk about him in that sense, I can feel this pressure and pain. I’m amazed how he was not affected, not even a little.

When he was in the hospital, my mother asked me how I was and whether I was well. I realised I had completely forgotten that the previous day when he had an accident, during the day, not in the evening, I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my heart, and I could not breathe for a few minutes, and my arms were totally numb. Only when she asked me how I was I understood that it was kind of a premonition where I could feel that something was going to happen. But I totally forgot. 

When I saw him in Novi Sad, Mohanji told me, “People who are deeply connected would feel when I’m leaving.” Then I also remembered that 4-5 years back, I saw the vision of him leaving the body in 2022. I know that we got out of it this time. We had the grace from the Tradition that he stays a bit longer, but I’m also fully aware that they can withdraw him at any time. When we spoke, I told him that we were not ready for his leaving, and he said, “What not ready? Circumstances make you ready. Whatever happens to my physical body, do not slow down, and do not stop the work. Just keep going, keep doing your work.”

I understood how much I was attached to his physical form even though I communicate with him telepathically mostly. Even though I know that he will be even more accessible to us when he leaves the body, I can still feel the sorrow regarding his leaving. I hope that we will all take this as a wake-up call, as a warning that he might leave without further announcement, and that we need to take his presence on Earth with deep gratitude.

I now understand that every breath that we take is a blessing. But every breath we take, having Mohanji around physically, is a pure grace of Tradition. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity to walk with him, contribute to the platforms he established, and witness what he does for the entire world.

Even during this situation, he had tremendous physical pain but no suffering. And he had no distractions during pain. He was constantly working like nothing ever happened. And that is a true inspiration for me, always to see how selfless he is, how he constantly serves, without any expectations, without a need for gratification and for applause, just selflessly serving this world, as long as he lives. I really hope that he will stay with us long, but if he decides to leave or the Tradition decides to withdraw him, I am ever grateful to have this opportunity to be in his life. I also know that his mission and work will continue through all of us, and he will be available and guiding us even then.

Pain and Suffering – Part 1

Pain and Suffering – Part 2


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Deep desire fulfilled

By Supreet Bedi, Canada

I have been Sai Baba’s devotee for a good 21 years. My journey with Sai Baba started from Sathya Sai Baba. I was very young at that time and didn’t understand what the Tradition had blessed me with. Although I was with a living Master, I didn’t put that much effort into my relationship with my Master. Before I understood Baba’s stature, he left his mortal coil. 

With Mohanji in my life, I felt it was a second chance given to me. People used to travel from far places to see Sathya Sai Baba. While I was in India at that time, I didn’t put in the effort to go and see him. I did not understand why living Masters are so important. 

One day, sitting in my temple, I talked to Mohanji, and I said to him, “Mohanji, when you come to Canada, please come to our house and stay with us. I know you always say that there should be no expectations from Guru. This is my desire, but I am happy with whatever you decide. I have wasted the opportunity with Sathya Sai Baba, and I want to use this chance given to me with you to learn and grow.” 

After this conversation with him in the morning, I received a call from Sanjay bhaiya in the afternoon stating that he feels I should have Mohanji’s Padukas! Mohanji partially fulfilled my desire that day itself. Having Mohanji’s Padukas means having Mohanji in our house, living with us.

In August 2021, Mohanji came into my dream, and it seemed like he was in Canada while I, along with a few other people, were talking to him. All of a sudden, Mohanji said, “Let’s go to the Conestoga mall!” I replied, “Mohanji, I’m not sure if they’re open right now because the timings after Covid have become really short.” My dream ended there.

When I woke up, I realized the significance of the words “Conestoga mall” was to tell me that he is in the same city where I live. At that moment, I still hadn’t caught the real meaning. I thought he was telling me that he would come to Canada soon. Time passed, and finally, in March 2022, Mohanji came to Canada. I couldn’t even imagine that he would come to our home as the trip to Canada was very short. Yet, he proved me wrong by letting me know that he would come to our house. I was again in tears of gratitude and thanked Mohanji for his kindness. 

Mohanji had to go to British Columbia (B.C.) for a few days, so Mahesh bhai said that he was not sure when Mohanji would be able to come but perhaps, on 23rd March. I have a habit of asking Baba’s answers through little chits. Just to know when Mohanji was going to come, I made a few chits and placed them at Baba’s feet. The answer was 29th March. I did all the preparation for 23rd March but told my husband that Mohanji would not come that day. He will definitely come on the 29th. Later that day, Mahesh bhai explained how coming that day would not be possible and it would materialize only after Mohanji came back from B.C.

As I needed to arrange a day off from work, I asked Mahesh bhai when he thought Mohanji’s visit would be feasible. Mahesh bhai said he is not yet sure as Mohanji was unwell. I replied to him by asking him to convey to Mohanji not to worry about coming to our place as his health is more important, and I am very happy and content; he has already showered immense love on me.  

Mahesh bhai and I agreed that Mohanji would not come to our house. In the afternoon, Mahesh bhai called and said, Mohanji did not agree to it. He says I will go to her house; I will keep my promise; she has been praying for this for so long! So, the visit materialized on 29th March, just a day before Mohanji went to the USA. Although the visit was short, he fulfilled all my wishes and gave me immense contentment! I can never pay the debt of his infinite love.

Thank you, my Mohanji, for everything! Thank you for holding all your children so close to you! Koti koti pranams at your lotus feet.

Acceptance through dreams

I got connected with Mohanji in mid-2020, but I still had my tests through situations and dreams. Finally, I got accepted. I remember it was 20th June 2021 when I had an early morning dream. In that dream, I saw myself along with my younger daughter at a beach-like place. There was sand and water, along with some curtains with flowers in an open space. The wind was also blowing. It felt as if it was some kind of retreat, a dream of some sort of a festival. I saw Mohanji, and he allowed me to touch his feet. At the festival, I also saw Preethi Gopalarathnam (Mohanji Acharya from India). 

The dream ended here. I didn’t catch the significance. The same day, I came across a blog in which it was mentioned that touching Mohanji’s feet is a sign of his blessing and grace. At this point, there was no announcement of any festival. On 23rd July, a festival happened, to be precise, it was the “Festival of Consciousness.” It happened within 15 days of my dream, and guess what? Preethi had also travelled from India to Europe to attend the festival. Mohanji showed me this place to confirm that the dream was not just a dream but the truth. 

Thank you, Mohanji, for accepting me as your child. I will always be very, very grateful to you for your love, kindness, and compassion for all your children. You leave none longing for your love! Koti, koti pranams at your lotus feet.

Festival of Consciousness 2022 – Coming soon!


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Linda Abrol, Netherlands

Beyond boundaries

At times, my non-confirmative, all-encompassing Parabrahma, Jesus, Buddha, Dattatreya-Mohanji reflects my Guru Swami Gopal Baba’s words or behavior from the time Swami was still amongst us in physical form. 

One night in November 2018 in Bombay, we eagerly expected Swami Gopal Baba to arrive at a devotees’ residence where we were invited. We had formed a line in the driveway of the house while waiting for His car to arrive. It so happened that the car door opened right in front of me, so it was on me that Swami’s first glance rested. He smiled delightedly, and with a sense of both surprise and confirmation, He said: ‘Linda! You have come!?’ He must have known that it had been crazy timing. 

We were in the midst of an incredible move, shifting houses, county and profession, all at once. We were in the process of opening an Indian vegetarian/vegan restaurant in the centre of Alkmaar. After more than thirty years in fashion development and sales, this was very exciting. But I was a hundred per cent sure that my longing to meet Swami was pure and would be supported. 

My trip fell exactly on the days that we had to wait for the Indian chefs to arrive after we finished the refurbishing and furnishing of the restaurant. I had booked the flight at an earlier stage, but the timing couldn’t have been better! Which was surely the Masters’ grace. So, both my readiness and willingness to come and the Masters’ miraculous timing made this memorial visit possible.

Something similar happened, but this time with Mohanji, during our recent journey to London. Parvati and I decided to travel together and booked our tickets for the event on March 14th 2022. We were planning to arrive on March 12th and depart on the 15th. At one point, Parvati found out that she had a very important appointment on the morning of the 15th, which couldn’t be delayed. But flying back after the event in the middle of the night would certainly trigger my migraine. 

I decided that I couldn’t join Parvati without forcing myself, so I cancelled my ticket for the event. We would have to book an event ticket, three corona tests, a taxi, return flight tickets, and probably a hotel, all for a one-day event that could be followed online. Although I was longing to meet Mohanji and be in his presence, my frail health condition made it an impossible, crazy and far too expensive move. This actually was the limited mind concept. 

However, the warm and kind U.K. Team members assured us that we most probably would be accommodated in a devotee’s house, and Priti suggested to expect a miracle, which I did. Why not? It was an amazing suggestion. I told Mohanji inwardly that I would love to see him again. Without asking anything, I simply opened my being to the possibility of a beautiful weekend in which all went smoothly, and then I let go. 

Parvati called right after my inner communication to tell me that she had found a possibility to travel in the afternoon of the fifteenth! I rebooked my event ticket, and we started searching for flight tickets. I had bad flu and could hardly concentrate, so we happened to make the booking one day late for a refund possibility in case of a positive corona test. KLM cancelled that possibility after March 2nd. If I got a positive test before our flight ten days later, my ticket would be wasted, and Parvati would be on her own. Nothing could be changed now, so we surrendered. We had to give it a chance. 

On arrival in the house (better described as a mansion or estate) of our warm and welcoming hosts, Yamini and Vivek, we heard the exciting news that Mohanji was expected that very evening. The program was still unknown. No one knew what to expect. Parvati and I didn’t even know if we were allowed to be part of the event, but we were happy to share in the entire household’s high energy frequency and buzz. We were thrilled when we heard we could join the program. 

Waiting in the entrance hall for Mohanji to step in, he first received a loving welcome from Yamini with aarati. Passing by me, Mohanji looked in my eyes with the same loving, surprised and confirming look that Swami Gopal Baba had given me in Bombay a few years earlier. He said, ‘Oh, you have come!’ Proving once again that for a Master of the Nath Tradition there are no boundaries anywhere at all times.

Rise from love 

Being in London, I noticed myself criticizing my every word and move. Insecurity came up. But I didn’t make it bigger by criticizing my inner critic. I watched it. In the morning, during my meditation, I surrendered and relaxed in the midst of the physical tension and stress that my inner critic caused. I felt as if Mohanji was consoling my inner child, and I simply let my head rest on His shoulder. I clearly heard Him say kindly: ‘Rise from Love.’

How simple, loving, and to the point were these words? Isn’t that what we should do, being kind? Let love be the foundation from which we can start to build? Any other foundation would be

 the cause for buildings to collapse in time. Especially the love for ourselves is the best starting point. Letting love in, I could raise my frequency from there instantly. 

Which reminded me of an incident in which Mohanji had told me (inside), ‘I will give you so much love that you will forget everything else.’

A divine guest at the table

On the 13th, again, another surprise awaited us. We were invited to come and visit the Shri Ram Mandir in London. Mohanji offered gorgeous gifts and Arathi to the Sri Jaganath deities. 

The next story requires a little intro. A few weeks ago, I had a dream. I was sitting at a long dining table. A very casual one. With Mohanji by my side. No words were spoken. Ever since then, I have offered a part of my food to Mohanji as if he is sitting at my table. It’s a reminder for me to eat more consciously, for my body is very sensitive and doesn’t like to digest everything I like eating. 

Now I will shift to the reality in the Sri Ram Mandir. Parvati and I went to the dining hall for our lunch. Mohanji was coming out of the hall. We presumed He had blessed the food and would eat in a quiet room. We took a plate, searched for an empty place to sit, and found out that the big table was the only place with empty spaces. After taking our places, Mohanji stepped into the hall and took the seat right in front of me. We immediately stood up and took our plates from the table to make room for his P.A.’s and the members of his party. 

Mohanji smiled and motioned us to stay seated. We dropped back in our seats and were flabbergasted. I didn’t know what to say or do, so I focused on conscious eating and left Mohanji to eat in peace. With Mohanji sitting so close to us, remembering was a conscious practice. After lunch, I ventured, saying, ‘Mohanji, just a few weeks ago. I dreamt that you were sitting with me at a long dining table.’ Mohanji smiled and said: ‘It was not a dream!’ which left me in awe. How many unexpected blessings can one digest? 

Wishes fulfilled

On the 14th, we attended the event in the Kensington Hotel in London. Mohanji graciously consented to individual and group pictures with everyone present. After the group picture with the entire U.K. team and all participants, including the Skanda Vale Swamis and Sisters, we waited in a row for our turn. Parvati saw Mohanji standing quite straight and not touching anyone in the beginning. She smiled mischievously and said, “We are not going to let him get away with this, are we?” “No,” I answered and smiled. “We will nicely snuggle up.” We giggled like small children. Which we were. Our inner child still needs to be healed.

When I approached Mohanji, He immediately opened his arms and wrapped his left arm around me, and I naturally let my head rest on his shoulder, feeling loved and safe, just like in my meditation. ‘Rise from love’ became very tangible. I heard somebody say that day: Mohanji fulfils everybody’s deepest desires. This is true. And I can add, he fulfils more than I can even think of. Better to stop thinking at all and enjoy in awe and gratitude. 

Now, if you think that my mind had subsided to a higher truth, the truth of self-acceptance, I must disappoint you. A sequel to the ‘picture story’ started right after the picture-taking procedure. My monkey mind started making comments. Old trauma caused turbulence in my body. Where I had felt so elated, so high in energy frequency (which is shown in the result of the pictures that Tea kindly sent to me) during the picture-taking procedure, after the session, my mind tried to drag me down, mentioning all the things that I should or shouldn’t have done. I especially shouldn’t have taken the freedom to lay my head on his shoulder. Mohanji would surely disapprove of it. And I could definitely tell that from the look on his face. I witnessed my mind, did my best to not believe a thing and didn’t succeed very well. 

I knew already that I judged myself at times but was not aware that such an explosion of insecure feelings was possible. This weekend really showed me lots of it. It must have been the high energy of the Master, shining brightly on the greyness of the lower frequency thoughts and feelings. When I sent the picture to Sita, I received her comment immediately. She didn’t know what my mind was trying to make me believe about it. She wrote, ‘I love the look on Mohanji’s face. So spacious. The universe in his eyes,’ which made me fully aware that only my mind was churning. 

This morning, I woke up with the inner message: ‘Heaven laid his head on my shoulder.’ I smiled. The remaining gloominess concerning the picture left me instantly, even though I didn’t fully understand the words. 

But the mere sound of it was so wonderful! Later in the day, I started to understand a bit of the meaning of this amazing message. Mohanji is definitely far too busy experiencing bliss and focussing on purpose to think about Linda’s do’s and don’ts. For Mohanji, most certainly, there isn’t even such a thing as a person called Mohanji and another one called Linda. There is only heaven. So, whoever lays their head on his shoulder, it is all heaven. Inside, outside, everywhere, nowhere. And this is what I am. We are. 

Narayan Kaur posted this beautiful text on F.B. later on the same day:

“Avadhootas have deleted their internal and external world. There is only bliss. They become just a presence.” Mohanji


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Everything is always exactly as it should be

By: Jelena Raicevic, Serbia

Translated by: Maja Otovic

I have witnessed many miracles since Mohanji came into my life, and especially since I took his hand and learned to feel that grip in all the turbulences of life. And just when I think that nothing can surprise me, something stronger than ever shakes me and triggers an avalanche of emotions in me, blurs the senses and stirs the mind. These storms are now very brief and quite intensive. Like electroshocks, they reset the system and further sharpen the receptors for information coming from space outside my mental body (mind, intellect and ego). 

One such electroshock was a retreat in Divcibare in 2021. Unlike the previous retreats that had their introduction, culmination and conclusion, this one was without rules, completely unpredictable, and the conclusion it left was very difficult for me to accept. Namely, it was the moment when Mohanji let me know that I should detach myself from the attachment to his physical being and sharpen telepathic communication because any communication with him in the physical body was slowing down my telepathic connection. I knew that moment would come one day, but I assumed that I would be completely ready for it when it did. And in my estimation, that was definitely not the spring of 2021, but it was so, according to Mohanji. 

After the retreat, my husband and I returned to Belgrade. I was supposed to start working, but my suffering for the above mentioned and the powerful processes that began in the retreat were not allowing me to do so. I stayed at home for a few more days in order for the emotions to settle down, and they were the most diverse emotions indeed. Some of them were so foreign to me on the conscious plane and were hard to accept, but as the resistance was becoming stronger, so did the suffering. I had no other choice but to slowly surrender and accept with great faith that, in the end, it was the best possible scenario for me. And as time worked wonders, peace, understanding, and my daily routine were slowly returning to my life.

Through social media, I found out that Mohanji stayed longer in Belgrade, and I felt occasional bursts of happiness because we were in the same city. Once, as I was going through the pictures of the Mohanji family on FB, a thought went through my head, “If I could only cast a glance at you before you leave!” The thought was still flowing when I heard Mohanji’s voice, “I’ll see you tonight!”

I looked at the clock. It was around 17h, and my husband and I were supposed to get ready for the meditation scheduled for 18:15h at the Lotus Yoga Center. After that, we had agreed with our best friends to take a stroll around Zemun because the evenings at the beginning of June were wonderful. And it was our wedding anniversary that day.

Um… it’s not that I didn’t believe the voice that I heard, but the logic said: what are the odds that you will run into your Guru in a city of two million in the late evening hours!? You have to agree, not very big. So, I quickly suppressed that voice, considering it an echo of my desire, and proceeded with my plan for the evening. 

And the evening went according to plan. Optimal temperature, dusk, Danube, Zemun promenade, all this dispelled the fear of the corona and drove people outside, so Zemun really looked magnificent. It reminded me of my first encounter with this small town, back in the 90s, when, also one June evening, it dispelled the fear and horror of the wars in the Balkans with its beauty, and I thought: “I want to live here! This is my spot…”

Sunset had already passed when someone suggested that we could have a drink, “Let’s go up to Gardos, in the pizzeria Taurunum, because of the beautiful view of the Danube!” We all agreed that we could walk to it, and if we were lucky enough to find a place for so many of us, then great.

My friend and I were a little behind the rest of the company that had already arrived and entered the restaurant. The two of us were standing in front of the restaurant and talking about something when my best friend ran out visibly emotional and said, “You can never guess who is here!” She paused for a moment and added, “Mohanji!”

I remembered the beginning of the evening and the words, “I’ll see you tonight!” My heart started pounding like crazy. You know that moment when everything stops. When time, space, mind, intellect freeze, only you exist. I walked into the restaurant and saw a large table filled with a diverse group of Mohanji family, observing this strange encounter visibly happy and surprised. I felt the energy of Mohanji’s presence, so familiar to me that seems to thicken the air in the room.

Mohanji himself stood at the table and asked with a wide smile, “Well, how is it possible that we met?” In my excitement, the only thing I could say was, “I knew it,” and to hug him, infinitely grateful for this timeless experience. He asked, “Did you!?” But those words were unnecessary and superfluous. All the most important things took place on another level where everything is clear, where there is no doubt and probability theory, where a strong, sincere desire of a pure heart is realized at the speed of light.

After greeting and taking pictures, we parted, and my companions and I sat down at the nearby free table. I tried to get involved in the conversation that was going on, but it wasn’t easy. I looked over my shoulder several times in the direction of the Mohanji family table to see if it all really happened. Yes, they were there! Then I looked at the tables around the restaurant. People were sitting and talking casually, with no idea that they were in the field of someone who transcended the boundaries of everything they knew. Someone who changes your life, even if you only lightly touch as you pass by each other.

I turned towards my husband; we looked at each other and laughed at the same time: “If these people only knew…!”


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Lessons Living with Mohanji – Days 89 & 90

By Christopher Greenwood

Day 89 Lesson – Smashing of subtle expectations

We’re now back in Bangalore. The whole month has been incredibly busy, really intense and hectic with travel plans. We travelled many hours between the temples and locations on the most recent trip. I think we were probably on the bus one day, maybe for 11 hours altogether. 

But despite all this, I’m amazed to observe Mohanji because there’s no rest. The pace continued as soon as we arrived back, with people meeting him, calls, messages, other work, organising all the activities for the land building in Ganeshpuri and other places. He’s tireless, whereas I felt tired from this travel. Now, settling back into a routine after the trips, it’s coming back to some familiarity. 

I have to say that travelling with Mohanji was a real shakeup for me. I knew it would be busy; I knew it would be quite fast-paced and hectic. But it was a realisation for me of all the subtle expectations that I have in day-to-day life, which I hadn’t considered before. Usually, when I think of expectations, it’s the big things; trying to have a job, have a position, live in a particular location, maybe being treated a certain way by people. Those are the most obvious things. 

But I’ve realised, from what it was like during the travel, that it was very difficult to continue work and progress with some of the activities during travel. I had a lot of expectations of the mind, which I wasn’t aware of. Even things like waking up at a certain time or sleeping at a certain time, having a certain drink, or all the things we take as comforts in our day-to-day lives. Once they’re taken away, it’s a complete shakeup. 

Here in Bangalore, the routine is generally settled; it has a fast pace, there are definitely all the activities which we’re doing, but there’s a structure. For example, I have some time set aside for this, even recording this message. So, I can move things around quite well if I need to. But when I was travelling, there were some days when I really had to be aware of the time. 

Mohanji’s operating philosophy, and how we work in the office, is “no postponement, no delay, it’s now”. This was taken to an extreme level. For example, I would have 10 minutes to get myself ready, arrange all my things, pack my bags, helping Mohanji, make sure he was ready to go, and ensure that everything was ready for the morning ahead. Even if I thought I had those 10 minutes just to take a bit of a break – if I didn’t use that well too (for example, to record this message), then later it could be a few hours. I would have to scramble to try and find a quiet place or set aside some time as we were travelling and meeting people to record it. 

So it was an intense version of making the most of the time, being flexible, doing what you have to do now. All of that disrupted the expectations, which I didn’t even know existed. Even food, sleeping, it all shifted, and there was very little sleep. That learning or the practical experience of anchoring and stabilising during all that turbulence has been learned from this trip. 

But looking at Mohanji, and I know I can’t compare, but just looking at how he operates – he never shifted. He was stable as ever, as when he was in Bangalore. In fact, he sped up in some ways because there were more activities, the dynamism of the day, new people to meet, suggestions to go on certain trips, and things like that. Incredibly dynamic, and no tiredness, no lethargy. After those long days, I could feel tiredness coming in, but for Mohanji, there was none, regardless of time, activities, or the number of people he was meeting. He gave the same presence, and he consistently gave the same presence.

On Sunday, we travelled back from the land in Chikmagalur, which we went to visit. This is where the exclusive centre for serious sadhana will be. And before that, it had been full days of travelling; sometimes 6-10 hours a day travelling between these temples because they are very far apart. Mohanji is always up in the early morning and finishes late. Everything continues: calls continue, work continues, the daily 4 am Club messages continues.

So, on Sunday, even though we had travelled six hours, he had a satsang planned for the evening. We set aside some time to account for traffic and to come back home, get some rest, and then do the satsang. But there wasn’t time; there were traffic delays. We had to stop somewhere at a restaurant on the way and set things up to do the satsang there. Mohanji also continued giving a talk to the volunteers of Ammucare afterwards. But again, there was no tiredness. 

There’s a subtle difference now, which I’ve noticed spending time with Mohanji. For me, this gives insight into the bigger dimension of Mohanji and his operating stature. Because I’ve never actually heard him say, “I’m tired.” The only thing he has ever said is, “I feel fatigued; I have fatigue in the body.” Though that was a small thing, it’s a massive difference when I’m thinking about it now and having this thought thinking about all these subtle expectations that I have. 

Because going through the Bootcamp and learning more from Mohanji’s teachings, those expectations are always in mind, at the mind level. Then, if that’s where I’m operating from, the expectations are being challenged, crushed, and this tiredness is there. Then when there is no mind, there is probably no tiredness. 

So that’s why he says, “I feel fatigued”, because the body obviously takes on from the journey, from the travel on bumpy and winding roads, and things like this. It’s a very subtle difference that I was contemplating this morning. He never says “I’m tired” or “I feel tired”. It’s only: “I feel fatigued.” 

The lesson emerging for me is how to develop that flexibility in all situations so that the purpose, activities, and everything else continues, as per the flow of life, as per the flow of and the day, the hours and the changes that happen within life. That’s one of the key things for the year 2021 – flexibility, along with stability and friendships. 

Day 90 Lesson – Cultivating Gratitude

Yesterday evening, I was thinking about gratitude and how it needs to be cultivated. Because I find that as life is moving, and events are speeding up, there’s real intensity in pace, and certain routines are settling in, it can be easy for me to lose sight of all the things that I have to be grateful for. So, gratitude in itself is a practice, and I’m recognising that it requires nurturing. 

I’m working towards cultivating a deeper attitude of gratefulness so that it becomes natural and free-flowing. It’s interesting; I thought of this yesterday, and Mohanji’s quote for today is on gratitude, so it fits well for the morning message. The quote says, “If our attitude towards life is gratitude, we will have lesser expectations and disappointments. Life will be relatively peaceful. Attitude matters.” I think it’s a nice quote for today. 

Being with Mohanji and being connected to him, I have recognised many things in my life to be grateful for. Also, I feel it’s the same for others because I know from spending time with him how he takes on a lot from people he meets and who are connected to him. 

I’d read before in books that true living Masters can take on the troubles of others. They even reduce the karmic weight of people by taking it on themselves. And they burn this somehow. So, let’s say, for example, if you had 100 lifetimes to live, coming into proximity of a Master, they could reduce this to, say, 50 lifetimes. 

Also, the weight and the intensity of life can be reduced. No way can there be smooth sailing in life, but what can happen is that they reduce the intensity. I feel this is the same as what Mohanji does. I say that because being with him every day, I see the changes in his body, especially between the times before and after he meets with people. His feet can swell to maybe double the size, rashes develop on his skin, and his stomach especially can grow to maybe three times the size of what it usually is. This is quite a problem when he’s in a formal dress because everything will fit well at the start of the satsang, and it will really be tight towards the end. It is a noticeable change. 

Also, back in October, when there was a planetary shift, immediately when it happened, Mohanji took a hit to his foot, and he was bedridden for three months. I can’t explain what it was like to witness because it was a night and day shift. The day before we were playing badminton, he was walking around. Then the next day, he had been up all night with severe pain, tremendous pain – his whole leg would be shaking. Even if the bedsheet gently brushed against the side of his little toe, it’d be excruciating. 

Mohanji quote - I am grateful | Mohanji Quotes | Flickr

He wasn’t suffering, but you could tell that the physical body had severe pain and couldn’t move. It was a real insight for me into how that could happen. And although I can’t see what’s happening, I can put together the events and recognise that he’s doing much more for people than we can actually see. And for the most part, as well, people don’t even know. They’ll probably experience it in their lives, but they don’t see how he’s working or the effects that are happening on his physical body. 

I’m sharing this not because Mohanji wants this to be known. He hasn’t even spoken to me about what’s actually happening. When I see all this, and also hear stories of the ungratefulness that’s happened throughout Mohanji’s life (when people had turned against him, scandalised him even when they had significant life changes for the positive), it’s a reminder of how easy it can be for people to lose sight of what’s been done for them. The simplest recognition we can have is to remain with the attitude of gratitude. 

There is one example that sticks in my mind. It is about a divorced lady. She was interested in what will happen in her future. Hence, the astrologer told her that she would meet a man sometime soon, she’d get married, and it would be five years of terrible suffering because he wouldn’t be what he seemed to be, and it’d be too late once the relationship starts. 

She actually met this person, and she spoke to Mohanji about what the astrologer said. Mohanji said, “Okay, I’ll see what I can do.” She didn’t get married to this man, but they lived together for five weeks. And apparently, it was tremendous suffering; there was severe abuse, all kinds of really bad things happening there. So, she ran away. 

Then she came back to Mohanji and said that it was terrible. Mohanji told her to go back and speak to the astrologer and check the status with him. She went back, and the astrologer said, “By this time, you should have been married and existing with terrible suffering.” She replied that she experienced it all, but it lasted for five weeks instead of five years. 

Sometime later, this lady went against Mohanji for something else he didn’t even know about. I think he might have been blamed for another situation in some of her relationships. Even though he did so much for her, she still showed ungratefulness or the expectation that her whole life should be smooth. This caused her to leave Mohanji and show this real sense of ingratitude. 

That’s the message for today – remembrance of seeking to cultivate and nurture gratitude.


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Empowered 2.0 – Part 3

Subhasree Thottungal, UK

I would like to share my experience with the Empowered program today (day 5). Every day, as I coordinate the session and lead the practice of techniques, I remain composed, stay in my body awareness so that I can be aware of the needs and requests of the participants. But today, while leading the Pause Technique practice, I went into the mode too. I would cherish this as it was Mohanji who allowed me to experience what I experienced during this practice today.

Bowing down to my Guru, I would like to share this with you all. As we were at the peak of the practice, pausing at the heart centre, visualising our Guru meditating, like every day, for me, it was the vision of Mohanji meditating inside a cave that was constantly in my vision. 

At one point, suddenly, Mohanji resembled Shiva and the mantra “Karpura Gauram” – the powerful Shiva mantra, started to ring in there. I visualised that I was chanting this mantra, kneeling down in front of Mohanji. Every word and every line of this mantra that describes Shiva fit so aptly to Mohanji. Shiva and Mohanji were one! And I was chanting this mantra to Mohanji.

I would like to explain to you about the mantra and the meaning and how it resembles Mohanji, in my eyes, my heart, my consciousness.

Uncategorized – Page 35 – Experiences With Mohanji

1. Karpūragauraṁ karuṇāvatāraṁ

a. Meaning of the mantra: Lord Shiva, who is pure white like camphor, an incarnation of compassion

b. My feelings of Mohanji: This brings the picture of Mohanji filled with vibhuti (ashes) that erupted from his crown chakra, and of course Mohanji, the incarnation of compassion.

2. Sansārsāram bhujagendrahāram 

a. Meaning of mantra: The essence of worldly existence, whose garland is the king of serpents.

b. My feelings of Mohanji: Mohanji is the essence of my existence, with the Rudraksh malas on his neck that resembles the king of serpents.

3. Sadāvasantaṁ hṛdayāravinde

a. Meaning of the mantra: Always dwelling inside the lotus of the heart.

b. My feelings of Mohanji: Mohanji, who sits in the lotus of my heart.

4. Bhavaṁ bhavānīsahitaṁ namāmi

a. Meaning of the mantra: I Bow to Shiva and Shakti together.

b. My feelings of Mohanji: I bow to Mohanji who is the form of Shiva and Shakti together.

With such resemblance of the mantra with the image of Mohanji in my heart, I was deeply merged into the oneness and hence as we were about to complete the practice, I couldn’t resist but to chant the mantra out loud that was ringing in my heart.

This mantra always brings me this experience of oneness with Mohanji and takes me to a different level of devotion. Today was very special as this happened during the Pause technique, where I was in the bliss state of perpetual happiness of being one with the Supreme Consciousness – Para Brahma, Mohanji.

Thank you Mohanji, the gratitude is beyond any words I can use to express myself. All I can say is that my true heaven lies at your feet; my perpetual happiness is in belonging and in the oneness with you.

Koti pranams at your lotus feet, Mohanji.

By Jolanda Klaassen, Netherlands

Last August, I participated in Empowered 1.0. It was a lifeline I grabbed. Being an Empowerment Coach for over 16 years, I ended up in a relationship where I suffered intense domestic violence. My beloved partner had changed into a verbal and physical aggressor that robbed me of all my strength and sanity. My love for him, my expectations and desires, the inner needs I wanted him to fulfil, my wish to heal him, to analyze the situation rather than end it, had made me vulnerable and dependent – me, the free spirit that came into this world for a higher course.

For more than 47 years, I had been walking on Yeshua Ben Josef’s way. The Christened Path, that of Oneness Consciousness, brotherhood and sisterhood, that of compassion and forgiveness, that of unconditional love. But I got mixed up in the interpretations. Unconditional love wasn’t meant to be self-destructive. I went too far in my selfless service to others. I followed other people’s concepts, wishes, demands, requests, and plans too far. I still wanted to fit in somewhere. It was quite lonely on top of the mountain at times.

I kept on trying to co-create with others, giving in on authenticity, strength, power and wisdom. Holding back, not to see others feel themselves small or insignificant. Clinging on to my own comfort zones. Leaning on others when times got rough instead of picking up my own responsibilities and correcting what I had malformed. I had copied my mom, feared my dad in every man, pleased partners, followed teachers with a consciousness I had overgrown; I lost myself in all those patterns.

It was time to go back to the basics; to my own pure nature, to unconditional self-love, faith and total surrender to the Divine.

And then Mohanji stepped back into my life. A physical form of the Master that had tested me through hell and back for many rounds. That in itself was EMPOWERMENT in capitals. It meant I had passed so far. My embodiment had reached an advanced stage; I was made ready for the next level of delivery.

What an example Source gave me! Each thought, word, and action inspires and uplifts me. Concepts I broke my head upon are clear in just witnessing him. Every question I had was answered in 1.0

I freed myself from the fear of losing. The fear of losing my relationship, my dreams, the future plans we had made, the house I couldn’t pay by myself, my health that was going down by the day. And I let it all go. All! All the fears and anxieties, all my worries…. no more panic. Back to faith! Forward to freedom!

Empowered 2.0 started. I was still in the midst of resetting my life. Not even capable of attending all of the life sessions, in which I used to experience that Mohanji would sit there just for me like he’d do a personal coaching session. All my answers were once more answered. All essential topics discussed.

Within three months, I am totally free of all burdens. Okay, I might lose my house, my bank account is empty, my future is unknown. It feels like freedom, like an open book full of endless potential. No inner need to claim or direct the energies. No desire to steer the wheel. In full acknowledgement of all that is and all that I am, I am in peaceful silence and surrender. Okay, my body, due to its density, is a bit slower than the rest and doesn’t know it yet -that I am whole for the first time in my life, in every meaning of the word. I was landed, rooted, active, aware and delivering.

Now let my real life begin!

The gratitude I feel for The Path, for all Masters that have walked the Path before me, for all those who will follow, for our beloved Brahmarishi Mohanji and the beautiful, loving family of Light around him, for each and every aspect of life and above all for Being Me, the one who was capable of recognizing it all, of surrendering, of being humble and free of ego, being bold, brave and rebellious, swimming against the stream, taking blows, bending under the forces of hurricanes and thunderstorms, holding on, going forward, no matter what, remaining pure, remaining love because he was holding my hand all along.

How precious will life become in springtime after seeding so much love and wisdom? Looking forward to round 3!

Jai Mohanji. Thank YOU.

My rock and pillar of light.

My sublime mirror and universal Master.

My beloved brother, my muse, my way-shower.

The only man I’m willing to share with the whole world because God, does he enrich it!

Mohanji, loving you all-encompassing & endlessly.



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My first brush with Mohanji


By Vesna Misic, Serbia

My beloved ones, this post will be different from the previous ones. Today, I will tell you how I met Mohanji. It was in 2016, in my hometown, Pozarevac (a small town in Serbia). About a year before that, I heard about Mohanji, clicked on his name on the internet without feeling anything special, and that was it. I did not investigate more deeply about who that man was, even after the decision to go to a satsang. I guess it was because I had to be completely unprepared, empty, with no ideas and expectations of him. The very me of that very moment.

mohanji hand

And what was I like at that moment? A 48-year-old woman who had only two things on her mind: one – to raise her child, and two – to raise herself in a spiritual sense. I felt that I did not need a God or a Guru, so I searched on my own with the help of books, workshops and lectures on spiritual topics. At first, God did not agree with that because he ‘had’ me working in a church store. The priest was my school friend and it was the only place where I could earn money as a single mother with a small child who often got ill.

Working in the church, I established a relationship with Jesus in my forties. I consider it one of the most important events in my life. It was completely transformative. However, as a woman from the ‘western world’ and not at all traditional, I was often in situations that caused me resentment, especially because I was directly subordinated to the priest, so I used to say: “For God’s sake, is he a priest, or a pasha?” (Pasha – a government official during the Ottoman Empire. In the Serbian language – by the way, the Serbs were under the Turks for five hundred years – it is a synonym for a man who is powerful, arrogant and authoritative).

If I had researched who Mohanji was, I might have realized that he is a character and a soul I had seen in my regression therapy three years earlier (a fascinating experience, but it didn’t clarify anything to me about my life so far. It just showed me that my soul had been rebellious for centuries and that it did not tolerate authority). If I had researched, the surprise wouldn’t have been complete, nor the story that interesting. I love interesting stories (and our Guru likes to fulfill the wishes of his disciples). If I had researched, I would have found out that Mohanji is the Guru who finds us. Honestly, I did not come to the satsang with Mohanji because of Mohanji. I came, firstly because I regularly followed the events from that area, secondly because I didn’t want to miss an event like this one in my town and, thirdly I expected to meet my ex-lover (in a workshop before this one, I did the technique of untying from him while he was sitting a few rows away from me, but I was not ready to talk to him. I was feeling strong and stable enough to put an end to that story now, with love and peace).

I arrive at the satsang with my sister and the story immediately begins. Perfect setting, fine development of the event activities, gradual introduction of characters, fascinating details! My ex is not here, which is unbelievable, because he would not miss an event like this. But my sister’s and my mutual friend is here and she almost indecently insists that we sit in the third row (my sister and I always sit in the back). There is a huge man who is sitting in front of me and I think that I will not be able to see anything, but, all of a sudden, he moves his body to the side; not the chair, but his body (he was sitting like that the whole time, unnaturally bent to the left). So I have an overview like I’m sitting in the first row. Directly in front of me is an armchair, upholstered in white canvas, placed on a raised podium. Next to it is a table with flowers. I immediately conclude: this is excessive, pompous. Some young women are hovering, checking the podium and the armchair, handing us some cards, with blissful smiles on their faces. I’m looking at the card… Eyes… I don’t feel anything special. In fact, my friend and I are talking as if we are possessed (I don’t have a habit of talking a lot before a workshop. On the contrary! I try to calm down and concentrate).

devi and Mohanji



Devi and Mohanji are coming in. Mohanji steps on the podium and sits in an armchair, wearing a white dress, as if it was a cassock, only white. His snow-white socks catch my eye. “Who keeps his socks so perfectly white?” I wonder in awe, and almost in fear, because I wouldn’t be able to do that if I was to do it for my priest. Devi is standing next to the podium and talks about him and his mission. Devi is standing on the same level as we are and Mohanji is sitting in an upholstered armchair on a raised podium, with his hands on the arms of the chair, somehow he is all spread out, self-satisfied and self-sufficient. He is looking around the hall, scanning us. Those young women are sitting in front of him on the floor, with their legs crossed, looking at him in fascination. I like Devi (except for her huge devotion to her husband); I don’t like Mohanji. What the hell is this? Is he a Guru or a Pasha? (Please forgive me for these words and keep in mind that I do not want to disturb anyone! Quite the opposite! I am just honestly talking about how I experienced it then).

white socks

As Devi is talking about Mohanji’s mission, Mohanji enters into meditation. People are still restless, especially my friend and I, which is really not typical for me, and I wonder why because I follow all the instructions at events of this kind as a hard-working student (well, at that moment I didn’t know that I had never been to a similar event before). I finally manage to calm down and close my eyes. I immediately felt sadness. At first lightly, then stronger as if it took a while to settle itself down. It was climbing up on a scale, and soon enough, it found its right strength and stayed there. I was confused. It was not clear to me what was happening. Why sadness? Well, I often felt that in my meditations, but this sadness was different from all the previous ones. Sadness like: “But, man, where have you been all this time? How could you let yourself be gone for so long? Do you know how terrible it was here without you?” That sadness was quite strong, but somehow timeless, static, all-encompassing, as the very core of the notion of sadness. I started to cry. I felt that he was trying to calm me down as if he was telling me that everything was fine, that it was beautiful we finally met, that I should be happy, but I kept repeating: “Where have you been for so long?”

At moments, rather short ones like flashes, I felt the kind of love I had never felt before. The rest of the time it was like pulling a rope between him and me, a little tug of war in which he fought showing love and I showing sadness. I could feel a strong rush of unconditional love and his smile towards me, and my stubborn, persistent, definite: “But I am very sad.” Then, an even stronger rush of love and a smile that stops at my wall of pain. After four, five bursts that were strong and long, I began to be overwhelmed by incredible love. Then, slowly and carefully, in order not to offend the sadness, love overtook the place of sadness. It was a strange love, never experienced before, all-encompassing, joyful, and bright.


When I opened my eyes, I was greeted by his wide smile, as if he was smiling at me. With that smile, he said something like: “Don’t be so sad. Up there, we’re together all the time.” At the end of the program, Mohanji gave Shaktipat. I didn’t know what it was. I stood in front of him, with his thumb on my third eye, and absorbed his energy, feeling the wonderful vibrations, over and over again, as long as there was room in me for them. And, you will surely agree with this, since then, Mohanji has been with me every day. He is my greatest and wisest friend. I can trust him completely, because not only is he pure love, but he is also free from the influence of emotions and patterns when he gives me advice and instructions on what is good and should be done. He is my mirror. Every time I get angry, I say to my teenage daughter: “Stop fighting me. Just listen to me and do it. Just do it”, then I hear him say to me, only without anger, calmly: “I tell you the same thing.”

How would I evaluate, describe my spiritual path four years later? I am at the age of a spiritually rebellious teenager. It just seems I was stuck in that part of the road for many lives. It is high time I grew up!

Much love.

Mohanji in white



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Peru with Mohanji – a healing journey

By Livia

This is a personal story. Being an introvert, I wasn’t planning to write about it for a broad public, but I feel there is a reason for sharing which is beyond our preferences. May it reach those who were meant to read it.

For about ten years, I have been suffering from a lung condition, which is so rare that the medical profession doesn’t have any expertise on it and therefore there is no appropriate treatment. My lung would collapse all of a sudden. In the beginning, it was every three to four months, later on, once per month or even more often. On most of the occasions, the collapse was partial, followed by a sharp pain in the upper chest area and shortness of breath. The pain would subside after some time, but the shortness of breath would last for days; and depending on the severity of the episode, sometimes for weeks.

The years 2014-2018 were really hard for me. I was physically quite weak but was doing my best to keep up with my daily schedule and house chores. Many people from my surroundings, who are not very close to me, hadn’t noticed much, but I was exhausted all the time. When I finish my obligations, I would withdraw to recharge because my energy was very low. Also since 2014, I wasn’t able to travel by plane because of this condition. The pressure change in the cabin during a flight could worsen my health. Living in Western Europe with parents and family in the Balkan region, it was quite a challenge to travel. Needless to say, it was exhausting me on different levels, the physical, but also the anticipation and fears connected to it (“what if it happens…,” “will this ever come to an end,” “would I be able to heal,” and “what if it gets even more severe?”).

Being a holistic therapist myself, I tried many modalities and nothing really gave tangible results.

When I met Mohanji in 2017 in Hvar (Croatia), where I traveled for three long days by train, bus and ferry and, probably from the exhausting journey, by the end of it, I got another episode of a collapsed lung. I was weak and worried. Mohanji told me that the condition was to do with one of my previous lives and advised me to have a Mai-Tri session with Devi. During the session, Devi saw me in a war-like scene, being physically abused by men in uniform and an iron claw-kind of a weapon being forced into my chest. She didn’t know anything about my problem at that point in time. The resemblance of this picture with the sharp pain in my chest I was feeling at the beginning of every episode was stunning.

My second retreat with Mohanji was at the Bosnian Pyramids in 2018. I came by airplane! It was my first flight after four years. I was already feeling Mohanji’s protection and although my health was still not good with many collapses, pain, and weakness, I felt it’ll be ok to fly. And it was.

Every time I met Mohanji, receiving his blessings, cleansing, and with my practices and connection to his energy, my condition started improving gradually. I also started sessions with a healer who told me that my problem was of a karmic nature and therefore the modalities that are not addressing that deep level cannot have much impact. The collapses were gradually getting less frequent with more time to recuperate in between.

At the end of 2018, I saw the announcement of the Peru trip with Mohanji scheduled for April 2019. My first thoughts were: how great this journey must be, such beautiful nature, how magnificent it all looked in the photos and how precious the experiences were of the participants who went there the year before. The energy of the female principle, Shakti, the nurturing, soothing, beautiful energy of Pacha mama and the impact that it had on the people was heartwarming. But my rational mind reminded me of my condition, the flight of 14 hours and the altitude of the places where the pilgrimage was taking place. Yes, it looked great, but it wasn’t for me. I dismissed the whole idea, maybe some other time. I just whispered to myself: if I have to go, I will get a sign, but I had no expectations as it really looked impossible.

One morning at the beginning of March just before waking up, I had such a clear dream of Mohanji. He was sitting at a big table together with many other people and I was sitting next to him. I had one question on my mind, regarding that trip to Peru, but I wasn’t able to utter the question, although I wanted to ask. So he reached out to me, by telepathically asking me what the problem was with that trip…”Is it about the money?” “No,” I answered, “It is about my condition…” then he said, “It’ll be taken care of.” I further said something like, “I was expecting a sign.” He said, “Well if this is not good enough…” I woke up in amazement, in complete awe! “This is extraordinary! I have never had a dream so clear before! I told my husband, and he acknowledged my thoughts and supported my intention to go. The same morning I wrote to the organization of the trip to ask if it was still possible to apply since it was only one month to the beginning of the program. And of course, it was!

This was quite a long introduction, but necessary to explain how this Peru trip happened for me in the first place. The preparations for the trip were made in a very short time. I would lie if I said that I wasn’t anxious or that my mind didn’t doubt the whole ‘invitation’ dream. But I was committed to go and really happy that I was going, despite all odds. Just before the trip, I googled a couple of names of the other participants and amongst them all, I remembered a lady, Thea, a Mai-Tri practitioner from the US who looked very light and seemed to have fine energy. I thought to myself how nice it would be if I could have a chance to talk to that lady… and sure enough a couple of days later, although the original schedule was different, Thea was sitting in the same mini-bus (transfer to the hotel) at the airport in Cusco together with one other lady from the US! So, the three of us traveled together, had a beautiful exchange of life stories and great fun. What a perfect beginning to the journey! I already felt that soothing, feminine energy that I was so looking forward to.

Over the next few days, when we were traveling from the hotel to the places of interest, I was again sitting next to Thea on the bus. As she already knew about my health concerns, she offered to do a Mai-Tri session for me, right there on the bus! I was really pleased with her offer and thankfully accepted it. She did a couple of sessions on different bus trips. She would invoke Mohanji’s presence and his energy was palpable to her. It was very special and a little surreal because Mohanji in his physical body was sitting in the front line of the same bus!!

Although I feel weak and exhausted at home, I felt very energetic during the whole Peru pilgrimage. I felt a lot of soothing energies, lots of love from the group members and people surrounding us. I climbed to the Sun Gate of Machu Picchu, walked and chatted with people, in some places at the altitude of almost 4000m without any physical issues! It was completely unbelievable from the perspective of a rational mind!

On the last day on a bus to an Inka site, I sat next to Mohanji. That was my first chance on this trip to talk to Mohanji about my personal issues. We talked about ways of protection from negative energies, expressing positivity, non-doership and some personal issues that I brought up. He gave me some practical advice and then said, “You are much more liberated now than when you came here!” I looked at him a bit puzzled. He said, “Your lung, how is it now?” Then it occurred to me that I was breathing with full lung capacity with no pain! I really felt liberated at being able to freely move, walk, and climb mountain trails without any pain, shortage of breath or tiredness. How smoothly it was all going for me and how different it was compared to my state of health I was experiencing at home. Mohanji was tirelessly working on me and the result was really liberating! I was immensely happy, but I was also wondering if I was going to be able to keep this state and stay liberated from the pain and suffering after I return home and resume my ‘normal life.’

Now we are almost eight months later in linear time and I still feel and cherish the gift I’ve got from Mohanji on the Peru trip. I still feel quite well physically and much more at peace mentally. Although I am a worrying type of person, I haven’t been anxious or thinking much of the possibility that the condition might reoccur. I am much more at peace with my health. The condition is still not completely gone, but the episodes occur less frequently and they are far milder than they used to be. I have started traveling by plane again on a regular basis!

I feel deep gratitude to Mohanji for healing me on many levels. I feel that the healing started as soon as I connected with him for the first time and culminated during the Peru trip last spring. But of course, the journey doesn’t end there. I’m still ‘rowing my boat’ and the weather changes. After this experience of healing that is so real and unquestionable to me, and after practically experiencing what Mohanji meant by “It’ll be taken care of,” deep in my being, I now feel that I can relax and have faith.

Thank you Mohanji, for this wonderful experience! Thank you for your work and availability to every being who asks or connects to you in any way! Thank you for your teachings, they make my journey smoother and my life much more meaningful!

With deep gratitude.


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