Only pain, no suffering

by Subhasree Thottungal, London, December 2022

Let the pain be there in the body, do not suffer from it. – These are the words that many of us have heard from Mohanji. It’s difficult to do this – to separate pain from suffering. We always think that pain and suffering are things that unavoidably come together, but many times, Mohanji has demonstrated that it is possible to experience pain without suffering.  

The Head-on collision:

A recent incident that shook the entire Mohanji Global family once again provided a solid example of Mohanji’s choice not to suffer amid great pain. During the Global Volunteer Meet Zoom call on 9th October, Christopher, Mohanji’s Executive Assistant, announced the head-on collision that their car had had on the 7th October evening whilst Mohanji was returning to Slovenia. Mohanji was sitting in the front passenger seat and had taken the impact on his heart. Chris further shared that Mohanji was initially admitted into the Critical Cardiac Care Unit in the hospital but had discharged himself at his own risk and was resting at home. While everyone in the Zoom meeting was shocked to hear this, Mohanji also joined the Zoom meeting, as it was scheduled earlier for him to address the attendees. Mohanji appeared and he spoke himself about the incident. He was calm, though his voice sounded slightly tired: ‘One thing this incident has proven is that I have a heart; I am not heartless.‘ – Mohanji ended his talk on a jovial note.

The month of October was a critical period. Three in-person programs with Mohanji – The Global Mai-Tri MeetEmpowered 5.0 and Empowered Trainers training – all spanning over 11 days, were about to start soon in Serbia – from 16th to 27th October. Mohanji was to be present in all three of these programs. ‘But will that be possible in the current situation? Is Mohanji well enough to attend the 11 days long programs in Serbia?’ – these were the questions that popped up in my head naturally. I was part of the organising team for all three of the programs, and I was travelling to Serbia the very next day on 10th October. The plan was to spend some time around Mohanji, serving him and cooking for him before going for the programs. 

But now I was not sure whether Mohanji would be able to travel to Serbia and when. Anyway, I accepted the situation – whenever he comes, I will be available at his service. I surrendered my thoughts at the feet of my Guru. Later that evening, Milica, Mohanji’s PA, messaged me confirming that Mohanji would arrive in Belgrade late the next evening, on 10th October, the same day that I arrived in Serbia! 

Arrival in Serbia:

Some of us gathered at the Belgrade airport to receive Mohanji that evening. We were all eagerly waiting to see him as well as we were wondering about his health. Mohanji came out of the airport looking frail physically, but the shine on his face and the smile on his lips melted all of us when he spread his arms to hug us. He is here with us, and it’s a big deal! I asked him, ‘Are you having pain, Mohanji? Are you feeling ok?’ Mohanji said in his usual style, ‘Pain in the chest is there. But I am not suffering.‘ ‘I had to run away from the ICU, you know. It was more suffocating there’, he added jokingly. Whilst I was happy to see him physically in front of my eyes, and also, although I was assured that I would be around him to serve him, I had some concerns about him flying with the present condition of his heart. With that worry in my mind, I scolded him lightly, ‘Was it worth taking this risk of flying, Mohanji? You needed to take complete rest.’ 

He said, ‘If I didn’t leave Slovenia immediately, then I wouldn’t have been able to travel and then what about these programs? I don’t want to cancel these programs, you know.’ 

Even in this condition, he is thinking about us! About the programs! 

Naively, I told him, ‘Then for these next few days, Mohanji, please just relax and take complete rest, no meeting people, no meetings and no work. Just rest.’ 

He smiled! ‘I never stop working.’ He muttered. 

Of course! Metaphysically this is true, but physically he must surely take rest, I told myself silently.

The so-called resting period:

The very next day, just like on any other day, he allowed some devotees to come and see him. He had pain in his chest, his heart condition was not good, his diet was restricted, and he was only eating two times per day, yet he would still sit the whole day and meet the devotees who came. He didn’t stop doing his work, regardless of his health condition. We could all feel his fatigue, his pain, but he never complained about anything, nor did he deny anything to people! In the next few days, Mohanji sorted out many critical and important things for various countries and MCB lands about the upcoming programs, spoke about books, wrote forewords and discussed the minutest details for the upcoming retreat.  

One morning, immediately after I served him his herbal tea, he asked me to bring a notepad and sit down. I got my laptop, ready to type, without knowing what was to come next! Mohanji was in a very different state that early morning – serious and focused. He started explaining to me the roadmap of Empowered 5.0. He narrated, explained and repeated, ensuring I understood it well so I could put it all in a presentation pack. He was flowing, flawless, unstoppable. I was listening and noting down non-stop. After he finished talking, he ensured that I had cleared all of my doubts and told me to prepare the slides and show them to him later. It was almost his breakfast time, and I had to prepare for that, but he wasn’t worried. He waited patiently until I brought him his breakfast. I admired him at that time – his focus, sincerity, attention to detail and overall flow. His priority for the Empowered 5.0 program was beyond his own physical pain. Later, he even checked the slides after I had prepared them. Such a thorough approach to preparation! All of this is only for us! How blessed we are, I couldn’t stop thinking. Mohanji completed so many things during the 4-5 days in Novi Sad before we left for Zlatibor for the in-person programs; he met many people while dealing with his physical pain, and he did it all without displaying any suffering. If I weren’t there personally near him, it would be impossible to see him and understand the extent of physical pain he had.

Humility and down-to-earthiness!

While I was closely noticing Mohanji spending the entire day working, talking, and sorting out people’s problems at the physical level, I was worried about his food, rest, and recovery. While he didn’t stop working, he followed Dr Umesh’s advice with the homoeopathy medicines. Like a good obedient son, he ate well whatever I served and allowed me to give him light oil massages. Apart from this, there was no special treatment! He thanked me for giving him the right food and for the massage, etc., in this hour of need. 

He said, ‘This is helping me to recover! The right food and the oil massage. You came here at the right time. Thank you!’ 

The truth was that actually, I was grateful! I was grateful for the blessings that I am here around Mohanji and have got this opportunity to serve him. It was only due to his grace that this was allowed. Yet he is thanking me! Sometimes Mohanji leaves me speechless with teary eyes; his leelas, only he knows!

The incident during the Canada trip in March 2022:

His physical condition never binds Mohanji, and I have witnessed this many times before. I was recollecting a very serious situation that had happened a few months back, in March 2022, during his visit to Vancouver, Canada. Not many people knew about it. Whenever I mentioned the story to others, I would get shivers. It wasn’t ordinary. Let me narrate it here. Mohanji and a few of us had travelled from Toronto to Victoria, DC, for a two-day program, and then we were scheduled to go to Vancouver for a day and then fly back to Toronto. When we reached Victoria, Mohanji was perfectly fine, but he suddenly developed a cough later that evening. The cough intensified, and then chest congestion came too. It was so bad that he couldn’t sleep and kept coughing the whole night. The next day, there was an event in a Sai Baba temple, and Mohanji had to speak. His cough was getting worse, but he didn’t cancel the program. He went ahead with the Satsang and the program afterwards, meeting many people. That night also was very disturbing for him as he was coughing continuously and couldn’t sleep. 

We had to travel to Vancouver the next morning, so we wanted to know whether he should travel in this condition or rather stay back and rest; however, this would mean that the program in Vancouver would have to be cancelled. Chris and I discussed this with Mohanji because we were quite worried about his flight travel in this situation. He insisted that the program should not be cancelled: ‘Baba is waiting for me. Hundreds of people are waiting for me. I cannot cancel the program. I will travel to Vancouver; I will manage.’ He assured us. 

Though the flight to Vancouver was only for 25 minutes, there was some delay, and we had a long wait in the airport. That meant there would hardly be any time left for the event as soon as we arrived! I was feeling anxious thinking about Mohanji’s constant coughing and chest congestion. Mohanji understands everything! While waiting at the airport, he kept us engaged telling some funny incidents and leaving us laughing and rolling on the floor! While I was worried about his health, he didn’t seem bothered at all. Finally, we boarded the plane and that 25 minutes of travel was the worst. It was a small flight, tight sitting and packed with people and very turbulent too. When we came out of the flight, Mohanji was feeling really restless! His cough had worsened! Looking at his condition, the team decided to cancel the program. Once again, Mohanji repeated that he could not disappoint people waiting for him. It was an event at the Sai Baba temple. Mohanji took a little rest and then went ahead to the event. New place, new audience, and despite a terrible cough, Mohanji managed the Satsang very well and kept meeting everyone with patience and with as much time as everyone needed. After the event, he spent quality time with the local team when he returned to his residence. 

It had been a long and turbulent day for him, and despite his chest condition and really bad cough, he patiently performed all of his duties lovingly and compassionately. I was in constant touch with Dr Umesh and gave his medicines to Mohanji regularly. 

As the evening progressed, Mohanji’s cough was getting worse. Dr Umesh was regularly on the phone monitoring his condition and guiding me about the medicines to give him constantly in small gaps. Mohanji was unable to lie down or take any rest with the persistent cough, so he was sitting upright on the chair the entire time. We were supposed to travel back to Toronto the following day. Mohanji’s condition was getting worse. At one time, while he was speaking to Dr Umesh, his cough became very severe, like a fit, and he fell on his back on the bed with his eyes rolled up; he was completely unable to breathe. For a moment, my heartbeat stopped! But I don’t know how I got the strength; with the phone in my right hand with Dr Umesh on the line, I held onto Mohanji’s wrist with my left hand and pulled him to sit upright! I don’t know how I got that strength and power. I was speechless for a few seconds, and then as Mohanji sat up, he could breathe again. My heart was racing fast, but I gathered myself and calmly, I explained this to Dr Umesh. Dr Umesh kept assuring and guiding me. During those few hours watching Mohanji in such trouble, I had no thoughts other than how to get him some relief and make sure he returned to Toronto safely. 

Thanks to Dr Umesh’s excellent care and medication, Mohanji was feeling better the next morning and could travel back to Toronto. I had been witnessing the condition of Mohanji for the last two days, but despite that, he did not cancel any of his events and continued on as planned. After reaching Toronto, though his condition was slightly better than Vancouver, he was still in bad condition. It was -18 Degrees C in Toronto and snowing. Chris decided to advance his travel to the USA to leave a couple of days earlier for a warmer climate. 

Before leaving Toronto, Mohanji wanted to complete some of his pre-committed events, including a visit to a devotee’s home! It was snowing, the devotee’s home was at least 1 hour of driving each way, and Mohanji still wasn’t well. Despite all this, he didn’t want to cancel this house visit and said he would complete his commitment. I had tears in my eyes, and on one side, I was feeling slightly angry as to the urgent need to keep this commitment above his health condition, having to travel a long distance in such bad weather. 

The night’s situation in Vancouver flashed before my eyes, and I couldn’t imagine seeing Mohanji again in such a terrible condition. I know Mohanji doesn’t let his pain come in the way of his duties and commitments. His love for his devotees was beyond his pain! It wasn’t comfortable to watch him do this, but my heart was filled with gratitude to witness this act of unconditional love from Mohanji. While I was worried about his health within this physical reality, I was also aware of the higher purpose behind why Mohanji had taken this physical pain onto his body. He had shown me this while I was healing his body. Mohanji takes on very severe and life-threatening situations from some of his people and dissolves them through such pains in his body. Witnessing the truth in a different dimension and witnessing what was happening in physical reality was a completely different experience for me. The duality of pain and suffering, the truth beyond all pain and suffering, and the pure unconditional love that Mohanji operates from in every moment – this wasn’t easy to understand: the astounding reality of the magnanimous Mohanji!

Awareness regarding the Slovenia Accident – vision through healing

I will now share another angle about how Mohanji can endure physical pain without suffering. This is my realisation of Mohanji from a different dimension that he allowed me to witness through healing. 

After the car accident in Slovenia, some of us did a healing on Mohanji’s body in that condition. I am sharing the description of the vision and understanding I had of this incident from this healing session. When I was attempting to heal Mohanji’s heart, I saw the land of Slovenia’s Mohanji Peace Centre – his heart took the shape of that land. I then saw huge flames all around that land, some houses in the land were charred in the fire, and all of the residents were perishing. Mohanji showed me that this was a disaster that he had to remove only by taking it on himself physically because it was not just about the fire on the property – it was about the lives of many of his devotees and volunteers serving the centre. While the healing progressed, I saw the fire going down, but still, there were patches of fire here and there around his heart. I knew that it was no small karmic event that Mohanji eradicated by taking the big hit on his own heart. Some effect will remain upon his heart and overall health until those small fire patches on his heart eventually dissipate and fade away. 

This vision brought me clarity about the new lives that Mohanji gave to many. Mohanji didn’t show me the faces, it wasn’t necessary, but the reality is that he is standing strong in front and facing all possible storms that come, protecting his people like a loving father. The reality is that he is giving new lives – rebirths to many of his devotees like a mother taking the pains of her child and almost dying in the birthing process! The purpose behind Mohanji taking such extremely painful physical conditions onto his own body is not just an act of sympathy or even empathy. Still, these are the true empowerments that Mohanji is giving all these people through new births and a complete transformation. Many may not realise this right here and now; some will realise in time. Mohanji does his work quietly, without announcement and without taking any credit. He is totally bound to his purpose! It is also true that he will not leave things halfway until his job is done here in this incarnation! He has never done that in any of his previous incarnations. However, such incidents are hard-hitting wake-up calls for all of us. If we remain asleep in this life, we will surely miss the boat again. 

While in Novi Sad, some of us who did the healing that day were narrating our visions to Mohanji, and everyone was bringing their own unique aspect of the understanding. I was getting clarity about the huge purpose behind every single act of Mohanji. Nothing is a coincidence, and nothing is an accident – this is the master plan of the great Master and the Tradition behind him to wake us up, transform us, and empower us.

The pain continues, still no suffering – the conclusion:

Coming back to Mohanji’s resting days in Novi Sad! Soon the date for the program in Zlatibor was approaching. Mohanji guided us in detail for all three programs. Soon, we all travelled to Zlatibor – almost 4 hours from Novi Sad. Mohanji was stationary at one place in his Novi Sad residence for the last four days, but he still had not recovered from his heart condition. So, the 4 hours of car travel wasn’t very comfortable. When we reached the hotel, our residence for the next 11 days, I could feel Mohanji’s fatigue and physical pain. But he had work to do, talking to the organisers, the guests arriving from different countries, etc. The program started. Mohanji was attending every day for his scheduled times and delivering powerful satsangs. But beyond that, while he was staying in his room, he was administrating every little detail, orchestrating every single movement, not just through his physical guidance, but also energetically. 

Every morning, he would meet all the organisers and give the detailed directions; every lunch time, when we would come during the break and check about how the program was progressing and what people’s reactions were; and every evening when the program ended, he was taking detailed feedback too. At each step, he was advising us in every little detail – no matter what, nothing was too small or too big for him. 

He was working tirelessly, sitting continuously on his chair in his room. Energetically he was aware of everything. His remote presence from the room, his physical presence for specific times every day with the people – had a huge impact on everyone. More than 200 people had gathered. Every single person was going through a unique journey, and Mohanji was there with each one, guiding energetically, physically, and telepathically – in every possible way.

There are numerous situations and experiences to share. Still, I will end this write-up with two significant examples showing you all, my dear readers, how Mohanji was working miraculously beyond his physical pain, far from any suffering. The first is an example of his action in physical reality, and the other is an example of his energy-based action on a different dimension.

Here goes the first one – as I mentioned previously, Mohanji had given us specific instructions regarding food during Empowered 5.0. The specifics were conveyed to the hotel and we had a team following it up closely. There were certain food items that Mohanji had specifically mentioned to avoid for very valid reasons. Every day, the food was progressing satisfactorily (while there were small issues and it wasn’t 100% as per the instructions). One day, due to some unavoidable reasons, they made exactly the food that Mohanji had asked to avoid. Usually, I cook different food for Mohanji so that his diet is taken care of, so he doesn’t get to see what food has been prepared in the hotel for the participants. 

However, on that particular day, I was rushing to get Mohanji’s lunch, and I had yet to see or eat the lunch prepared for us by the hotel. While Mohanji was eating his lunch, he asked me if the food for the participants was ok. I told him I had yet to go to the dining hall. Then Devi walked into the room, and Mohanji asked her what was prepared for lunch and how it was, and when he heard Devi’s response, he wasn’t happy. I was shocked, too, as the lunch that was prepared that day was exactly what Mohanji had said not to prepare! It wasn’t on our menu, but it was prepared and served to all! Mohanji wasn’t happy about this negligence as that food could have a harmful energetic effect on some of the participants. ‘Wasn’t happy’ is an understatement – he was furious, and for the right reasons. Immediately after the food lead came, the restaurant team came and Mohanji spoke to them directly, clearly and firmly, ensuring that the mistake would not be repeated! 

During all this time since then, I have been thinking about how it was that of all the days that Mohanji could have asked about the food, it was only on the day of the mistake that he actually decided to ask. This is not a coincidence! We may think that Mohanji is sitting in the room and only taking feedback from us, but what we forget is that Mohanji doesn’t need any physical update, reporting or feedback from us – his consciousness is alert 24/7, within every moment he is present in every place, witnessing everything that’s happening! After that incident, the hotel guys were careful and then, for the rest of the days, everything progressed as per our given plan.

Now, the second example: As the Empowered 5.0 program started, with the unusual routine people were following; no one had any idea about the intensity of the energy Mohanji had created. All sorts of releases were happening, for everyone, in their unique way, in quite unexpected ways too. On the very first day, within the first hour, one lady came out of the hall complaining of severe stomach issues with diarrhoea and vomiting. We couldn’t send her to her room alone; we couldn’t send her to any hospital at that point without consulting with Mohanji. So, in that condition, I took her to my room and asked her to rest there. Mohanji was resting at that time, so I didn’t want to disturb him. I felt that she would feel better if she rested in my room. I checked on her regularly and found that she was still having frequent visits to the toilet. At that time, I felt I could give her Mai-Tri and that if she slept for some time, at least this frequent running to the toilet would stop. 

I took her permission to do Mai-Tri, and during the session, I prayed that the Mai-Tri would let her sleep for some time – or at least until Mohanji woke up! I didn’t want to disturb Mohanji at that time considering his health condition, but at the same time, I wanted this lady to relax and not deteriorate any further. A simple prayer, but miraculously, she slept for 2 hours or so. 

In the meantime, Mohanji was up and had given us immediate advice to call the doctor and arrange the necessary treatment needed in the room itself. By the time she woke up, the doctor was in the room and already treating her. Her sleep was certainly miraculous! Later that day, I was narrating this to Mohanji and told him childishly, ‘Mohanji, you know, Mai-Tri works! I asked during Mai-Tri to make her sleep, and it happened! Mai-Tri really works you know.’ It was indeed funny the way I was expressing my thanks to him – but once again, nothing was too small for Mohanji. This was also the beginning of many miraculous events that happened after that. 

The next morning, during his Satsang with the participants, Mohanji said to contact us for Mai-Tri if anyone had any issues. From there on began the flow of constant requests for Mai-Tri, which came from participants in the hall and online. Only 6-8 volunteers were available to give Mai-Tri at that time, and we had more than 250 sessions done! The Mai-Tri sessions during the program were unique, per specific instructions from Mohanji. 

What I witnessed during the first Mai-Tri session while sitting in the event hall was mind-blowing. It took me to a different world! No – actually, it showed me the different Universe that Mohanji had created in that hall – a vision difficult to narrate. It feels impossible to justify with my words the presence of the supreme consciousness and the feeling of a tangible universe system – galaxies, stars, many different worlds of existence and energy flows of higher frequencies! In that space, doing Mai-Tri was not about relieving people from their physical pain but rather about accentuating the release of their blockages to take them towards ultimate empowerment.

All of us volunteers doing Mai-Tri had unique and powerful experiences while doing the sessions and the people who received them had astounding experiences too.

All these were happening through the energy of Mohanji – the one beyond this physical personality we often mistake- sitting calmly on his chair in the hotel room! Staying indifferent, detached, and working silently, Mohanji was still dealing with physical pain and discomfort, but he displayed no sign of suffering. 

What I witnessed in the 16 days that I spent with Mohanji, from the time he travelled from Slovenia after his accident until the end of the program, is just unbelievable. It was a tangible, unmistakable example of Pain but No Suffering!

Thank you, Mohanji, for being a constant living example of every single teaching you give us. I offer my sincere gratitude for every opportunity you gave me in every dimension to witness, understand and experience who you really are. 

Koti pranams at your feet.

I love you, Mohanji.


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Internal weightlessness

By Meghan Rose, USA 

It was Sunday, November 27th, when I was invited to an event hosted by Mohanji Acharya, Bhavani. I wasn’t sure if I could go because the event was an hour away, and it was going to happen right when my HSTY (Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga) training was supposed to end. However, Bhavani persisted that I join even if I showed up late, and I took it as a sign that I should go. I decided I’ll go even if I missed the first activity, Conscious Gapless Breathing. I thought to myself that meeting some Mohanji family members in person and doing a group activity would be a good experience.

As the next week went on, I started really looking forward to the event. I understood that we would be receiving Mohanji Energy Transfer which I have never experienced. Naturally, I became quite curious as to how it would feel to receive that! The day before the event, I was notified that the event would begin an hour later so that I don’t miss any of the activities.

On the day of the program, I got ready during the break from my HSTY classes and stayed for the remainder of the lectures. When it turned 5 minutes to 12, I hit the road and had nonstop thoughts during the card ride. I finally made it, and my nerves started feeling sensitive. I had never been to a Mohanji family event in person yet, and I was a little nervous and excited.

When I got inside, everyone was very friendly, and we all engaged in conversation before we started the activities. It was nice to start that way! The first activity was Conscious Gapless Breathing which I had never done before. My body started shaking a bit as the instructions were given. We were given heads-up that we might feel dizzy after. I got worried but chose to persevere. I told myself this was a trick of the nerves and that if I sat with it and continued anyway, it would get better.

We started the Conscious Gapless Breathing, and I could feel tingling throughout my lips, nose, temples and around my head. It wasn’t disturbing, and I really enjoyed the activity. I didn’t even get dizzy and felt calmer! But what was to come after really was something….

Bhavani asked us to lie down and played a really lovely chant. She guided us to continue breathing, with each breath to sink more into ourselves. We also started a visualization process where we imagined golden light going through both sides of the body. With every exhale, I could feel myself sinking more inside and pictured golden light going through me.

Soon I started to feel a warm weight in my palms, and it was as if my body was sinking into the floor. I began to feel completely weightless from the inside. I can’t explain this feeling in words. It was similar to the weightlessness you feel when the plane is taking off, but this time it was me taking off inside my body! It WAS me being weightless!

I began to wonder, “Is Mai-Tri going on? This wasn’t mentioned as part of the program!” I felt similar sensations during Mai-Tri, but this was way more intense. It continued, and I felt different from how I normally do during the waking state or even dream state. I knew that I was in the room, but I was feeling so weightless in my body. I kept seeing this golden color as my eyes remained closed. I wasn’t sure what would happen if this continued. Would I leave my body?! I laughed a little out of both nervousness and enjoyment. I had never felt this before, and my mind started making me question if I should try to go a little more back into my body.

As we wound up the session, the feeling slowly started to go down. I really didn’t want it to end. We sat up, and I asked Bhavani if she was doing Mai-Tri, to which she told me no! That is when it hit me that this was being done without a practitioner even invoking the process. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

Before the event, I was waiting to see what would happen during the Mohanji Energy Transfer, but this was a beautiful surprise. I’m really grateful that Mohanji gave me this experience.

We finished with Power of Purity and the Mohanji Energy Transfer. I started craving Indian food and several moments later realized Indian food was being prepared for us! We spoke for a couple of hours and visited the Sai Datta Peetham temple. It was my first time being there for me, and I’m grateful Bhavani was with me to show me some temple etiquette and guide me.

Going to this event showed me how powerful it can be to be in the presence of the Mohanji Family and how God can give us wonderful experiences when we don’t even ask for them. I love you, Mohanji and the Mohanji Family. Thank you for changing my life and giving me a sense of belongingness.


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Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 183 & 184

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 183 – The Weight we carry 

Today I wanted to share more about Mohanji, and his other work, which might not be so visible in the outer world that we are used to. All the activities happening worldwide through the various organizations are fantastic, but Mohanji is working on other levels too. Today I wanted to talk about the karmic weight or work he is lifting.

 I understand from what Mohanji has said, “We all have a karmic weight, and our karma is a mixture of three main elements. They are:

  1. Lineage karma – we are the inheritors of our body from our parents, who are the representations of our lineage; we also gain an inheritance from them. From all the generations of that lineage, there’s a karmic element which is inherited. These could be pending desires or things our family members have done in the past, affecting us now. That’s one element of family or lineage. 
  2. Individual karma – karma we accumulate due to our desires, past merits and demerits.
  3. Societal karma – Karma which we gather from the society in which we were born, the country that we live in, has a collective effect on us.”

 So, these three elements – lineage, individual karma, and societal karma, are all mixed like milk and water. We don’t know what is ‘ours’ versus that of our family or society, but one thing is for sure if Liberation is to be an option, our karmic weight has to reduce. Otherwise, like a donkey packed with goods and materials and walks, we also don’t know what we were carrying until it’s gone. Then we feel relief.

Something I’ve learned since being with Mohanji is that a significant aspect of his subtle work is working on people’s lineage karma because when karmic weight is reduced, people become lighter. The possibility for Liberation is also higher. The Mai-Tri and the MTM practitioners see this happening. In my own experience, whilst I can’t see it, I feel the effects of much more lightness and ease in life since being connected to Mohanji.

One specific, tangible event was when I went to Kailāsh with Mohanji in 2019, along with many others. He performed what was called Nandisraadha pūjā’, on the banks of Mansarovar lake, in front of Mt Kailash. To our knowledge, nobody had done this before in that location and to that scale. That purpose was to clear people’s lineage karma for this generation and 100 generations back. That’s 1000s of years of people. It was challenging for them to organize because all the materials had to be very specific, right quality, and sourced from various parts of India. Then you had the logistical challenge of bringing them to the lake just before the puja. There were challenges in getting these goods through the border, but through grace, it happened. It all happened as it should have.

What Avadhūta Nādānanda had said to Mohanji when Mohanji planned to do this ceremony touched me the most and gave me an insight into profound work. He said that, even if Mohanji did this just for one person, and something went wrong, all that karmic weight would go to Mohanji. He would have to take the weight of any mistake, problem, or complication. He was doing it. They’re not just for everyone present, but also the families and everybody in the family that was connected as well. That’s 1000s of 1000s of people. This is the central part of Mohanji’s work; clearing people’s baggage from their lineage from the family so that they become lighter and can also progress quickly on their path. The Mai-Tri and MTM practitioners are seeing this, and for me, I think for everybody, whilst we might not be able to see it, we can feel lightness in our life. 

Through service, purification happens. The Mohanji Platforms are powerful because they give everyone an opportunity to serve society, benefit society and relieve their burden as part of it. The guidance of feeding the four types of beings (air – birds, water – fishes, earth – small/big beings and human beings) is given to help alleviate karmic weight and benefit our ancestors and lineage. ACT4Hunger was established around addressing those four types of beings.

 That was the message for today.

Do we know what we’re carrying? And through these activities, serving on the platforms through feeding all the beings of the air, land, water, and human beings, we’re slowly reducing this weight. This is a big part of Mohanji’s work, reducing this lineage aspect. 

Day 184 – Satya Yuga (Golden Age) is Within

Mohanji has spoken in a recent podcast about the times of Kali Yuga, where the unreal seems real and the real unreal – a time where greed, corruption, and manipulation are commonplace. We can see this in the world around us, from the news channels or by checking the internet. The world is suffering badly due to this, and Mohanji shared that collective consciousness causes situations, such as the Corona situation, which we see now with COVID. They happen especially when the predominant state or frequency is that of Tamas; procrastination, inertia, and stagnation are very high at these times.

Today, I was thinking about this, and I wanted to re-share Mohanji’s vision and work, which is that he’s here to take people to Satya Yuga, the Golden Age, which is beyond the state of the gunas, namely –

1. rajas – movement, action,

2. tamas – procrastination, laziness, inertia, and

3. sattva – the subtle, peaceful state.

He’s restoring righteousness. It’s a dharmic duty to bring this back.

When I heard about the various yugas and eras, I always thought it was an external place. “Mohanji is here to take people to Satya Yuga,” I didn’t quite understand what that meant. It’d be some external change that we’d see. But now I understand that this is a possibility that first need to begin inside of us. Now I know the golden age or Satya Yuga is the potential sitting with each of us. Each of us can exist in Satya Yuga, and what’s necessary is to raise our frequency to a specific state to have that eligibility to transcend beyond the guṇas. The path guides us to self-acceptance, respect, and love through time and service. We can raise ourselves to that state where the sattva guṇa stabilizes, and we begin to experience that peace, harmony, equanimity, and compassion for all beings within ourselves.

When a whole generation raises itself to that state, to that way of being, the entire generation is living with acceptance, ahiṃsā (non-violence), and kindness (all these higher qualities of human existence), and then Kali Yuga automatically ends. It’s actually within us, and we have the potential to change that. This was a more profound understanding for me.

 It also gave a new depth to the platforms Mohanji created and founded because each one is distinct in its own way. These platforms raise the generation’s prospects to the highest possibilities of human existence: kindness and compassion. The World Consciousness Alliance is one platform which aims to have a broader reach to shift the collective consciousness of the generation through music, art, entertainment, and film. Its goal is to bring people up and make them aware of that state.

So, this was a more profound understanding that the potential for the golden age, Satya Yuga, is inside us all. The inner change first. That inner transformation, individually and across a whole generation collectively, brings such a Yuga into reality and the end of Kali Yuga.


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Betrayal, awareness and transformation

By Milica Bulatovic, South Africa

What is the Guru?

The Guru is existence itself and is found in all aspects of this creation. The Guru is not separate from the soul; the Guru is our very own self; the Guru is in nature and is nature. That is why Lord Dattatreya, the living embodiment of the Guru principle, took as his own Guru 24 beings and elements found in nature.  

Betraying the Guru is, therefore, a betrayal of nature, of existence and especially of ourselves. It is a betrayal of your very existence as a soul, which stretches far beyond this life across time and countless lifetimes.

Forms and consequences of betrayal

Through lies and negative gossip about the Guru, we make ourselves vulnerable to the influence of negative forces which perpetuate themselves through us, without our awareness, and we become stuck in a never-ending cycle of negativity. Once the cycle of lies and gossip begins, it is a downward spiral. Lies breed more lies, disconnecting us more and more from the truth; from the awareness and connection to the highest consciousness, represented by the Guru, which we may have cultivated through strenuous effort through lifetimes and may be lost in a single moment of doubt. 

One doubt is enough to open the floodgates. When we spread negativity, our frequency drops to a very low level, where we can become receptive to dark energies and extremely low-frequency beings. It can happen to anyone: I have personally seen this happen to people who were almost touching the realm of silence and to people who were on the border between light and shadow most of their lives. 

If we are experiencing doubt, contemplation and speaking to someone who is stable, someone who guides us appropriately and will not feed negativity, who is not easily influenceable, would help. We need tremendous awareness to keep our frequency high and not fall into the daily, seemingly unimportant traps that lead us to the betrayal of life or existence.

Many have betrayed the Guru or the existence at some point by going into gossip, jealousy, comparison, competition, fear, greed, revenge, criticism, ownership, and so betraying themselves. Eating meat that another being had to be killed for betrays our existence. By choosing to drink milk taken from a calf, which is also often killed, we betray our existence because we love the taste! Even thoughts of a negative nature add to negative consumption.

And further, this will influence our actions too. The more we are unconscious, the more we take in negativities that make us heavy, and the more we don’t live our truth. This is how on a daily basis, we betray ourselves. All these accumulate, and we start carrying the vibrations of betrayal and heavy guilt, and we start attracting these into our life more and more, creating situations that we cry and complain about. We disconnect from ourselves by compromising our conscience for the sake of pressures and expectations from the family and society. 

The biggest of the associated emotions that come with betrayal is guilt. Many of us will say that we don’t know where our guilt comes from; it comes from the pattern of repeated betrayal, something as small as an unconscious habit or something much larger. Emotions are sticky and binding by nature, and so bind further heavy emotions into our system. We become very easily disturbed by our circumstances. 

As you can see, there are many levels of betrayal. Betraying the Guru creates very heavy burdens, as they came only to bring higher awareness, to lift people from a fallen state of consciousness to higher levels of awareness and, ultimately, back to ourselves (self-realization). They live a dharmic life, uphold dharma, and have no personal karma. So, to betray such a pure state of being is to create an especially huge karmic debt.

Betrayal of the Guru can be in many forms:

  • Being afraid to speak about them
  • remaining silent at a moment where speaking our truth or speaking about our Guru is what is appropriate and honest
  • hiding from the world that we are following a Guru
  • leaving them when they don’t fulfil our expectations, 
  • talking badly about them and assassinating their character through lies. 

This is directly negating your existence. We are actually influencing our own karma and that of our whole lineage, those behind us, as well as the generations to come.

To reach the level of awareness, wherein we are aware of all of these patterns and emotions that bind us, lower our frequency and take us deeper into unconscious living, we need a Guru who has walked the same path, overcome the mind and stands as a pure example of our potential, and whose presence transforms us and brings this awareness. He is pure consciousness, and the level of transformation and elevation in awareness we experience will be in accordance with the depth of our connection to him. By betraying a Guru, we are sabotaging the only thing that can give us what we have been searching for, for lifetimes. It is self-sabotage, as our patterns are the ones that will disconnect us from consciousness. 

If we leave the Guru because he is breaking our habits, boundaries, and concepts because it becomes uncomfortable, we can stagnate more in our comfort zones, at least keep silent about it. It is always free will if we want to walk the path of self-realization, and nobody forces us to stay. Don’t betray and talk bad out of pure non-understanding of the highest truths they represent and live.

In daily life, if we live selfishly only for our own family, being in constant desire mode and wanting more things, we don’t add any value to our society and take from Mother Earth. This leads us nowhere. 

But we are taught this way even in schools. Be better than others, your value is higher if you earn a lot, and if you have a fancy car or a big house, you are successful. The truth is different. We cannot take anything from this Earth on the day we depart and leave the body, but we certainly leave lighter if we have been kind and loving, if we served our community and the helpless, and shared and cared about all. True wealth is what you give to this world, not what you take from it.

How the insight came

This is crystal clear now after spending five days in silence during the Empowered 5.0 program with Mohanji. A complete software change happened to me with his grace!

Also, by his grace, I have been experiencing stability, fewer thoughts and more silence for many years and learnt not to have any expectations, and so this is how the insight came:

I experienced an explosion of pain in all the nerves of my body. No position was without excruciating pain, but I accepted it, stayed peaceful, and just witnessed it, as I knew that the Guru was working on me, and this is pure Guru’s Grace.

Why do I say that? For me to go through such pain now was to prevent me from experiencing it later on in life, and it is due to my karma. I have done something, and my ancestors have done something for me to experience it.

At some point, Mohanji gave me another important vision, how complex karma is. I saw the karmic structure as a ball of wool. Each strand and layer had some connection with each other and were creating more strands or making them hold firmly together. What holds one ball of karma is similar patterns. It is very difficult merely to understand it and forget about releasing it. 

Soon after, he showed me how he was shaking the whole structure and creating cracks so the light of awareness could come through. This is also part of the reason why it was so painful. 

As days went by, much clarity came my way; all this was coming from the internal Guru Tatwa Principle. The Guru within and the external Guru were guiding me. Suddenly, I felt that I doubted myself so much, and the deep insecurity I had experienced was due to a betrayal of existence or betrayal of Guru at some point in the past.

I became aware of this recurring pattern of betrayal in my life due to experiencing it personally. It created new awareness, and so I contemplated deeper on it. 

Another vision came of war scenes and me being left alone in the rubble of buildings that collapsed and all my family killed. I was shown that on a physical level, my legs and stomach were weak due to past life war impressions, and as I became aware of this, the diarrhoea that started that day vanished, and a surge of new energy came rushing into my legs and stomach. 

The new energy remains after many weeks, and for the first time in my life, I can work on strengthening my legs at the physical level.

When the last day came, I wanted to make as much use of that day’s precious silence as possible. The night before, my mind was racing about where to sit the next day as I needed a backrest with the option of lying down. It was so funny how my mind started acting out just before the end of the program and got affected by a minor issue. I couldn’t sleep for a few hours as I couldn’t decide where to choose to sit the next day. Finally, I surrendered it to Mohanji.

When I arrived at 5 am, all spots were taken; the only one left was my old spot where I was all five days. How typical of the mind to overthink and go in circles about insignificant issues when all is predetermined for us. It was a good lesson to observe. 

That last day I sat without a backrest for hours with an entirely straight spine, which I could not do for the past 15 years. At one point, I asked myself, “How is this possible? What is holding me straight with no discomfort?” The answer came: existence itself is holding me. At the end of the program, all pain had vanished.

A complete software change. A totally new me! Confident, with no fear, and able to fully express myself even in public. I felt a new lease on life. I felt terrified of speaking in public before, but that is all gone now; there is extreme clarity.

Mohanji has washed away so much in me, so many blockages. I always stayed steady in my faith in accepting all that was happening in my life. I never said no to anything that was asked of me, even public programs, but I was terrified inside. I felt like I would be crucified in public each time, although this is connected to other karmic events after betrayal.

Interestingly, the event that marked the times we live in is the crucifixion of Jesus. Jesus lived and spoke about unconditional love and oneness and healed many. His popularity didn’t suit the clergy and the people in power at the time. As they had power, they could easily influence people. Isn’t this still happening even in our time?!

Lies are presented as truth. From an early age, we are taught to learn and cram so much unnecessary data that we forget to use our minds and logical thinking. We disconnect from the inner truth and naturalness of our being as very young children. What is served on TV becomes the truth we live by. It is told by someone else. We disconnect from nature too. If something is told in certain institutions, we automatically accept it as truth—something to think about. 

Another incident that marked our time is when Peter betrayed Jesus 3 times before he was crucified by not saying he walked with him when asked, afraid that he would be killed. He carried tremendous guilt for a long time. Did we all inherit this pattern somehow as a society? Is it in our subconscious now on a global scale? Something to ponder about.

Each time we are scared to stand up for the truth, we follow this pattern. I don’t know the details of when I betrayed my Guru or existence itself. Still, it sure felt like that was the main theme for many of us who attended Empowered 5.0, and surely it feels that the burden was lifted simply due to the grace of Mohanji, who showed that he truly is unconditional love incarnate. I can say the Empowered program transformed my life!


Mohanji always recommends selfless service. We don’t know at what level we have betrayed our existence, which is the same as the existence of any being, so by serving all, a lot of karmic due is released as we become much more compassionate and kind human beings. Such positive actions reprogram us.

Connection to a powerful Master changes everything. First, so much awareness comes our way, and we start making better choices for ourselves. Second, over time your purpose shifts in life altogether. And the purpose is everything.

I am sure many people these days think about the purpose of life or have simply lost the meaning of life. Each day is almost the same; work, driving, picking up the children, cooking and then the day is done. And we believe we can’t do better. Masters awaken us to purpose.

When we awaken to the truth within, we realize how much potential is not used and how much potential we have. Another level of awakening is when one realizes that all is done through us. The biggest illusion is that we think we are the doers, which is probably the biggest misconception of our times and difficult for people to understand.

We are not people doing things; we are beings. Human beings have the capacity to be fully aware of consciousness working through us. That energy works through all of us. 

Its nature is abundance. It cannot be depleted. What stops the flow in us is limiting beliefs, programs, perceptions, energy blockages connected to karma, lifestyle choices that make us heavy and adding violence and negativity in thought, word or action.

When we connect to our beingness and our nature and live the highest values of being a human, abundance can flow through us, and even many blockages can fall off in the process. 

The more we observe and witness that all is done through us, the more awareness grows. We are more detached. The truth becomes more visible the more present we are. Again more awareness comes, and more is done through us as our capacity grows. As Mohanji would say, the more you are empty of concepts, the more you are eligible for consciousness to fill in. And absolutely none of this understanding and awareness would have been possible without Mohanji. 

Many people who knew me before are wondering what I am doing following this man from another part of the world, who is not part of our culture. Even a comment that my parents didn’t teach me well has been made. What I would like to say about this is that my parents taught me to be free, think with my head, and make my own decisions. The freedom my parents gave me is my biggest asset, and they taught me about our traditions. 

Still, truly Mohanji has taught me more in-depth what true values are, how to love, accept and respect all and how important it is to honour our roots, family and culture. Mohanji, through his life and teachings, has transformed my life completely.

Deep fulfilment and contentment are within me instead of fears, anxieties, and anger. Nothing that life brings forth destabilizes me, and a great deal of good comes out of the platforms that I am blessed to be part of. All I ask you is to think about it, don’t just accept what I wrote, as the whole purpose of this text is to take us into contemplation and connect to our own hearts and the truth within. 

Mohanji has come to awaken us and bring us back to our natural selves. Humanity has fallen in consciousness too much, and we need guidance from a Master in the physical form to lead us on the path he has walked on and transcended. We are used to many habits, have adopted limiting beliefs and patterns, and see life through filters. Truth is always simple. 

When we support nature and choose what expands our hearts, nature will support us, and life will support us; if we go against nature and what is natural, nature will reflect it. 

With love and respect to all, I surrender this text at the lotus feet of my Guru Mohanji, who is igniting the light of awareness in me, taking me back to myself and showing me the way to the highest. This text and awareness came through me from his consciousness. 

Love and respect to all existence!


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Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 181 & 182

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 181 – The World is a Big Cage

“The world is a big cage.” This is something that Mohanji said in conversation the other day that really stuck with me. He was referring to the limitations of the mind and his own journey, wherein he went beyond this, to find and touch silence and himself. I really like it when Mohanji speaks about these topics, because it always comes as a good reminder, especially when you’re caught up in many activities. The conversation brought back to me what he has shared before, about our existence in the world, in the waking state world, where really what we’re experiencing is only through our mind and senses. We see objects through our eyes, we can recognise the fragrance through our nose, we have a tongue that enjoys the habitual tastes which we’re accustomed to enjoying, and we feel the skin. Then our mind feels the emotions that we have. This is what we’re experiencing from the world.

Mainly it is habitual, pattern-driven, and for many people, it can also be unconscious. Mohanji made the point that because of this, and because of the limitations of the mind and senses, we are essentially trapped in a cage, imprisoned by these limitations. He extended this to the earth being just a larger extension of that prison. We can be happy going from one location to another, enjoying the various different sceneries, cultures, the different smells, and tastes. But in reality, we haven’t gone anywhere, is what he was saying in this conversation. We may have physically relocated somewhere, but inside we’re still carrying the same mind with its usual likes, dislikes, patterns, and fears. We carry that with us, along with all the junk which we’ve accumulated over lifetimes and this life. We will always be attracted to what we’re habituated to in life. For example, I know that even though I go to many different places, I always want to go to the same food. Not that I’m drinking coffee so much anymore, but I’ll go to the same coffee, even though there are many different options. For me, that’s always a small reminder of the patterns which exist.

I recognise this more now, as I used to travel a lot previously, in the days when I was searching for something more meaningful in life and I thought travel would bring this. I went to many places, but in the end, I recognized that regardless of where I went, I still had the same feelings inside. Now, being connected and living with Mohanji, for some time, I’ve noticed that these typical desires have begun to drop off, or if they haven’t gone away completely, then the intensity or the pull of them, to actually bring me into activity is reducing. That push into the world is much less, which means things become more quiet and clear.

The understanding which is coming now, hearing these messages again and then experiencing more quietness and less pull into the world, is that it’s helping me, in my way anyway, understand Mohanji’s simple teaching of “be you”, differently. It’s giving a different dimension to this now, because then if that’s the prison, if the world is the prison, my sense and my mind – everything which is pushing me out into the usual activity is the binding, then that’s definitely not me. So, what is “being you”? It can only be what’s beyond that; what’s actually running this, as Mohanji has said many times before. But I feel that sometimes it comes at the right time, with a different understanding and awareness, to actually begin to catch something more real. Being you isn’t being the identifications, the likes, the dislikes, or the mind and its senses, it’s something much more.

Day 182 – Unity or Separation?

A few days ago, I had a very interesting conversation with Mohanji, about unity and separation, or oneness and duality. What I share now is a mix of what Mohanji has shared with me and my understanding.

If you take consciousness as one, supreme consciousness exists as oneness, as pure brightness. There are then many forms of that consciousness, and there are also masters, avadhūtas, great beings, who are connected and immersed in that consciousness. For example, it’s been said before that Mohanji is an avadhūta and these are beings, people who are completely immersed inside themselves, immersed within God, within consciousness, fully supreme consciousness. In our tradition, the tradition of liberation, it’s guiding people on that path, liberating themselves from the bindings of identification of the mind of the senses, to connect with that oneness, to achieve and experience that unity.

In this path, the only real main criteria, is a consistent connection, to that being, that form that’s representing that state. For me and many of us following this path, that’s Mohanji, representing that state of supreme consciousness, so through connection, that’s how you achieve. It’s a representation, a living representation, of unity, of oneness. Using the analogy of plugging into this, so that you are connected; with Mohanji, I don’t feel as though you’re plugging into a house, or the transformer outside the house that’s giving the electricity. It’s the power plant directly, the source. For me, at least, that’s what it is.

He shared an interesting perspective about those who begin to criticise, judge, and even go as far as leaving, after once having been connected to him. It was interesting for me because I hadn’t thought about it in this way. If you take Mohanji as the representation of unity, of oneness, and that possibility, when you’re connecting with Mohanji, you’re connecting with that state. So, you begin to experience it. But then for people, if it’s not their agenda, not their path, or not their chosen destiny, to become one with oneness, but rather separation, duality, the world of illusions, then what will happen is they’re likely to leave because that’s not what they want. They want to experience more, take more lives. This is interesting for me because I always thought: “How can someone leave Mohanji, in that sense, because what he’s offering is so precious and special to me, as I understand it.” But this was a real fresh perspective, that it’s probably not their agenda, that they’re not interested at this time, in reaching that unity consciousness.

Then we spoke a little bit more, and we were talking about the signs, which can really show separation, both for people that you see and observe, and also what you can experience yourself. When there’s the beginning of criticism, comparison, conflict, or confusion, there’s a separation taking place. There are tell-tale signs that there’s a separation happening.

First, separation happens in the mind and then physically. So, when you say, “This person is like this,” in judgment, then you already created a separation: “I’m like this, they’re like that.” Then that’s a very simple, clear sign to show where people stand. For me, this is also a good lesson, because then in conversations and being with certain people, when you see these on display, people criticising, comparing, or being in conflict, it’s a sign that there’s a separation at play, or potentially, I wouldn’t say, what their agenda is, but that’s the operating state which they’re currently in.

I feel that anybody who is really striving for that unity, or to come closer, even if they have those comparisons, criticisms, or conflicts inside, they’ll be making an effort not to display them outwardly, because they know that it’s part of them, but that their path is to move beyond that. I feel that this can help in the company that we keep and our own state as well, because as soon as we start to have criticisms, conflicts and confusions, and if I start to judge or compare with somebody, then I know where I’m currently standing or where my thinking is at. So, it’s a good rule or benchmark.

Similarly, now it’s a new understanding that for those who would leave the path, it’s not a bad thing. It’s not something to be looked at as good or bad. It’s simply a recognition of their choice of one option: preferring separation over unity. This was an interesting thing for me to hear and understand.


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In the galaxies and cosmos with Mohanji – Part One

by Sandra Sankar, South Africa

As I enter the meditation hall, my body gets hot and starts to heat up like I have entered the glorious, blazing sun itself!

The floors, the air, and the atmosphere radiate a vibrant, powerful energy signature that makes me feel like I entered the PRESENCE of a giant LIVE electromagnet!

I am humming …

There is a feeling of tremendous waves of energy running up my legs, my body, up my head! The ‘zinging’ of electricity is shooting through my body.

It feels like I have come online. Like I AM plugged into the universe at the atomic level! Words are not adequate to describe this feeling. It feels like I am INSIDE Mohanji’s unlimited, unbound consciousness!

My fingers feel like it’s shooting out sparks of lightning. The glorious sensations of BEING MOHANJI capture my mind; I’m lost.

Caught up and enthralled by the sensation of being plugged into the cosmos, creation, I AM … ONE … I AM everywhere.

My mask covers my eyes; my ears are covered. My breathing settles into a rhythm. I AM …
By now, I have this unshakable conviction that I am INSIDE Mohanji.

There was a deep calm and silence around me in the entire room, a deep, deep stillness that is not otherwise experienced in this crazy world. A thought comes.

In the SILENCE, we will hear the sound of God. We will FEEL the presence of divinity. We will eventually realise WE are that PRESENCE too. ONE with everything. ONE with MOHANJI. I am lost in Mohanji’s three-hundred-and-sixty-degrees presence.

In hindsight, I marvel at our Mohanji global family, who arrived excited from all parts of the world for this unusual silent retreat in glorious Zlatibor, Serbia. They descended in their hundreds, loud and boisterous. Laughing, greeting, hugging and yes, very loud. Yet here, all two hundred and twenty people sit in magnificent magnetised stillness! It was pure magic. Such is the glory of our beloved Mohanji’s grace.

I had time to quieten down because of arriving a few days earlier for the Mai-Tri global meet-up. This is why it was possible to recognise this amazing shift.

Mohanji asked Deviji to do the group Mai-Tri method to help us clear and stabilise. As she chanted, I felt hypercharged yet again. Clear images like photographs flashed through my ‘mindscape’. Again, I could feel radiating waves of energy.

Then out of the blue, I suddenly saw ONE big reptilian eye! It was dark brown with a lighter-coloured oblong slit. It appeared to be watching us telepathically! I had a LIVE snapshot of that intimate connection to our time-space junction. It’s fascinating to reflect on the purpose of that connection and the interest behind the intent. I was blown away at the time.

This was a LIVE Extra-terrestrial being focusing on what was happening to ‘normal human beings’ in a meditation hall that was an open portal to the cosmos and galaxies!

As I wrote this, my mind thundered on. Why was it so close? Also, where exactly was this intelligent being that watched the developments of our beloved Mohanji’s Empowered 5 Silent Retreat so intently? What were its purpose and intention? Lastly. Was this a benevolent one? I prayed Deviji or Mohanji could give me more answers.

Then more terrestrial images continued to flit through my mind’s eye. It was like watching a movie reel on steroids. I often see this in Mai-Tri Method when Mohanji speeds up the release of blockages and karmically corrects baggage by the tons. It leaves with unprecedented speed.

Again. Such is the complete and utter beauty of Mohanji’s grace in our lives! Wow! I realise that was mine leaving. We all experienced our release, whether or not we were aware of it at the time.

What is also interesting is that on the second day, Mohanji asked Devi to continue with the group Mai-Tri Method. I soon felt pain and fear lifting off everybody. There was a collective moaning sound at the same time. I continued watching in detachment. Then a thought flashed through my mind. This is the pain and fear that humanity has been experiencing in this age of Kaliyuga.

The world is filled with violence, hatred, judgement, injustice, pain and torment. People control others through a mechanism of FEAR.

By warning and threats of doom and gloom, dark energies coerce and force submission to do their bidding. Some humans are merely in the control mechanisms of dark energies that seek to subvert humankind from reaching their true potential or, better still, from realising their true potential as powerful ‘Creator Beings’!

WE ARE ALL MOHANJI. He is our glorious mirror image. A breathtaking glimpse of the absolute truth. A ‘living’ reminder of who we are. Mohanji often uses this analogy. At this moment, I am putting the pieces together.

A bloody war was going on close to where we were geographically located. We may live in dark times, but Mohanji is the light of a thousand suns shining into that darkness. We are lighting up like Christmas lights during Christmas time. We are waking up; consciousness is increasing exponentially in the world.

Ancient Indian scriptures refer to this age as Kaliyuga. Again, we live at the end of a dark Age or Yuga. What I do know for sure is that I took birth at this time to help Mohanji. If you are reading this, then yes, YOU too.

Whatever is coming, let it. I am fearless, unbound and free because I am Mohanji. Mohanji is me. There is no separation.


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Empowered 5.0 – Remember who you are

By Tatyana Povarintseva

My back arches backwards, like a stretched bow. My chest opens up, and it is so intense that the thought crosses my mind that my back is about to break. But I do not give my mind control and just keep it as an observer; it follows the processes in the body without controlling or correcting them. My chest is maximally stretched out, head back and face up. I can see the stars, the cosmos, it is penetrating me, and I’m dissolving in it. I am blindfolded, sitting in the meditating hall indoors but immersed in the darkness of the starry sky and the cosmos because my eyes are not the only instrument that allows me to perceive reality. 

I feel whirlwinds swirling in front of my chest, about 1-1.5 meters in diameter. I observe the energy spins and assume this is the movement of a heart chakra. But the mind interferes with a thought: “The energy spins are going counterclockwise, so it can’t be a chakra. The chakras on the front surface of the body always move clockwise. So it’s just an illusion”. But the vortices go on. I can see and feel them, they are real, and suddenly I realize that it is only about the perspective from which you look at the chakra. If you look from my side, the movement of energy is counterclockwise, but if you were facing me, you would observe it moving clockwise. Everything fell into place. I dive into the experience deeper with trust. My mind has nothing more to say. 

There are swirls behind my back, too, just like they go through my chest and further. Suddenly my back straightens, my eyes spontaneously roll upward, and my lips strangely stretch out and tighten, but I let it be. I do not control anything. The mind is watching. There is an intense sensation in the space between my eyebrows. The area of my third eye opens like a door, and I fall through it into Space. As if Cosmos begins to flow through my head, through the third eye chakra and the Bindu chakra on the back of my head.

I receive Mohanji’s guidance telepathically: “Surrender to the process completely, apply yourself 100%, leave the mind behind”. I suddenly realized the usefulness of the consciously moving practices that we had been doing before. When your mind moves with your body, it is absolutely present in the moment and does not interfere or wander. Now all I have to do is to make my mind follow the same way as all the processes so it doesn’t analyze or slow them down. Just focus. I follow the process, dissolving into it. 

“Straighten up,” comes the next command from Mohanji. The top of my head pulls up, and my back is like a taut string. I see my spine becoming a shimmering glass tube. It is like an axis going through my body and further. Silence. Stillness. And in this absolute serenity, a graceful movement happens — as if someone starts shoveling sparkling stardust into the glass tube. I am mesmerized. This tube has not a particular size anymore; it is small and huge at the same time. From one perspective, it is my spine, but my awareness shifts and I realize that this cluster of stardust going through the glass tube is like the Milky Way itself…

PC: Google images

My awareness and sense of self have shifted, one part of my awareness is in the body, and another one is in the cosmos. I am both there and here at the same time. My consciousness is not limited to the body and the personality anymore. I am more than that. I am the Cosmic Consciousness, boundlessness. And looking down at my body from that cosmic awareness, I see it as a small dot. It is so tiny somewhere far away, and I notice my body is split into two parts from the root of the spine, like a seed that has sprouted and the husk has parted to the sides.

It looks as if the Muladhara chakra was an eye of a needle through which a huge flow of energy passed through. The vast cosmic consciousness gradually narrows down and focuses on this point and then spreads out further to infinity. Its shape reminded me of an hourglass, where the narrow neck is our incarnation. The life of a human being on Earth is a tiny dot into which the unlimited higher consciousness narrows down and passes through, and spreads further. I started laughing. I can’t help it: my personality and my body are just a speck of dust, and I fully associate myself with them. This tiny microscopic joint, through which the huge consciousness, my True Self, flows. I can’t stop laughing: everything about this personality, this human incarnation, seems so silly and funny to me; I believed and took the problems and worries of a speck of dust seriously. Meanwhile, I was the Cosmic Consciousness all the time. 

I hear Mohanji’s command: “Collect yourself”. I gather myself from different corners of the Universe into this tiny dot. The consciousness flies back to the Earthly incarnation. I hear Mohanji’s voice: “That’s enough for today; go eat something.” 

Returning to the body takes time, it is not fast, but it happens gradually. Аt first, you are unable to move even a muscle. Then little by little, you land, and only after some time do you feel returned inside the human body suit and can again control and move it. Once I returned to the body, I expressed my deepest gratitude to Mohanji for this experience. I rubbed my palms and gave their warmth to my eyes and my whole body. I got up, not feeling hungry, but remembering Mohanji’s guidance, I took an apple and left the meditation hall. 

I take a bite of it. The flavor explodes through my taste buds in a million little bursts. Its juiciness, its flavor, its aroma, I feel totally immersed in these senses. I’ve eaten hundreds of apples before, but I don’t think I’ve ever truly tasted one. And then I came to realize how symbolic it is. The Apple, the Forbidden Fruit. Hello, again, the temptation of the Earthly life, my incarnation number 1000… So this is what we fall from our paradise for. The desire of Cosmic Consciousness to experience matter, Earth, tastes, smells, and touches. This colorful kaleidoscope of feelings and senses is available through the human body in exchange for remembering our True Self.

It seems we’ve been stuck in this amusement park for too long. It’s long past time for us to go back home. To go back home. 

Om Namah Shivaya.


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Meeting Mohanji

By Susan Ponce, Peru

I didn’t know anything about Mohanji. I was just a Peruvian woman with many issues, living in a cosmopolitan city where people were rushing and trying to work hard to earn money each day to survive in this chaos.

I met a new partner at work. I am a teacher, so it was a new teacher at school. We started to talk, and we became good friends. Suddenly, she told me she was going on a pilgrimage to Croatia. By the way, she is Croatian and so interested in spirituality, and so am I. When she came back from Croatia, I noticed a change in her. She was more centred and excited because she decided to help the Mohanji Foundation and establish Mohanji Peru here. She told me about Mohanji.

In India, there are lots of people who are called Gurus. I didn’t understand how this works there. Being a Catholic, I know about Jesus, Mary, saints, angels etc., but I love to learn about other cultures.

Well, my friend asked me for help with Mohanji’s quotes. She told me to work on the Spanish translation. At first, they were just sentences, and I translated them. As time passed, I realised that the meaning of these texts was very powerful. I felt good when I read them. They made me think about my life. It was challenging for us to convey the same intention and meaning as the one in English.

Earlier, I used to meditate from youtube videos. 5 or 10 minutes of meditation, and I also went to some Buddhist meditations a couple of times and felt relaxed. Meditations helped me to de-stress.

Meanwhile, Mirela, my friend, started with the meditations. The day arrived, and Mirela invited some people to her house for Mohanji’s meditation. It was the Power of Purity meditation – the first time I was doing it.

During the meditation, I felt electricity in my whole body. The moment Mohanji said something about looking at yourself in 360 degrees, I saw myself outside the body and looking at my body, sitting down with my eyes closed. I could also see the rest of the group; I could sense that they wanted to get out of their bodies to see themselves but couldn’t. I felt so light and free. I could float around and go to the window. But I started thinking about what if I went and could not come back, so I came back into my body. I felt dizzy. I thought my imagination was incredible because I felt it was real.

As time passed, Mirela became an Acharya and Mohanji told her he would like to come to Peru. I was so excited. He was behind the beautiful quotes and created these wonderful meditations. By the way, I am very sensitive to energy, and I had many expectations about the day I met him. The day came.

Mirela invited me to have lunch with Mohanji, Devi and George. I was so excited and full of expectations. When I met him, I started to laugh; I was so nervous. But I couldn’t feel anything – no special energy or something that I could feel about him. He appeared as a simple man having lunch, but I could feel George’s energy. It was so intense, different from other people’s energy that I had felt before.

We made a short tour around Lima. I was driving, and Mohanji sat next to me. In Peru, traffic jams are terrible, and people do not respect any law. Suddenly I heard Mohanji’s voice telling me to look at an old lady in the corner, so I stopped, and the old lady crossed the street. Some blocks later, he told me again about a woman with a baby. So, I stopped again, and the woman carrying a baby crossed the street. But something was interesting about this situation. Mirela told me that Mohanji never spoke out loud. He was in silence next to me. I couldn’t see him while driving, but I heard his voice. I could hear his voice clearly while the others couldn’t!

The next day, there was a satsang with Mohanji. It was very nice; Mohaji spoke in simple words. I loved the satsang. After that, we meditated, and he decided to do energy transfer. During the meditation, something happened again. A new sensation came onto me. I went out of my body and flew or floated pretty fast until I got through outer space. There was Mohanji. He told me, without moving his lips, “What are you waiting for?” I was so confused. I was waiting for what? I really didn’t know. At the end of the ceremony, we could hug him. I could feel his love; he was pure love, like a Father with his child. It was the first time I felt him.

Soon, Mohanji left Lima, and after he left, some strange things happened to me. I was happy. I was smiling for no reason. I went to buy some stuff at a store. I used to walk because it was near my house. While I was walking, a stranger’s dog ran up to me. I had never seen it before; the dog was so happy being with me. I patted him, talked to the owner and continued on my way. I reached the store, and suddenly another dog appeared. It seemed lost and walked around the whole store. It sat down next to me. The seller told me that dogs were not allowed and that I had to take my dog outside. But it wasn’t my dog. So I decided to go out with the dog. Nobody was there. The dog ran away and disappeared from my sight. I felt the dogs came to me because they could sense a positive or kind energy in me, a shift that happened after meeting Mohanji.

The same day I went to visit my mom at the hospital; she was sick and stayed at the hospital for a long period. While walking, I started to look at the flowers; I could feel their energy. It was a fantastic experience.

At the hospital, there was a group of monks. They were from the Saint Francis congregation. I had to pass where they were standing. When I was near the group, I could feel one of them spreading a unique, nice, calm energy. I believe he realised I could feel his energy because he turned around and stared at me. I walked by quickly and started to look the other way.

Later, I went home and decided to do some research about Saint Francis. I only knew that he loved animals and that he lived in Asis, a small town in Italy. The next day, Mirela told me Mohanji was in Italy, Asis, in a special meeting. I couldn’t believe it. Was it a coincidence? But there were a lot of coincidences happening.

I was starting to realise that there was a connection between Mohanji and me. Was it only my imagination?

Spanish Quote

I continued with the Spanish translations and meditations. Sometimes Mohanji appeared during the meditations. I could feel his energy, and I had some visualisations. Most of them were in outer space. During these years of practice of Mohanji’s meditations, I thought he was training me to do something I had never imagined could be real or could be able to do.

He taught me how to float in outer space. He showed me that we could transport ourselves in a bubble. By just thinking about it, the energy bubble appears surrounding you. It helps you to move from one place to another in space. It could also help you move from one place to another on Earth.

Then he taught me how to control my energy; how to focus my energy in different places. I can guide my energy through planet Earth, the moon, and the whole solar system. He never used to talk. He only pointed, and I already knew what he was teaching me. But he would always laugh. He got happy with every new step I took.

One day, he pointed to the sun. He wanted me to get into the sun. I had some doubts because I thought I could get burnt, but he gave me confidence, and I did it. When I came back, I was shining brighter. I felt full of light. I sent this energy to Earth, but he told me to be careful.

Another day, I realised that we were not alone in outer space. There were other energy bubbles. There were few, all of them near planet Earth, just like us. At that moment, I didn’t realise what it was all about. But later, more and more bubbles appeared. These bubbles were standing around planet Earth; they looked like a pearl necklace. On each bubble was a person. Mohanji was the one leading this group. He told us to raise both hands and put our palms looking at planet Earth. We started to send energy to the planet. It was a beautiful bright energy. This situation would sometimes be repeated – a group of people around Earth send energy to it.

One night I dreamt that Mohanji, Devi and I were sitting on a high building looking at planet Earth. Mohanij looked concerned and worried, looking at the planet. Devi was pointing to some parts of the Earth; there were black holes or black lava in some parts of the planet Earth. They were showing this to me. They need more people to continue sending energy to the Earth.

This was a special occasion. We were around planet Earth and started to send energy, but suddenly Mohanji told us to do something new. He told us to hold each other’s hands. I thought: But how can we still send energy if we hold hands?

PC: Google images

What happened next was awesome. The energy started to spread from our hearts to planet Earth. It was such intense energy. Higher than before. I was crying in my physical body. The love energy was purifying the Earth and ourselves. I felt so grateful and blessed to be part of this.

It is not only planet Earth that needs to increase its energy levels; it is the whole solar system. Mohanji was trying to form a group around the solar system, but there were few people, so it wasn’t easy. But it is possible to send energy.

I had dreams and visualisations about different situations the last time we were together around the planet. I was next to Mohanji, and a guy was on the other side. The rest of the bubbles were darker than before. Mohanji was trying to increase the energy, but he couldn’t, so he sent me to the other side of the planet and did the same with the other guy. He told me to increase my shine so the people next to me would increase their energy too. So the other guy, Mohanji and I started to increase the brightness, and the other bubbles began to increase their levels but partially. It looked like Christmas lights twinkling. It was not enough.

Finally, after years of meditation, visualisation, energy feelings and huge transformations, it is impossible not to understand why Mohanji is here. He is a Master. He is teaching us how to be Masters like him. I am so grateful for all his teachings. We are energy, the energy of LOVE. It is inside us, and we have to spread it. We are like light bulbs. Together we can shine in a big way and transform the planet. We are one. Thank you, Mohanji.

Nowadays, I am still working on my observation. I always looked outside, gossiped, and complained about people and situations. Now I pay more attention to my inside. I observe how I react to different situations; I can realise when a pattern in my life is repeating and if I am reacting the same way as always or stop for a moment and look at it carefully. I am in the process. I know that I am here on this planet to learn and enjoy the experience of life. I am standing up from a different perspective than ten years ago. I am not a victim of the circumstances anymore; I am grateful for every day of my life.

I know that I also have a great connection with animals and nature; I know that I am a part of the whole. I have reduced my complaints about everything. I feel uncomfortable when somebody complains too much, but at the same time makes me remember how I used to complain. I have learnt different techniques to help me clean myself on the inside. I continue helping others but have learned to trace my boundaries because I am not a doormat. I don’t know if this is a transformation. I am still learning. I am so grateful because I was looking for something that I didn’t know what it was. And it was Me.

I really wonder if everything I have seen were dreams; some of them appeared during meditations, Kriya and while I was sleeping, and they seemed real.


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Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 179 & 180

By Christopher Greenwood

Day 179 – Trust and betrayal 

The time I’ve spent with Mohanji, observing and working with him, has allowed me to soak in the teachings of the Tradition of Liberation, where life is the biggest teacher. Rather than outwardly teaching, as I mentioned in a previous message, it’s possible, if you keenly observe how Mohanji walks, interacts, and lives within the world, to see many of the teachings or practices through the way that he lives. 

Some of the main ones we see are ahiṃsā, for example, non-violence in thoughts, words or actions and respect for all beings. Mohanji is a practising vegan. He’s always conscientious and considerate of others, respectful of their spaces, who they are, and their right to express themselves and experience the world. He also walks very lightly on Earth; he avoids all kinds of waste possible. His only real requirements are food, shelter, and clothing, living modestly.

The other day Mohanji was answering some questions in the morning. Many messages come in overnight these days, and there is a lot of time difference between India and Slovenia. Usually, he sits in the morning for many hours, replying to each one. This morning, he decided it was my time to answer some questions. He said, “Greenwood, come on, I have some questions for you; you can answer these.” 

He asked questions on trust and betrayal. As per the Tradition, “What should you do when somebody trusts you?” That was his first question. My answer was, “Simply stand by them.” I know this from the Tradition and from observing how Mohanji lives his life because, for everybody who trusts him completely, he stands by them, no matter what. He’s firm with his connection with them. But Mohanji also added, “Make them feel safe.” As per Tradition, our job is to stand by people who trust us and make them feel safe. I think this is fundamental during these times when society has high anxiety and fear. We should stand with someone and make them feel safe if someone trusts us. So, this was a tick. I was happy to get one question right!

 The next question was, “As per the Tradition, what should you do when somebody betrays you?” I thought and said,” Okay, well, simply nothing; that’s what they wanted to do.” But his answer here was, “Simply stay away. Stay away, but also be thankful to God or whoever you want to; thank the higher for showing you their true face.” 

This sounds like a straightforward answer, to stay away and be thankful for seeing who that person is. Many people fall into a trap; they can begin to talk bad about the person, tell everybody what happened, “Did you hear what happened? I can’t believe this person did this to me.” They can even go so far as to take revenge, and people make all sorts of messes. 

The point made is you have to be very careful because gossiping, judging, and taking revenge are all taking you into a lower frequency, into their frequency. You can get tangled up and trapped in this, which is the opposite direction of elevation, whereas the Tradition takes people to Lightness and Liberation. 

So, when somebody trusts you, stand by them and make them safe and if someone betrays you, stay away and be thankful that you see their true face.

Day 180 – Many will come 

If you take away the time Mohanji and I spent in quarantine in Slovenia, we’ve probably been here just over a month, maybe five weeks. During that time, he has given the energy to speed up activities here in Slovenia. In that time, we’ve achieved a lot, not just on the land but also in setting up things here. We’re working well towards our goal of having the first programs here at the Peace Center by the summertime. Now that the boundary is clear, it’s very distinct; the fences have been put in place. Our focus now shifts to creating living spaces. As I am here, I’m working and building; it feels like the start of something big. 

In my time with Mohanji, I’ve heard many different predictions about him from great saints and astrologists. As I work closely with Mohanji, I notice the respect and reverence many great Masters give him. The activities also speak for themselves with all the great work happening worldwide with Ammucare, ACT Foundation, and ACT4Hunger. As we work here, we can tangibly experience the grace and ease with which the activities flow. There are obstacles, for sure, but in the end, plans happen, and the right people come together. It almost seems like an effortless activity at times. There’s work, but it’s more the right organization and coordination; all things come together on time, especially when you consider that we’re in the middle of a Covid situation. 

This all points to something much more significant, which I think we all know. I’ve never seen the full revelation of who Mohanji is or what it will be in the world. What makes me believe this is that other Saints and Masters are beginning to tell our people about Mohanji. For example, last weekend, two lovely ladies visited the Peace Center, the land, to offer respect there and also to Mohanji. Now, they have a Guru. They told me, or he had told them, that there’s an Avadhoota, and they must go and meet Mohanji. They’re part of the Dattatreya Tradition too. 

What he said was interesting because he had said they should never leave Mohanji. For me, it was a fascinating talk. She explained that many people now knew about Mohanji from that organization and that, over time, many more would be coming to see him. Once the Centre is fully running (where Mohanji is based), many of their people will be coming to stay. I don’t know the total numbers of that organization, but it’s 1000s and 1000s worldwide. 

Mohanji has also told me that many people are coming, and I believe it, though I don’t fully understand the scale. I remember that one person has also said that in the future, people will even be queuing just to catch a glimpse of the cloth that Mohanji is wearing. Whilst I believe this, sometimes it seems unimaginable, especially when I’m driving Mohanji from the apartment to the land in this cheap, dusty, and muddy secondhand car, which we’ve purchased so that we can go to the land and back to conduct the work.

 I was thinking about it this morning and am excited about what’s coming.


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Remarkable Mohanji Global Family

Narrated by Surya Sujan, India

Volunteering is for our purification. Ammucare Charitable Trust/ ACT Foundation volunteers are always focused on their Mission – Helping the helpless. Here is an amazing life story told by Ammucare Kerala Head, Smt. Surya Sujan on how our global family stopped a family in Kerala from committing suicide. With the collaborative action of Vim Raj, a volunteer from South Africa and Smt. Surya Sujan, a family consisting of parents and two daughters, now hope to have a blessed, happy life.

There was a message from one Mr Hari on a FB page named Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Balvikas Group, which had 33K active followers. “Sairam, can you please help my family? We are on the way to suicide. There is no other way. Lord, please help.” Vim Raj, a volunteer from South Africa, understood that this urgent message in the group had gone unnoticed, and she immediately advised Hari that life is precious and we have no right to take it and inquired more about him and found him to be from Kerala.

Immediately this info reached Mohanji, who directed the screenshot to Mr Devadas and me at 8.40 pm on December 3rd Saturday. As it was a serious case to be addressed then and there, I couldn’t hold myself. Volunteering action started then itself. From the address given, I understood Mr Hari is from Kattappana, Idukki District, and the phone number given by Vim Raj was not going through. I immediately contacted Idukki District Project Director and found Mr Hari lives in Azutha Block, and I was forwarded the phone number of the Block Development Officer, Sri Dileep, who recognized me, as I worked in the same Department and had attended various training programs.

He gave me the phone numbers of Sri Ananthakrishnan, the Village Extension Officer, Karunapuram Village and Smt. Vijayakumari, the Block Development Office Member. I couldn’t get the VEO, but, Smt. Vijayakumari helped me a lot since she was luckily free at that time, waiting for her train to Kottayam at the railway station. By 10.30 pm, she traced the whereabouts of Mr Hari and collected his phone number that night itself.

The life story of Mr Hari

The next day, on December 4th morning, I called Mr Hari and found him to be a Film Executive 3 years back who had fallen, damaging his lower back. He did some treatment, but within a few days, he got a stroke, and the left side of his body became paralyzed. An operation for his backbone and pelvic bone had to be done, but since it was a risky operation, he was taking injections (out of seven injections, five were completed).

Sometimes, when one issue happens in a family, other issues pop up simultaneously, and life turns upside down. That happened in this family too. His first daughter, who is 15 years old, started getting poor vision in both eyes. As Hari’s sister had the same problem, he immediately rushed her to Madurai Hospital and operations for both eyes were done. Now, the girl has 40 – 50% vision in both eyes, and nothing else can be done, as per the doctors. She is getting a pension of 1200/- per month for the disabled now.

Hari was in debt of paying nine months’ house rent and had also taken loans from microfinance institutions. The landlord has asked him to leave the house, and the microfinance personnel are pressing him to pay the dues. Because of these conditions, his wife was forced to work in a nearby estate.

He couldn’t sleep thinking about the education of his children, rent dues, debts, medicines and food for his family. He didn’t know where to go with the three ladies of his family when the landlord asked him to leave the house. He nor his wife have any properties of their own. I told him that Mohanji’s mission is not to clear the debts of anyone, but because of their difficult situation, the education needs of his children would be taken into consideration.

Further actions

Knowing the situation is not enough. I contacted the Karunapuram Panchayath President, Mini Prince and requested to visit Mr Hari’s house along with the Ward Member, Smt. Sathi and included him in Kerala Government’s Life Mission for a House for that family. Actions performed by Sri Dileep, Smt. Mini Prince and Smt. Sathi are applaudable. All the representatives were the best in their efforts. They never said ‘later’ or ‘next day.’ Their actions were carried out promptly at the time of need.

All the happenings were informed then and there to Mohanji. Mohanji was with me all the time and guided me to carry out the appropriate actions throughout. Free flow of speech was happening through me. The officials at the other end were also not delaying their actions. It was so wonderful to witness that. Hospital representatives said the operation could be done for free, and other medical expenses could be covered to a certain extent.

Just consoling a person and using kind words may not be enough sometimes. The kind action of our Vim Raj has to be mentioned here. She transferred the nine months’ rent due amounting to Rs.30,000/- to save Mr Hari’s family from being evacuated from the house, which was the family’s most important and immediate need.

Due to our global networking, the most critical situation of mass death was put to an end. The way the Mohanji family all over the world works is amazing to see. A person from South Africa reached out to a person in Kerala for help… amazing and humbling to see this. Thank you, Vim Raj, for your kind heart.

Our beloved Mohanji was enquiring now and then and giving me energy throughout the night and also on subsequent days for helping this family. Thank you, my dearest friend, Mohan, for your kind heart.


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