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Shirdi experiences – Part 2

After the powerful satsang, Mohanji gave Shaktipat to several people in the hall, and I was fortunate to be one of them. During Shaktipat, an almost unearthly peace and silence filled up my insides. As I stood with my eyes closed and hands joined, a white light appeared in my vision towards the left. The inner peacefulness and stillness lasted for a long time afterwards.

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Then came May 2013, and my first meeting with Mohanji in a satsang in Novi Sad. I remember him answering the first question on free will, saying in his first sentence that free will is just a myth and that it exists only before we take this body. At that moment, I had a feeling as if I was relieved of an enormous burden, and I felt an incredible lightness! Since then, I started attending the meditations regularly, and the next year followed the first retreat as well.

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Miracles in a dream

Hi, my name is Eesha, and I am 10 years old. I had submitted my application for Consciousness Kriya last month. After much anticipation and vigorous process, my application was accepted on September 27th. I had a dream of Mohanji on September 9th. He spoke to me about my Kriya application. My mummy encourages me to write my dreams. After that dream, I knew, for my heart said that Mohanji would accept my application, I told Mummy I am accepted for Kriya on that day. I am sharing my dream I had of Mohanji. He did many things like Sai Baba did, like Baba curing leprosy, and controlling fire.

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Healed by Nature

These months of lockdown have been, for me, such a privileged time; it has been difficult to believe possible. Chance to rest, reflect, accept and heal in unspeakably profound silence with the suspension of all demands and duties. I barely spoke – nor wanted to – for weeks on end. It has been a precious gift of re-connection and harmony with a healing Earth, during which love and gratitude often rose spontaneously like a fountain springing tears of blissful joy.

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My experience with Guru Raksha Homa and Intuition

I am sharing this because I used to be that person who always used to wonder, “Why not me”, “When will I get such an experience”, “Oh, I wish I had that too”. I think the shift happened when I started to let go, surrender and began to experience others’ experiences as my now, I could feel their happiness and be with them in their experience. With Mohanji’s grace, I have started having awareness and recognition of his mystic ways.

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