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Kalpataru Series – A birthday wish

It was exciting to book my flights to Serbia. The opportunity to see Mohanji again after a few months was a beautiful blessing. My plan was to volunteer during the Acharya training in October and return. While looking at the flights, my husband said that if I stayed a little longer, I would be with Mohanji for my birthday. It was a great suggestion and having managed to get a few more days of annual leave from work; we booked the trip to include the weekend retreat after the Acharya training.

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Kalpataru Series – A wish to attend the Global Summit

Recently, I took part in the Mohanji Foundation (MF) Global Summit in Sri Lanka as the India Head. I really feel blessed to have gotten this opportunity to represent MF India at the Global Summit, and it was all due to Mohanji’s grace. I would like to share my experience, an incident at work, which made it very easy for me to go to Sri Lanka.

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Kalpataru Series – A day of grace and gratitude

Mohanji has always taken care of our wishes, small or big. We realise at some point how beautifully he fulfills our wishes. I am thankful to the “Kalpataru – Mohanji, The wish-fulfilling tree” series through which I would like to share how some of my wishes have been fulfilled by Mohanji and his instruments.

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