Pain and suffering – Part 4

This is the 4th part of the blog “Pain and suffering” by the closest witnesses of Mohanji’s recent car accident. In this part, we share more people’s experiences from the perspective of Mai-Tri and possibly predictive dreams.

Mina Obradovic, Mai-Tri practitioner

I found out about Mohanji’s accident the day after it happened, on 8th October, around 3 pm. Milica texted me, told me what happened, and told me to do a Mai-Tri session for him.

Mohanji’s body belongs to the world. The MTM (Mohanji Transformation Method) and Mai-Tri sessions are for what he does in the world, not for him as a person. In Mai-Tri, his body looks like a huge space enveloping many people connected to him, who he is cleansing every moment. Their pains and karmas are inside his body. His body, as ours, doesn’t exist. If I see a particular problem during his session, it is always what he collects from others. The size of such garbage that I often see inside him is not the same size as in regular people. It is much larger because he cleanses many people who are connected to him globally, including their families. A Mai-Tri for Mohanji is for what he collects, and it’s huge. From my experience, Mai-Tri, for him, is like trying to remove the ocean’s water, bucket by bucket. It makes a change, but the amount of garbage he collects is terribly difficult to comprehend.

I saw that Mohanji’s body doesn’t store data like our body. It is not entangled in the number of karmic strings, emotions, or blockages. His body belongs to the whole world, and it has no personal karma. As I experienced it, he had no meridians where thoughts are stored, no vertical strings connected to personal desires, and no chakras as such. Different parts of the body seemed to have different purposes, similar to chakras, but not the same. Inside him, there was a huge space, much different from other people. Like an entire universe inside, different places in the universe represent different purposes for his work.

A couple of days after the accident, Mohanji came to Serbia. When I met him, I felt relief. I asked if the doctors knew he was a globally known humanitarian and that he was important. I asked if they treated him accordingly. My strong desire has been that everyone treating Mohanji knows how much work he is doing in the world and that they should treat him with the best care and respect. He said that they didn’t know but that they were polite and treated him well. He was very happy about the behaviour of the hospital staff of Maribor.

His acceptance of the situation was phenomenal. At one moment, He said, “For one short moment, I was a bit annoyed. One small feeling of annoyance. That is when I had to go to the toilet, and they insisted I should take a wheelchair. I said it’s just a few feet from my bed. They insisted, saying I was in bad shape and I shouldn’t walk. That is when I got slightly annoyed, but then I understood they were just doing their job. So I accepted.” For him, there is no resistance in life, no blaming, over-analyzing, suffering, or victimizing oneself. His invisible message was that in every situation, we could choose to accept. We can choose to have understanding and keep walking.

By afternoon, we were sitting with him, and he was talking. He asked Subhasree to call a few more people to come and said that we would have a satsang. The pain was not at all visible on his face. It was not there. Many of us always resist life. On the contrary, Mohanji’s life is a pure example of acceptance.

Every conversation of that day awakened gratitude and a deep feeling of uncertainty, and an urge to appreciate every moment with him while he was still here. He also shared that there won’t be any alerts or hospitals the next time he decides to leave the body. It will be a sudden exit. He said he never wants to be a burden to somebody, attached to machines, half dead. Next time, it will be in one go.

I hope this blog, beautifully shared by witnesses of Mohanji’s recent accident, will inspire us to have more gratitude and care for our guru, who works tirelessly to serve us. I hope we will recognize the avatar while they are still alive because there had been many struggles before we got this treasure. Their words are sacred; their presence is here for us. If we don’t catch the bus, the bus will not be affected, but we will be at a loss.

Djurdja Bojovic, had a dream of Mohanji’s death a few weeks before the accident.

I dreamt we were at some gathering, and I was with a friend. It was like a celebration. While sitting, she was reading something on her phone, telling me, “Did you hear that Mohanji died? It says here.” The current reality is that everyone knows about his recent car accident, similar to the dream. It was as if she found out about it from somebody online. In the dream, I just said, “Oh, really? Okay.” In the dream, that information was totally irrelevant to me. I just ignored it and continued with the celebration. It didn’t touch me because I thought, “This lady does not understand Mohanji; she is not even connected to him. Who knows where she read it? Maybe it’s not even true.” 

Then I separated from my friend, and the thought that he could really be dead started bothering me. I started experiencing the pain of loss from other people who were also connected to Mohanji and loved him. I saw other people who took it very badly and realized that it really happened. 

When I realized that it had happened, I felt regret. I felt some disappointment, and I was unpleasantly surprised, very shocked. I didn’t know how to feel, and I felt there was no going back. I didn’t have a feeling that I could fix something now. It was really hard for me to face that he really died; I didn’t know how to assimilate it as a fact. I felt I didn’t experience and do enough while he was physically here. 

In the dream, I remember I was telling myself that there was no going back now. I knew that he was never angry at me for anything, but it was my simple inner feeling of guilt, sadness and regret that I didn’t use our time together well. I felt, “If I knew this earlier, that he would go, I would have acted so differently.”

Another thing that I felt is this. When I understood that he was really gone, a clear image appeared to me of the full potential, what could have happened, if I had used the time well. I felt regret not only for myself but for many other people.  

For a couple of days, I didn’t feel completely well after this dream, all these feelings were still there, and many thoughts came. Trying to understand this experience, I didn’t know anymore why it happened, and I just knew that it was not an ordinary dream.

Then I realized after judgement and fear stopped, only gratitude remained. That potential reality was like a light at the end of the tunnel because it gave me hope. In that reality, I felt abundant in every way, together with the whole Mohanji family, with no guilt or feeling of victimhood, just a feeling of unity and celebration of life. It empowered me and reminded me of the highest truth.

We are beyond blessed to be on Earth with Mohanji right now. Sometimes I run away from that fact because I feel guilty and not worthy enough of his presence. Through that dream, I realized that I was just wasting my life by feeling like that. I can’t live my life with the fear of being unworthy anymore. We should all claim this life as a huge blessing, that we are worthy and capable of living. We should really celebrate it by having every thought, word and action from a place of gratitude for what we are. Mohanji, as a presence, came to this planet to remind us of who we are and to guide us home by being a living example; to show us that there is no separation between us. We must remember this with great respect, love and gratitude. We are Mohanji!


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Mohanji’s Kavach

By Seema Nair, Kuwait

Last month, I contacted a Mai-Tri practitioner, Rekha Murali, to request a Mai-Tri for someone. We agreed upon a suitable time, and after she did the Mai-Tri, she shared her impressions through a voice clip. Towards the end, Rekha told me, “You do not sound good; I suggest you get a Mai-Tri done for yourself.” I immediately said to her that she had guessed right, and I shared my issues with her.

After thinking it over, I agreed to get a Mai-Tri session done for me. We set a time honouring convenience, though I preferred it be done earlier. At the same time, there was a connection happening silently amongst us that was not shared. The minute I had this thought, she contacted me saying that she felt it had to be done and was free to do it immediately. I was in awe as it matched my preferred time and consented.

During the process, I felt the energy strongly on the crown and in the middle of the forehead. My throat was very uneasy, soar all of a sudden and coughing. I felt my heart heavier than the heaviest and something weighing on my chest. In a while, all the heaviness vanished. I felt sprays of bright golden dust falling all over me. I had tears. I felt the session took long, and soon I fell into a deep slumber for a while, unaware. After the session, we shared our findings and experience. She asked me to chant a mantra regularly, which I started immediately.

In the meantime, a disturbing issue at the workplace had to be sorted, and the process was on. Although I felt very calm, somewhere, some deep-seated fears kept popping up. I was expecting a consignment to be cleared and delivered to our premises on the 17th of July before the country closed for Eid for almost ten days. I was more than confident it would. It was some ego (ahankara), as my aim was to win over my office mates who are never favourable to me.

Thursday evening, I got a call when the container entered inspection that the seal mismatched with the document. This was the eve of holidays for Eid. I was devastated. Neither was there any support from my colleagues, nor could I reveal this to my manager. I had to just bottle it up. I felt totally paralyzed. I tried to do what I could, but the CIDs confiscated the consignment and sealed it. I was helpless and had to go through this worry for ten whole days.

I prayed to Mohanji for a miracle. This was such an offence as anything could have happened while in transit. Either the whole container could have been shipped wrong, or at some point, the container could have been loaded with any prohibited cargo like drugs, liquor. I was blank and had to live with this worry for the next ten days. That is when Mohanji put me through to Rekha. I was then not worried and didn’t even think of the problem.

Soon after the Eid holidays, the customs opened up the consignment. I left it to Mohanji, prayed for no further issues, and hoped for the right consignment. Everything worked out well. What was more impressive was the demurrage charges were completely waived, which never happens and is next to impossible. I just got calls unexpectedly offering to help in this case from unknown sources. How should I term this!?? But grace. With no further issues, it got cleared. I stood before Mohanji and expressed my immense gratitude. I want to add that other companies were in a similar situation too and their containers confiscated. They were fined heavily, and the containers were not released for more than two weeks after the holidays.

Soon, yet another issue sprouted up at the office due to an ego clash. A couple of days at work after the Eid holidays, we were trying to finalize an order. There were some discrepancies in the price from the supplier. The hike that was to be 5-7% was shown as more than 10%. My colleague was angry and boiling with wrath and trying to clarify a point he could have made calmly in front of my desk.

I had no choice but to hear him with no comments. This made him explode with anger; he was fuming standing in front of my table, facing me with two heavy binder catalogues – each not less than 1000 pages. The anger took complete control over him, and he expressed it by pushing the binder roughly, hitting a stapler that fell on my glass of hot water. The glass fell, and with the pressure, it rose, shattering into pieces all over me. I was covered in glass splinters, and I just stood there with my eyes closed; I did not react. I was not numb with shock but felt no anger and was very calm, which is unusual for me. I just saw bad energy. But at the same time, I had my eyes closed so that the glass pieces wouldn’t enter my eyes. There was not even a single scratch on me; nothing happened to me. This is only because of Mohanji’s blessings. I felt so protected and shielded.

The background to the story happened this way. There were some discrimination issues leading to a lot of blame games between the supplier and our company. There were heated arguments until late afternoon yesterday when I realized that there was a print error in the supplier’s price list. My colleague, who has vengeance against my supplier and me, poured his anger on me for this reason. My manager, too, doesn’t support us even if we are right. I happened to discover this error quietly and informed the supplier, who immediately rectified, apologized and even agreed to go down on the pricing.

What more can I say but bow down in deep gratitude to Mohanji for showering me with his grace and protecting me. The Mai-Tri helped me stay calm during the long Eid break, and later too, it helped me calmly deal with the issues. I remained stable and completely felt the shield of protection from Mohanji!


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Miracles through MTM

Anonymous Mohanji follower, USA

I came to know about Mohanji in 2019 through a Mai-Tri Method practitioner (now a very dear friend). After a few Mai-Tri sessions, she asked me if I wanted to be added to Mohanji WhatsApp groups, and I gladly agreed. My parents and my husband’s family soon started getting involved in various meditations offered by Mohanji Foundation. Things just happened so quickly that when I look back, it all feels very magical (well, what else do you expect when you are in Mohanji’s protection/grace) and orchestrated.

I want to take a moment to reflect on my transformation. I don’t think I am the person I was last year – I am more ‘myself’, I am more ‘genuine’, I am more the original ‘me’. Though I am devoid of words to express all these, I want people to understand that Mohanji works on us internally, subtly to be more genuine. When you trust and surrender to him, he takes over. From my experience so far, I have realised that I just surrender to him with my heart whenever I have any issues. He is a magic genie who absolutely knows what to give, when to give, and how to give. So I don’t have anything to worry about.

Let me narrate some personal experiences that helped in my above realisation.

I had two major issues in my life that I was trying to cope with. A very close friend of Mohanji’s suggested Mohanji Transformation Method (MTM) with Subhasree, and I instantly contacted her. And what happened after that opened my eyes completely as to how Mohanji’s healing energy works beyond our imagination. Let me tell you in detail.

I have a daughter who is seven years old, who was diagnosed with a health condition from birth. Doctors had clearly said this condition is irreversible. Though I got to know about her condition right after her birth during the newborn screening, I didn’t have the courage to take her for testing even once after that. The fear in me kept growing as my daughter was growing. As she was growing, her condition was adding to my stress as it was more visible. I was worried about her future as to how this issue would impact her day-to-day life. However, the fear was inside me so much that I was constantly declining further tests to avoid having any further therapy or aids etc. As a mother, I was devastated and hated myself for whatever karma I might have carried over that could have brought this condition upon her. My despair was rising day by day. In spite of the physical condition, my daughter continued to be cheerful and carefree, confident in her day-to-day activities. I wanted to ensure that the condition doesn’t impact her personality or be an obstacle to her success. Hence, I tried to look for any alternative paths that could cure her.

This was when someone suggested the MTM sessions for her that Subhasree did in February 2021. A lot of clarity came through the MTM sessions, and she recommended a few different processes that Mohanji guided her with during the session. I followed all the processes sincerely.

In April 2021, two months after the MTM session and continuous practice based on the guidance given by Mohanji, when a call for her test came, I was ready to go for it this time. I took my daughter for the testing all by myself. I wasn’t a bit tense. Whatever the outcome would be, I knew Mohanji would be taking care of this. I had a brief chat with Subhasree, and she also suggested that I surrender to Mohanji and go for the test without any fear. “Mohanji hai na!” is her favourite statement, and I also believed in the same.

A miracle was waiting for me! The test results showed a 40% improvement from the previous test (done when she was born). I was ecstatic to hear this because the doctors had said that the condition would worsen over time, but this was just the opposite. After I shared this with Subhasree, I received a very positive blessing from Mohanji. I now know in my heart that my daughter will come out of the issue in due time.

A few weeks later, we had a specialist for speech who came and assessed her. She said it’s only a miracle that her speech has no impact in spite of the issue she has. I had tears in my eyes when I heard that, as I remembered Mohanji’s words which he conveyed through Subhasree during the MTM session. The message from Mohanji was that while this particular issue is there, it won’t affect my daughter’s other abilities or block her potential in any way. I was witnessing exactly that! My earlier fear and worries about my daughter’s future was fading. I have no words to thank Mohanji for his grace on all of us.

Another incident that I want to narrate has to do with my marriage. My husband and I were having many misunderstandings, and things weren’t working out between us, and we were on the brink of a divorce. Things started to worsen day by day, and he left for India without telling me if or when he will be back to be with us in the USA. I grew more and more despondent, and it was a very pathetic situation for my daughter.

Again I went back to Subhasree for an MTM session for myself this time. After the session, miracles started lining up, which I understand is only and only Mohanji’s grace. In a matter of 2 months after the MTM, I noticed an immense change in our relationship. My husband and I started understanding each other a bit better each day, though we were far apart physically. Magically, both of us started becoming the people that the other spouse expected, or maybe we started to notice the hidden qualities in each other that we expected! For example, my husband has started showing a lot of care, which I expected, but I am learning to be more and more patient with him.

A few weeks ago, he came back to us as a surprise. Not just that, he suggested that we look for a new house for us to live together and is ready to hit the restart button! Mohanji has definitely brought both of us close and has provided a secure and safe family for my daughters to grow up in. Of course, we have now found a new home, and my small family is together again, which seems like an unachievable dream! From a family on the brink of breaking up to being back together! I don’t know how to explain the ways Mohanji works – but it’s unique and subtle. If it wasn’t for Mohanji’s guidance through MTM, I had lost hope and almost walked out of my marriage!

Too many miracles have happened in these past four months for me to comprehend. However, I want to spend a few moments to express my gratitude to a lot of different people that I have come across in the Mohanji family in this entire two years’ journey. The amount of unconditional love that they show to people leaves me dumbfounded each time.

A special thanks to Bhavani Nair (my dear Bhuvi), Shubhasree Ji (I seriously wonder if Mohanji extends her day beyond 24hrs), Lata Ji (my Kriya mentor), Jaya Di (always smiling), Surya Sujan (genuine/a very beautiful soul inside and out). For me, seriously, Mohanji comes in the faces and words of all these angels.

I hear them talk about Mohanji’s presence without his presence! I can see how Mohanji has saved my marriage, removed my fear about my daughter’s future, improved her health situation and overall, transformed me from the state I was in – to a much lighter state now.

Thank You for everything Mohanji’s family has provided to me.
Jai Guru Deva – Jai Mohanji.


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Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 23 & 24

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 23 Lesson – Types of connection and the importance of consistent connection 

Good morning, everybody. I hope you’re doing well. 

Today I share an observation on living with Mohanji. This is about how people connect to him, the different types of connection, and the importance of consistency in connection. This is from the conversations which Mohanji has shared. 

As a general statement, Mohanji is available; his position is that he’s a friend to the world. This means that the world can connect to him, and the world has a variety of people who have different orientations. So they connect to him as they are, and he allows that. 

My own connection with him is very much that of a mentor and a guide (to a learner/disciple). He gives me practical advice, steps on how I can become more efficient, more productive. And, in a way, this is why a large portion of the voice recordings I share have a theme of motivation or practical application in life. 

But for others, even in the house, it’s very different. It’s completely a personal connection. And what’s nice about that is that he asks nothing of anybody, and he allows everything. For Mohanji, there’s no right or wrong way to connect or to be; it’s all about us being us. And he values people’s expressions, their personal expressions, and their own experience. So, if people are satisfied with their interaction with him, he feels he’s done his job. That’s because his ultimate goal is to take people to higher awareness and ultimately to liberation. If they’re experiencing fulfilment, if they’re experiencing completion through that interaction, it’s helping them achieve that goal. 

Given the nature of my role, I see various types of people. Broadly, they fall into four main categories. The first would be those who are more devotional in nature. They have more of an emotional connection; the Bhakti; connect to Mohanji through songs, drawings, paintings, or worship. Then, there are the more intellectually inclined people, and it’s the teachings of Mohanji that they’re connected to. They are the Jnana Yogis. Thirdly, there are the people who love service. And they, the Karma Yogis, are working and contributing through the various platforms involved in organisations like Ammucare, Act4Hunger, or the ACT Foundation. Finally, there’s a very small number of people who connect to his consciousness, the consciousness behind the form of Mohanji. They are the Raja Yogis

These are the four classifications. People may be a mixture of categories, but this is generally the orientation that you can see in all the people connected to Mohanji, throughout the foundation and the family. And he’s not putting a judgment on any of them, he is allowing everybody to be as they are, and he wants to leave people free, with no bindings. Once people have a connection, what we were speaking about this morning with Mohanji, is that one of the most important things is having consistency in that connection and being focused on one point because that’s what will bring the transformation

He spoke about this in two ways. The first is that many people can come with an expectation, a condition when they approach Mohanji. They may have some type of situation in the family that they need to be resolved, something to do with a marriage, or they would like to get a job or expect a change in family circumstances with a husband, boyfriend, wife, something like that. There is generally something they’re looking to get or something to be solved by Mohanji. That’s conditional, “I come to you because I need this”. He says those types of people need to be very careful because if their expectations aren’t met, then quickly, that connection being weak, they can drop off, people leave. 

And then the second type is those who haven’t yet set their full focus in one place. Mohanji uses a story to illustrate this: you can only find water when you finally settle on one position in the ground and start digging. If you stop digging to try and dig somewhere else, you’ll never get anywhere. Similarly, people go to multiple Masters. They may feel like they’re getting more from all of them. But this is misleading because the mind is entertained. Actually, there hasn’t been sufficient connection developed for any real transfer of clarity or understanding to take place. It’s important to connect sufficiently consistently for that to happen. And so, if people are moving from Master to Master, they’re not giving it enough time for that to happen.

And, from my own experience, it’s only now that we spoke about that this morning that I could think back and recognise the point when I decided to connect with Mohanji and avoid any other distractions fully. That’s when I felt real progress was made, including me being here now and sharing a voice message like this. Because at an earlier time, when I first connected to Mohanji, I was searching, I was seeking and finding my way on who all these people were, what the world of Masters was, what a living Master was, who a guru was, etc., all those questions were all very new to me. 

And I saw many people doing things in different ways. And I remember one other Master that I was connected to, who I trusted because other people were there also. So there came the point where I was between Mohanji and this other person. Not that it was that type of comparison or judgement, but that is what was available to me. And what changed for me was when I had the opportunity to speak to Mohanji. And I asked him, “What do you do in these types of situations?”. Because I remember him saying that the right person for you, the right guide, the right Master, the right guru, however you would classify that, is the one that came to you. And so for me, both of these came. So I asked what happens in these situations? And he just said, didn’t answer it directly, but said, “One master, one tradition, one practice, that’s all you need to reach the ultimate“. And then I asked again: “But what if I didn’t ask for any of this, it just simply came?” And again, very clearly, concisely, he just said one word: “Tests”. 

So for me, that was the clear message that I, at that point, had to make a decision. And I did, I went home, I thought about it, and then set my intention and focus on increasing my connection with Mohanji. And from that moment, a lot has changed. 

So now I’m here, remembering that consistency of connection is important as well. However challenging, however tough it can be, going back to that goal, going back to that connection, is very important. So, the message that Mohanji gave today, I think, is useful for everybody: if we have a connection, it’s the consistency of connection that’s going to lead to transformation. So, if that’s conditional, or if we’re not strong in one connection but going to various other places, then it’s not likely we’re going to get the transformation we’re expecting. Because various others may bless us, but they won’t be able to do much because the pot that we hold is always moving. So it’s never steady enough for it to be filled. 

Thank you for listening. I hope you have a great day ahead.

Day 24 Lesson – This is why Mohanji advises feeding beings of the air, Earth, water and humans

Hello, and good morning, everybody. 

I want to share something that I learned today, which is a deeper understanding of why feeding the beings of nature and our species is beneficial for us and those in whose name we do the feeding. 

This is something that Mohanji has always advocated as a ritual for people for nearly all troubles that we face. It’s only today that I understood a little bit more about how this benefits us. 

This morning, I went to see Mohanji to discuss the agenda for today and take to him the questions that had come overnight. Now, more often than not, Mohanji’s busy when I go into the room to see him. He’ll be on this phone; he’s handling a conversation with somebody. And he’s working essentially with someone to help them remove something. So, he’s always busy. And I don’t interrupt; usually, I sit down, and I continue my own work until he’s ready because I don’t want to disturb him. I know that something is happening. 

So, we’re in silence for some time. In the morning, as well, he’ll open his window, sit in the chair, looking out of the window there. And birds and other beings come to see him (for his Darshan). And they don’t ask much; they just take a glimpse of him; the bird will come up to the tree branch and look through, and all the squirrels on the wall do the same. And then they’re happy, and they go. 

And when we started talking today, the same happened as other days. Sometimes Mohanji will be in conversation, and then he’ll stop mid-sentence. And today, he was responding, it seemed, to a bird call. He looked out the window for some time, and then we started speaking again. This is generally how it is spending time with Mohanji. He seems to be in constant interaction with everything around him, working on many different levels, which is not so easy to perceive. 

Today, I wanted to get clarity on many questions that come to the office, the other teams, and the help desk. What’s the best advice to give to people when they contact us seeking Mohanji’s answer about the more day to day things they experience in life? Because many people want to speak to Mohanji once they reach a problem. And that’s generally when people want to connect and ask for his assistance. 

This can be about a personal problem, something happening within a relationship, or about life purpose, feeling stuck in life, or family issues or there is death in the family. And more often than not, they fall into a similar category – there’s been some disturbance, or there’s an emotional situation about a personal relationship.

And in these situations, Mohanji has always been very matter-of-fact; he doesn’t sympathise, nor does he give pity, as he believes that it cripples a person, it keeps them in the state of victimhood. And often, when people seek help, they are still bound with that emotion of the situation. And, whilst Mohanji is always there to help, he is always available for us; he can only help if people want to move beyond the situation. He says that if people would rather keep hold than let go, he completely respects their free will. He cannot and will not take the experience they want to have, the experience of that feeling from anyone.

And in these situations, for me, I always refer to his own life as an example. He faced many tragedies, many adversities, such as the loss of his daughter Ammu. And he approached this head-on; he kept walking with a deep acceptance. And he continued. Like he often says, the scars of those situations on his face show that he survived. That’s the important thing. That’s how he sees it. 

I give this context because I asked Mohanji what we can do to help the people whose loved ones recently departed. Obviously, that’s a loss, and they want to have the best transit for them on to the next place. Also, people have general challenges in their lives: the blockages, the patterns, suffocations, maybe some illnesses. 

And, for people who want to connect to Mohanji for that advice, I found that the advice from Mohanji is always consistent. I package up this advice for the team so that they can handle it as well. The primary one, with some exceptions, for all these situations is: The best remedy is to give to the worldespecially feeding the beings of nature and helping the helpless. That’s the standard advice for all those types of situations we can face in life. 

And he gave some extra understanding to me today around why feeding is so beneficial. He said that feeding the beings of nature and our own species is really the most effective way to clear blockages and also to support family members who have departed in their transit. Because when we feed in their name, they receive the benefit. According to the being fed, the grace will flow to that person and help remove any blockages or attachments that they might have had. 

We categorise beings into four categories, which is the reason why we have the Act4Hunger platform. Act4Hunger is written the way it is to cover the four beings, four categories:

  1. We have beings of the air, beings such as birds and have the qualities of space, lightness, freedom.
  2. Herein is a variety, the beings of the Earth, I don’t know all of them; these can be associated with the various earthly attributes such as planets. For example, dogs are linked to the planets Rahu and Ketu.
  3. There are beings of the water, with the quality of movement, of flow. Fishes and the water element within us are connected to all the liquids inside, such as our blood. 
  4. Lastly, we have beings of our own species, i.e. humans, and the issues here can be related to the attachments that we have, the fears, the phobias. For example, some people may have a crippling fear of old age, sickness, or helplessness, or being abandoned, which can be carried into the next life. Also, some people may be overly attached to their children. 

So, when he was speaking, and I was looking at these categories, I understood that when we have blockages or attachments, we can feed the beings of the corresponding qualities, which brings grace to remove those blockages. And we feel that grace as lightness in our life. For example, say someone in the family has passed away, and we know that they were incredibly attached to their children, that was something they were clinging on to, and they didn’t want to leave because they really wanted to stay with their children. In this case, what can be done is feeding children in their name so that grace comes and helps remove that blockage for them. 

The same goes for if they feared disease, then we can feed the sick. With helplessness, then the elderly can be fed in their name. So, we’re doing something in their name to relieve something we know can be relieved. 

And I think Mai-Tri Practitioners can see this when they do Mai-Tri for people. For example, if someone had the feeling of suffocation in life, maybe in a relationship, or had a fear, feeding beings of the air can help bring that space. Illnesses of the blood and the issues associated with the water element in the body can be alleviated by feeding the fishes. 

If I’ve completely confused you with too much information, then the best advice is just to feed everybody, feed as many people and beings as you can, cover all your bases. 

I would also say, please don’t substitute any professional medical help for what I’ve just said. This is just the deeper understanding that I got this morning. And when I heard it, it brought more clarity for me of the power and the potential of the Act4Hunger platform, which stands for the four types of beings: beings of the air, Earth, water and humans. And the vision now is really powerful because the idea is to have regular patrons for the platform who support the activities and whose face will be on the website, and so, everyday food will be served in their name. So, they’ll be receiving the grace from all that service being done in their name every day. 

Likewise, for special events such as weddings, anniversaries, etc., people can become a patron for the week. So all that week’s food service is done in their name. And the same is for someone who has passed away; feeding in their name helps them in their transition. 

However, the platform is a neutral platform. So obviously, the spiritual aspect wouldn’t be shared openly. But, if this spreads across the world, just think how many people will benefit from that, not just individuals but generations and lineages too! 

So, to summarise the understanding I got today, for various blockages and situations in life, Mohanji shared that feeding the beings of nature and our own species is a real, effective way to clear those blockages. This is also an especially beneficial way to support members of the family who departed and are in their transit. And we feed in their name. And by feeding particular types of beings in their name, the grace flows. 

So beings of the air: the birds for lightness and freedom. Then, feeding the beings of the Earth: dogs, cats, various animals linked to the earthly element; beings of water: the qualities of movement, flow, blood and our own species, feeding the helpless, elderly, the sick, children. 

So that’s all for today. Finally, I think experiencing is believing, as well. So you can experiment with this and see for yourself, maybe try a challenge for 41 days, get a bird feeder in the garden and feed the birds. See how you feel after. Or feed any other beings that are near you. Or, connect to any of the platforms such as Ammucare, ACT or Act4Hunger, which are all doing this service daily. 

Thank you for listening, and I hope you have a great day ahead.


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Transformations through selfless service


The Testimonials Team is happy to publish a series of beautiful experiences by our volunteers. Selfless service brought forth wonderful experiences that helped them recognise and accept the various transformations happening within them. We share here two profound experiences by Sankaranarayanan Meetna and Chitra Aylam.

Transformations after meeting Mohanji

by Sankaranarayanan Meetna

Like any other ordinary man and totally new to the spiritual world, when I met Mohanji, my overwhelming feelings were mostly in the form of anxiety and doubts. I often asked myself about my preparedness and my eligibility for any possible entry to this new wonderful world. But very interestingly, each time a new question or doubt awakened within me, I happened to get an answer either through a speech or a blog/FB post of Mohanji

Sometimes I felt that through these valuable hints, Mohanji was directly addressing my doubts and questions!! 

It has been six years since my first meeting with Mohanji. I don’t know about the spiritual part, but yes, there is an emotional transformation within me. Earlier I was very serious about all happenings in my life, like thoughts, patterns, persons, acquired properties etc. Quite often, I used to fall prey to my anger and cry for self and others’ perfection. Honestly, I can say that after I started learning through Mohanji’s teachings – blogs, speeches and satsang etc., slowly but steadily, he made me understand the need and importance of ‘Self Awareness’ in all walks of life. 

Mai-Tri Method

Among the numerous things I received from Mohanji, an important technique was the Mai-Tri method. I had been suffering from a headache for quite a long time. One day the problem got very acute, and I decided to get a Mai-Tri done. With Mohanji’s grace and the effect of Mai-Tri, I got complete relief from my headache.  

On another occasion, I had participated in the online Group Mai-Tri Method session conducted by Preeti Duggalji during the peak days of the Covid 19 pandemic in July 2020. During that session, I experienced a bright light energy fly away from my Swadhishtana Chakra level. Though I was not sure about the effects of this, overall, I felt so pleasant after that. I hope a sort of inner cleansing must have taken place because of this Mai-Tri. I express my gratitude to Mohanji and Preetiji for this beautiful experience.

Participation in Seva Activities

With Mohanji’s blessings, I could participate in a few seva activities also. The first seva activity I participated in was at Kurnool during the Ugadi Seva in 2017 – an annual offering of seva activity for the Shiva bhaktas going to visit Sri Sailam Shiva Temple. It was an eight-day-night service camp, including oil massaging of Shiva bhaktas’ feet, serving food/drinking water, medical treatment, resting place for the bhaktas etc. Masters – Nadananda Guruji and Mohanji were enormously pouring their blessings on the Shiva bhaktas and gave the energy to the seva volunteers who were involved in seva activities throughout day and night. The vibrations from Shiva Mantra chanting by both, Shiva bhaktas and the seva volunteers bound them together as one entity, as both surrendered fully at the feet of Lord Shiva. Thus the seva would become above all doership and ownership barriers. It transforms from mere performing karma to a divine state of oneness. Everything felt fully dissolved in Shiva Tattwa. 

With Mohanji’s blessings in 2019, I could participate in the ‘Sabarimala Ayyappa bhakta pada seva camp also. This service was specially meant for those Ayyappa bhaktas going to the Sabarimala pilgrimage by walking more than 60 km through dense forest. Here our seva activity was oil massage of Ayyappa bhakta’s feet.

Conscious Walking and Consciousness Kriya

Before applying for Consciousness Kriya training, I used to practise Conscious Walking alone. I would start the walk around our apartment premises early at 5.30 am. The walking path was almost three fourth of a kilometre around the apartment block. I used to walk about eight rounds, enjoying the nature and strengthening my connection within. 

And after a wait of almost six years, I was blessed to enrol into the Consciousness Kriya practice. I had applied online for the CK training programme. On 12th December 2020, I underwent the CK training programme online and have been practicing consistently since then.

To conclude, all these techniques and practices helped me immensely. Slowly this ‘self-awareness’ started to give different colours to my habits and my overall outlook towards the world. I am so impressed with Mohanji’s teachings of “how to get relief from anger and disappointment”. He explains that we need to accept everything and everybody the way they are, not change them according to our requirements. This also enabled me to get rid of my unnecessary worries and fears!

I am unable to claim any specific spiritual transformation within me during this period. However, I am sure of one fact without a doubt that I am a bundle of so many karmic residues which are difficult to break or dissolve. I do not have any detail of the same. Only one thing I know is I badly need the help of the Master. Since the Master can understand everything within in no time, only the Master can help me out in this matter. I hope he has already started some work on me by hammering, hitting, pulling and pushing over and over again, as the rigidity is so strong in order to mould me to a different shape.  

I hope many more experiments and testing periods are on the way. 

Without wasting any more time or doubting his power and disrespecting the Grace of the Master, I humbly surrender fully at the feet of my Master Mohanji.

I’m truly blessed for having so many experiences during my journey as a seeker. My humble and ultimate prayer to Mohanji is to guide me towards the path of Eternal Liberation kindly. I express my humble gratitude and pranaam to Mohanji and prostrating at his feet.

Awareness through Service

by Chitra Aylam

Kerala was hit by floods in 2018, six months after I first met Mohanji. I had known only very few followers of Mohanji by then. When I saw people in panic, I quickly called my immediate family members and discussed what to do on our part. Seeing my fellow beings in such a plight and keeping quiet was not possible for me. At the same time, I sent an email to the volunteer team by searching on the website for activities initiated to assist the people in Kerala but didn’t get any reply. So, after two days, I messaged Sri Devadas, who promised to let me know. Within one or two weeks, I started buying, sorting, packing, distributing, attending to many calls through WhatsApp, messenger etc., which was almost a 20-hour work. 

But, when I saw people didn’t even have enough clothing and were waiting for some organizations to bring them food and water, I understood that Mohanji initiated every work I was doing for a good purpose. Each time I stepped out of the house to buy for the service, I would find many others offering the same stuff without being asked, guided by the Masters to reach out to the right persons. I understood that in the absence of ego, the Guru works through us; the only thing that matters is faith in the Master.

Now, during this pandemic, Kerala is more strict compared to other states, and it is difficult to hand over stuff to patients, inmates of any orphanages or the deprived directly. But, recently, when I went to the palliative care (hospice), two hours away from my house, I found that someone whom I have not met yet but connected with the hospice (where so many inmates are waiting for their last call) had arranged with the Director for my visit to those patients. I could see the leela of Mohanji here too. Significant learning is – Mohanji does all the work, and I am just an instrument for him to work through.

Daily at home, birds come for food and water because all the hotels nearby are closed during this period. For me, every sharing gave me an insight into where I stand now and allows me to be grateful for whatever I have with me. Sharing is caring. When I see the beautiful smile on the receiver’s face, a pleasant feeling of contentment fills my heart. I get benefitted when I feed my fellow beings, whether human, animals, plants, birds or fishes. So many people have lost their jobs or salary has been cut. So, only through kind words we can change the depressed states of many. 

I bow down in gratitude to dear Mohanji and Ammucare Charitable Trust for raising my awareness level regarding ‘Daan’ (giving). 


Edited & Published by – Testimonials Team, 8th April 2021


The views, opinions, and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, it’s members, employees or any other individual or entity associated with Mohanji or Mohanji Foundation. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability or validity of any information presented by individual authors and/or commenters on our blogs and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display or use.

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All that grace and why February 23rd is my second birthday

By Lea Kosovac, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dear reader,

If you don’t have time and patience, or as Baba says, saburi, please don’t trouble reading this. It is a personal story, a testimony of the healing power and grace that flows through the Mai-Tri Method, and a thank you note to all who have been there for me during this year of heavy processes.

Mohanji’s call

I came to Sri Lanka for the Ramayana Trails (pilgrimage with Mohanji), almost crawling. If you want to get to Sri Lanka, a plane is the only option, but even getting into one was mission impossible for me at that time. But I made it somehow. At the retreat, there were over 100 attendees, maybe even more. Would you believe me if I said that I had not ‘seen’ (almost) any of them? We were together all the time, visiting different places mentioned in the epics of Ramayana, but I was not able to notice anyone. It was like I was drifting in a different universe.

I kept asking myself how I could be there and what was the reason. As days passed, I felt the tension growing. Intuition was telling me that something big was about to happen. I have to be truthful to myself and you and say that the tourist part of me was enjoying Lanka. But this testimony is not about that at all. Inside of me, I was suffocating. On February 23rd, which is the date of my beloved Mohanji’s birthday, I received the biggest gifts of all from him – health. Suspicious ones will ask how that is possible. And how can someone gift you with health? Well, I guess you all are familiar with the phrase ‘You have to believe in miracles for miracles to happen.’ But also, keep the faith, work hard, and be willing to surrender fully.

Mai-Tri, a method that saved my life

After the beautiful birthday ceremony, a dream come true moment, I was called for a private conversation with Mohanji. One Mai-Tri practitioner (let’s name him D) was also there with me. To my surprise, Mohanji was in a different mood than usual. I was expecting us to talk, but he was determined to give me a present I never thought of getting. In a very doctor-patient manner, he explained that I need to take my condition seriously, gave precise instructions to D, and asked only one thing from me – patience. I was not aware of what he meant by that, but I promised anyway. I remember crying a lot.

Day after, D, who was also my travel buddy, and I, left the retreat as we were supposed to travel back home in two days. I remember one scene at the airport in Colombo, when we said goodbye to people who were leaving Sri Lanka before us. I had a slight nervous break-down and was sitting outside on my suitcase, mentally asking for answers and comfort from Mohanji. At that moment, a girl, Mohanji’s devotee and serious Mai-Tri practitioner approached me, looked me in the eyes uttering the exact words Mohanji shared with me during that private meeting. She repeated it word by word. I was amazed to see how he delivers answers and love in the most unusual ways every single time.

The next morning, we woke up in Colombo. The day was beautiful. I was watching the city from the hotel terrace, thinking about how wonderful and precious present life is. Instructions for D regarding my treatments were simple, to do it every day, next two months, or more, if necessary. My next Mai-Tri happened later that day. It started normally, in a nice and clean hotel room, with the smell of incense sticks. But in the first five minutes, it became obvious that it will not be easy. From the intensity of energy induced into my body, the whole room was heating. I started making strange sounds like they would help me stick till the end.

The session lasted for 15 minutes. Many people have done Mai-Tri for me before, and all treatments were special and effective. This one was a bit different, maybe more powerful. Probably it felt like that because it was adjusted for my ailment. After every treatment, the Mai-Tri practitioner talks with the client, sharing his experience and insights gathered during the process. D tried to explain what was going on, but I was not ready to listen, so I went straight to bed.

The sacred mountain Sri Pada

When my quiet time was over, I went to D to check our travel plans to find out that many airports are closing due to the pandemic. We tried to buy airplane tickets, but our cards got rejected over and over. Nothing was possible. It was like someone decided that we should stay in Sri Lanka. Having no plan or money, we surrendered everything to Mohanji and the Masters of the Tradition and tried to stay as flexible as possible.

The next morning was our check-out from the hotel in which we were staying before and after the retreat. Our credit cards were blocked, and all other options were closed. While we were sitting in the living room thinking about what to do, we got a message from a Tuk-Tuk driver whom we met the first day at the airport. The message was, “It would be my pleasure if you would join me for a ceremony at the temple opening in my village 3hrs away from Colombo. I can come to pick you up today; bring clothes and everything you need for a 3-day stay.” We laughed. This was exactly how the Masters operate. If there is something you need to experience, they will arrange it in the best possible way.

It took us 15 minutes to pack our things and get ready for the unknown. The ride was out of the ordinary. The Tuk-Tuk bumped along the rutted track while our eyes absorbed stunning landscapes. It looked and felt as if we were travelling to the end of the world. We reached the village late in the night. It was in a remote area, and no internet was available. The home-owners gave us a room and wished us a good night at 7 pm. For me, it was strange, as I was not familiar with the customs. The next morning they explained that they wake up at 3 am and go to bed by 7-8 pm latest.

That night in the hills was one of the worst ever. I remembered many past lives and experienced my connection with D in many of them. When I saw him in the morning, feelings of hate came out of me. It shocked us both. If I had a teleport machine at that moment, I would have said, “Take me away as far as possible.” Later I came back to my senses, figuring how blessed I was to see all of that in my dream.

The temple celebration was in the afternoon. Not knowing what to do, I went for a walk to find a spot with an internet connection and check where we were. It turned out that we were 3hrs away from the sacred mountain Sri Pada, a place I wanted to visit before starting the trip to Sri Lanka. Our host was so happy when I mentioned it and promised to take us the following day.

There are some simple rules to follow for the Sri Pada pilgrimage. As it is one of the holiest places in Sri Lanka, the average visit per day is 150,000 people. The mountain is 2240 meters tall. Due to high temperatures during the day, walks to the top are done by night. It takes 7-8hrs to reach the highest point, and many find it difficult. Excited about the opportunity, we did not have time to think about it. It took us 4hrs to get to the starting point. 

The Tuk-Tuk ride was anything but comfortable. I think it was around 9 pm when we bathed in the holy Kelani River and started our hike. It was already dark, and I could not see the surroundings, just a long line of people climbing the steps. I have never experienced anything similar in my life. Everyone moved as one, chanting without fail all the way. At one point, it looked like something was carrying all of us. 

Pilgrims of many religions walk up the mountain. For Buddhists, the footprint is of Lord Buddha; for Hindus of Lord Shiva, for Muslims and Christians, it is of Adam. I’ve learned later that the mountain was the legendary Mount Trikuta, from Ramayana times. I’ve realized that visiting Sri Pada was another Mohanji’s present.

Sri Pada – Google image

I will not go into the details of the hike. What happened on the way is not possible to put in words. Some things just have to stay only yours. But I’ll share a few points. While walking up, all faces on the way were familiar. It felt like a family who is on the pilgrimage through many lifetimes. I had knee surgery a year before, and the walk was not always comfortable for me. When I lost my power, out of nowhere, Baba sent me satka (short stick), a beautiful, orange, perfectly made satka. It saved me in many ways. I also had a private escort to the top and back. A black and white dog, some would say a Master, followed me with every step.

It was very difficult for me on an emotional level as well. I never knew that so much rage and heavy things were stored inside. All of them surfaced at once, close to the peak. I rang the bell on the top to announce my presence and lost myself in the grace of my beloved Mohanji while touching the holy ground.

The next Mai-Tri happened on the day of our return from Sri Pada. My body became seriously sick due to all the cleansing. I couldn’t stop vomiting, and my temperature was high all the time. We realized that the pilgrimage had enhanced my healing, but we were also worried as the condition worsened. I ended up in Colombo hospital, but everything went well, and we returned home safely.

72 days of constant Mai-Tri

When we reached the Balkans, Covid was ruling the world. Lockdowns were our new lifestyle. But with me, it was more than that. I had to deal with my shadow self every single day, and it was almost unbearable. Cleansing of lifetimes. Hurt, guilt, paranoias, insults, hidden emotions, patterns, traumas… In many ways, I felt seriously damaged. The biggest quest was to come out of it alive. Of course, surrender to the Master and full faith was unquestionable, but still, there is so much in us, preventing us from seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

D was extremely patient and observant. He forced me to dig deep to comprehend. Some days I was rejecting; some days not. Mostly I was crying, screaming, and pretending that everything was OK. I could not work, talk to other people, listen to music, or indulge in any activities. Nature was my only savior, one thousand years old oak trees, my only friends. For 72 days, I was struggling and waiting for it to pass.

When we thought that the treatments were coming to an end, D messaged Mohanji. He replied, thanked him for the detailed report, and sent a separate message to me. It said something like this: “I’m happy with your recovery; here is the number of your new Mai-Tri practitioner, contact her immediately.” I was in shock. My new Mai-Tri practitioner? Why? Isn’t my process over?

Brahma Kamal

I’ve decided to name this part Brahma Kamal, a sacred flower that reminds me of my last Mai-Tri practitioner. It is found in the Himalayas, and a rare few can see it bloom. But if you get that chance, it brings good luck and prosperity. And she did that for me. She brought even more. When I first messaged her, she (let’s call her K) replied within seconds. I explained that Mohanji gave me instructions to talk to her, and I mentioned my confusion about why he did so.

She scheduled a Mai-Tri session later that day and promised just to scan my condition. That happened in May. Now it is February, and just a few days ago, she finalized my treatments. We spent nine months together. Every day, every month, without skipping or procrastinating. Sometimes K resembled a precise surgeon. She was sharp, strict, and on some occasions, very insistent. My condition was complex on many levels and, she helped me reach the bottom and face all fears and lack of love towards myself. She pushed me so deep to show a whole new universe of emotions hidden inside of me. 

She removed many spirits and entities. It’s not just negative beings that can live inside of us. Many lost souls and all different kinds of energies can find a way in. When our energy is not optimized, when we are not stable enough, anyone can enter. Anyone. And there are many. Not even all Mai-Tri practitioners know how to differentiate all of them. MTM (Mohanji Transformation Method) practitioners can. Some connect with your feelings; some enter because they have no other place to go; some try to fulfil their wishes and emotions through you… Anyways, I was sad to see some of them leaving my body. I felt that strange bond that had probably lasted for a long time. But K was insisting. 

Despite the many emotional challenges, I progressed tremendously. Before all this happened, I was not able to pronounce a single word in Sanskrit properly. Not to mention memorizing mantras. I thought it would never be possible for me. She inspired me to take sadhana seriously and guided me on the way. I’ve learned so much. Not just learned, I fell in love with many things – fragrances of different saints, stories from scriptures, mantras, silence.

Grace kept flowing throughout my system as many Masters came to support me. The harder it was, the more powerful it felt. K kept me alert and always pushed me a step further. It was far from easy. I remember the day when I first saw myself in the mirror. After 39 years, I was finally able to notice my reflection. Amazing feeling. I cried all day.

Both of us reported to Mohanji about my condition. At one point, he asked me to go to the hospital and do check-ups for the lungs, blood, kidneys, thyroid gland, urine, ovaries, heart… When the results came, I was speechless. Everything was fine. K was so happy to hear about it. Like a mother when she finds out that her child has recovered completely. After 365 days, on February 23rd, my process was finally over. Another miracle of his. That’s why I choose to celebrate this day as my second birthday, always to stay connected to the grace he offered me.

Being an instrument of Mohanji is a great blessing but also an extreme responsibility. The keystone of care relies on confidentiality between the Mai-Tri practitioner and the person interested in treatment. There are many sensitive lines that one must be aware of. Treasuring those helps a client to open for the next levels. K treated me and my condition as something sacred. I felt blessed all the time to have her on my side. She never compromised this relationship in any way. Her purity gave me the strength to go all the way.

If you are lucky enough to get the opportunity to try this treatment, embrace it without hesitation. Have full faith, even if your mind cannot comprehend it. Be persistent and patient. You will reap many rewards. And be aware. The Mai-Tri practitioner is helping you, but he is not there to do the things for you. Hard work is your work. Otherwise, it’s pointless. Mai-Tri is not a crutch that you are supposed to carry all your life. It is a method that helps you fly. Keep that in mind. 

At the lotus feet of my beloved Father, Mohanji

I surrender myself at the lotus feet of Mohanji. His presence changed everything. Thank you, Mohanji, for coming for me in this life. Thank you for being supportive, a friend, a mentor, a doctor, a partner. Thank you for making me realize that you and I are one. Let this experience encourage others to use Mai-Tri as something that will make them fly.

Special thanks to all Mai-Tri practitioners who supported my recovery: Tea, Barbara, Devi, Dragana, D, Ivana, Milica, Swami Bhaktananda, Preeti D, Ana, Izabela, and my dearest K. Love you all!


Edited & Published by – Testimonials Team, 25th February 2021


The views, opinions, and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, it’s members, employees or any other individual or entity associated with Mohanji or Mohanji Foundation. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability or validity of any information presented by individual authors and/or commenters on our blogs and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display or use.

We reserve the right to delete, edit, or alter in any manner we see fit blog entries or comments that we, in our sole discretion, deem to be obscene, offensive, defamatory, threatening, in violation of trademark, copyright or other laws, of an express commercial nature, or otherwise unacceptable.

— Mohanji Testimonials Team

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Journey to Girnar with Mohanji

Jayashree Mukund Shinde, USA

Feb 2020

Jai Gurudev Datta. Guru Mohanaya Namaha.

Surrendering at the lotus feet of Lord Datta, who is also known as “Girnar Raja” – the king of the Mountain Girnar, I am beginning my story of “Journey to Girnar with Mohanji”. 

More ancient than the Himalayas is Mount Girnar – the mountain that symbolizes “a Guru is always on top of the world”. Lord Dattatreya, the Adi Guru of Dattatreya Tradition, is believed to have meditated at the peak of this mountain for over 12,000 years. Many devotees of Lord Datta climb up Mount Girnar throughout the year to get a glimpse of the benevolent Guru, Dattatreya. It is said that to reach the peak of the mountain and to have the darshan of his (Lord Dattatreya) holy footprints, one should have a lot of determination, dedication, surrender, and utmost faith. One should follow the same path as his Guru, in the same direction, and only then can he reach the destination. Lord Dattatreya is present here protecting all his devotees.

I had travelled to India in Jan 2020 to attend a retreat with Mohanji, spend some time with my parents, and to attend a cousin’s wedding. I was going to be in India for some more time, and while I was there, I tried to spend as much time as I could, being around Mohanji. In late January 2020, the Bhumi Puja of the ‘Home for Seniors’ land was happening in Thiruvannamalai, and I was so fortunate to attend the ceremony and to be able to meet Mohanji there.

A few days after returning from Thiruvannamalai, I heard about a short trip that Mohanji was making to Mount Girnar, to the temple of Lord Datta. I had not heard about this mountain and Lord Datta’s temple before. I had no idea what it takes to go there! But as soon as I heard about it, a calling from my heart came to travel with Mohanji to Mount Girnar. A wet blanket was soon thrown over my excitement when I heard that going to Lord Datta’s temple on top of the mountain means climbing up 9999 steps and down the same too!

I shivered with the reality check. I didn’t think I could do this as I am not very fit physically. I gave up the idea. That’s when I got a message from Rajesh saying “You are coming to Girnar. Jo Dar Gaya Samjho Woh Mar Gaya.” (The one who is scared, is dead). His words were motivating enough, and I felt as if these words were coming from Mohanji! So, I decided to take the journey! On top of that, Rajesh assured me about the possibility of using the doli service, where you can be carried up rather than walk. I decided I would go to Girnar and take a doli. 

I reached Junagadh in the afternoon of February 11th. Several people from Mohanji family had already arrived there, and I was taken to the beautiful Gorakhnath Ashram overlooking Mount Girnar. After lunch, Ruchika and I went around feeding cows around the Gorakhnath Ashram Later, after Mohanji arrived, all of us gathered in his room. Mohanji was very happy to see all of us. I noticed that the swelling on Mohanji’s left foot had not reduced (which was there since the Thiruvannamalai event). Seeing all of us worrying about his foot pain, Mohanji very lovingly told us, “You are all Mai-Tri Practitioners. So why don’t you do Mai-Tri to this body? To the body only, not to Mohanji!” It’s beyond our imagination to heal Mohanji’s body, but we realized that to keep our worrying mind at rest, Mohanji was giving us this opportunity. In my heart, I was praying to Datta to relieve this physical pain from Mohanji’s foot.

Mount Girnar

We had a small satsang with Mohanji about Girnar  and the plan to climb in the night so as to reach the top by early morning for aarati at 5:30 am. Rajesh Kamath mentioned that I wanted to take a doli as it was difficult for me to climb. Mohanji immediately said, “Shinde has to climb, she will climb, it’s her sadhana”. This was a command from my Guru, and I bowed down to this and said, “Yes Baba, all your grace, your will”.  

As Mohanji reminded us all, “A visit to Girnar is not an ordinary journey. It is a surrender and commitment to the Tradition. Unless you have deep commitment and conviction, you may not be in this land. In fact, there is no better place, more powerful and more relevant than Girnar for a true spiritualist in the path of the Avadhootas (total dissolution). We aren’t talking about enlightenment or even the Path of the Siddhas here – this is much beyond human realms or thinking. Even today, the nine Naths and 84 Siddhas visit Girnar in sookshma form, chant and pray for the darshan of Lord Dattatreya who continues to guide them. Grace alone can bring an individual to this land. Grace and surrender alone will help one complete this holy pilgrimage. Jai Gurudev Datta!”

After the empowering satsang with Mohanji, we got ready to start our climb to Mount Girnar. Along with me, Ruchika, Sonia, Hemkant and his wife Shilpa were ready too. After attending the aarati at Gorakhnath temple and dinner, we started our walk around 9 pm. We took blessings from the idols of Lord Datta and Hanuman at the bottom of Girnar and started climbing from there.  

We had no idea about what the climbing path would be like, or how long it will take. We all carried a stick, a bottle of water, and chanting Lord Datta’s name, we kept on climbing. As we picked up our pace, a couple of people fell behind. As I was walking, I felt that there were Masters from above looking at us. I could feel their energy around us. 

Walking up the steep steps wasn’t easy for me. My knees hurt, and my legs felt weak to move. I had to take frequent stops to sit down and then kept on walking. At some point, all of us met up again, and we sat down at that point to meditate for a few minutes and then continued walking. As we were walking, another elderly couple joined us. As we were climbing, I spoke to them about Mohanji, Mohanji’s mission, liberation and gave a brief of his teachings, too.

At some point during our walk, we noticed that George had arrived. He was walking very fast, chanting “Jai Gurudeva Datta, Hari Om Tat-Sat” loudly. When he saw us, he hugged us and kept on walking. Seeing the energetic George walking with such speed, chanting loudly, I felt a sudden surge of energy in my own body. He reminded me of Lord Hanuman, who was empowered because of his faith and devotionHemkant started walking fast, ahead with George. The rest of us were walking at our own pace, Shilpa and I were together, walking, talking, resting. It was not so easy, and the body would give up. In those moments, I thought of Mohanji and Lord Datta and reminded myself that this is my path; this is my destination; this is the goal – to reach Datta, I have to do it. 

Surrendering each step to Lord Datta, I kept walking. Something in me started telling me, “keep walking.” Slowly, the energy started flowing and I could climb with lesser effort.

After some time, I saw that Hemkant was resting because of severe pain in his knee, and Shilpa was with him. George went ahead. I could not wait with Hemkant because the inner voice said,  “keep walking”. I kept walking, and another old couple were walking along too. We sent a balm for Hemkant that the couple had with them through some people going down, and we kept on walking ahead. 

After 3000 steps, we reached the Neminath Tirthankar temple along with the elderly couple.

Following a brief rest, I started climbing up again alone. It was pitch dark. I had no torch. The couple were still resting behind, but I kept walking even in the darkness. I could feel the pull of some divine energy which was making me walk. I didn’t know the path, but I kept on walking. When I felt tired, I would feel a sudden surge of energy as soon as I surrendered to Mohanji and Dattatreya. After a while, I heard Mohanji and his group coming behind us, Mohanji in a doli. I looked back at them, and I wanted to go towards Mohanji. Mohanji saw me and said, “Shinde don’t come back, keep walking, and go ahead”.  Now, I was walking with even more energy and joy knowing that Mohanji and the group are walking just behind me. I had no more fear, no more pain; I started climbing higher and higher. With each step, I was surrendering and climbing.  

It was dark everywhere and pin-drop silence. Not a single soul to be seen. I was just taking each step slowly and going up with complete faith. After the 5000th step, I reached Ambaji’s temple. The doors of the temple were closed, and I did not know what to do. Mohanji’s words “keep walking” were always ringing in my head. So, I got up from the temple and started climbing again. Through ups and downs, amidst the dark in the silent path, walking continuously, finally I reached the Gorakhnath temple at around 7000 steps. At this point, the only sound was the sound of the wind blowing; hard-hitting, strong and cold. I also knew there were wild animals in those mountains, which I could not see or hear. I felt the presence of some Masters above me, walking along with me.  It was not that I was walking alone. Datta Guru  Mohanji was watching over me and that was the reason for this huge surge of energy coursing through my body, making me walk.  I remembered only these two things while walking.

mohanji black tshirt

At one point, the steps go down, and then they take off to go to the ultimate, Guru Shikhar – the peak. Climbing these steep steps towards the peak, I suddenly felt there were no thoughts. There was only emptiness. I had only two thoughts in my mind, to reach Guru Shikhar and be at the Datta temple before the aarati and to keep walking. 

I was walking like a daredevil, without any fear of the solitude or darkness. Suddenly at one point, my stick slipped from my hand and went down somewhere in the dark. It can be quite a discomfort being without a stick in the darkness. I started chanting and climbing down slowly. Maybe after 50 steps or so, I saw my stick! It was stuck to something, and I had spotted it even in the dark. I picked up the stick, thanked Mohanji and Datta and started walking again with focus. At times, the fear of walking alone came to mind, but at those times, I felt the Masters watching over me and Mohanji’s presence with me, protecting me. My fear vanished with this understanding. I remembered Mohanji’s words, “keep walking” and so I kept walking.  

The final part of climbing was very steep, but I didn’t even realize how I climbed that part. Finally, I saw a flag and the top of Guru Shikhar, the top of the temple and I started climbing further. It was getting even windier at the top, and I felt that I might fall. After climbing carefully, I reached the top, and I saw George sitting just below the Datta temple. He guided me to go further up near the temple, and when I reached there, I saw Rajesh Kamath and DB. It was 4 am (Brahma Muhurtha) when I reached the Datta temple.

I walked up and touched the temple; now was the time to sit down! At that point, I had an immense surge of energy in me, and I wasn’t feeling cold or wind beat. Rajesh forced me to wear my jacket and then I sat down. It was as if Mohanji acted like my mother, making sure I was protected from the cold wind. As soon as I put on my jacket and sat, intense pain started in my stomach centre near the navel, going back to my spine, like some pull, it was very painful. I didn’t know what it was and I started crying out to Datta. Rajesh helped me lie down and to rest completely, and soon I felt better. Datta’s healing energy had taken my pain away in minutes! 

After about half an hour, Mohanji and the rest of the group arrived too. As soon as Mohanji saw me, he said, “Ah, Shinde, you are already there”. I said “Baba, all your love and grace” and I bowed down to him.  

We were waiting for the temple to open at 5:30 am for the aarati. While the slight delay was happening, Sonia and Ruchika arrived. Then after the temple opened, while we were going inside, Hemkant and Shilpa arrived too. The entire Mohanji family was inside the temple just in time for the aarati. Mohanji ensured that everyone was there together with him.

Lord Dattatreya

This was the great divine grace of Datta.  

Just before the aarati, while I was standing behind Mohanji, he said to Ananth who was there in the front, “You know this Shinde, she can talk about liberation in three minutes”. I blushed because I realized that Mohanji heard my conversation with the couple while we were walking about our Tradition, Masters, liberation etc. Mohanji reminded me once again that he is always listening to us. 

Soon aarati started. It was such a powerful and divine moment to attend the Datta aarati in the physical presence of Mohanji. I couldn’t believe myself; I was physically there receiving this grace!!! I was speechless, completely merged with the divine grace of Mohanji and Datta. Time had stopped for me at that moment. So far, it was one of the greatest moments of my life.

After aarati, we went around the Lord Dattatreya’s idol inside the temple, had a good darshan and came out.

After the 7-8 hours long sadhana of climbing up, the descent was joyful. Yes, Mohanji ensured that the descent was joyful. Sonia, Ruchika and I started climbing down together, talking laughing, eating, our legs were flying with joy! Such satisfaction, such contentment!

We had many interesting incidents during our walk down, like meeting some strange people. We went to Gorakhnath temple, heard the inspiring story of the priest there who had left his banker job to serve in the temple. We then reached the Ambaji temple where we had darshan of the divine Mother and finally decided to sit down for some time to take rest. We were feeling as if we were flying, and we felt so light. We laughed at small things. On our way down, we met an old man looking like a yogi. He told us so many stories of Mount Girnar. We kept walking down, enjoying our journey together. After a while, we saw some monkeys and gave them watermelon. Then, from nowhere, a person started walking with us even after we said we didn’t need any help; he just wanted to accompany us. In between an old mother wanted some food for her children and we bought some food for her. Finally, in the mix of laughing, sitting, and walking, we reached the bottom of Mount Girnar and arrived at the Gorakhnath ashram. We offered food and some money to the person who had been walking with us all this time. 

The next day, before leaving Girnar, we met Mohanji to express our gratitude and take his blessings. Again, Mohanji said to me, “Why do you need a doli, when you have this body?” He explained to me what a beautiful gift we have as this body and its importance. I was in deep gratitude, and tears rolled down my cheeks. Everything that happened the day before was only by the grace of my Datta, Guru Mohanji. 

After returning from Girnar, I felt Mohanji was Lord Datta and daily did the Swami Samarth Datta aarati. However, Mohanji fulfilled every desire of mine within a few days.  Mahesh Bhalero sang a new Girnar Datta aarati to Mohanji. I was overjoyed and now I do the Mohanji datta aarati every day.

On my return to Bangalore, I also visited Devi Amma to give her Ganga water from Varanasi and some tamil books and spoke about the Girnar trip with Mohanji. Devi Amma said, “You have shed many lifetimes karmic baggage by climbing Girnar with Mohanji.” Then I understood what Mohanji had meant when he said, “It’s your sadhana.” It meant shedding karmic baggage.

Visiting Girnar had not been on my bucket list. Not even a thought had been there, at least not in my conscious mind. But it all just happened with the grace of Datta and the miracle of my Guru Mohanji. Even today, when I look back, I get goose bumps. How did it happen? 

The truth is that the journey to Girnar happens only with complete faith and devotion, the grace of Dattatreya, and Datta Guru Mohanji, who carries you ahead.

This yatra (pilgrimage) to Girnar with Mohanji will remain close to my heart forever. 

At the lotus feet of GURUDEVADATTA MOHANJI!


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Dying to live

Mohanji golden

By Sandra Sankar, South Africa

Our greatest fear is the untouchable deadline of leaving our physical bodies. This morning our beloved Swiss Shepherd dog-child died. Previously as a family, we would have mourned the passing of loved ones with great emotional pain. Previously, we would have had our Veterinary surgeon put them down to prevent them from suffering. Mohanji has since taught us never to take their lives but allow them to leave it on their own terms. 

Our beloved pet had kidney failure, which in turn led to multiple organ failure just like us humans. As a new Mai-Tri Method practitioner, I did Mai-Tri (Mohanji’s energy for regenerative healing across physical and subtle sheaths) for him. My husband, who has yet to connect to Mohanji, gave him pain medication to make him comfortable.

I noticed how I pray has changed. No longer do I ask Mohanji for things. I surrender all at his lotus feet and walk away. It was, however, very hard to put that into practice with our beloved dog. My attachment to him as a mother made me want to cling on. I wanted him to live for me. Every morning, he would greet me with beautiful twinkling eyes and tail-wagging excitement. His soulful eyes glistened with such love. Unconditional love. Come rain or sunshine; his love was consistent. 

I used to sing to him as I prepared his breakfast, and he used to sing right back! An abundance of heart-melting moments like these made my life shine so brightly. A few times, I stopped Mai-Tri, overtaken by the rush of tears and helplessness. Then immediately, I began to self-correct my thinking. He is Atman. He is eternal. He will die to be free. Fearless and free. Mohanji’s energy surged through in powerful vibrations. I felt like the ground under my feet was shaking. 

Then I grew calm and continued being an empty channel for his grace. Hours later, everyone in the family was calm; emotional storms long gone. Only grace. We are cocooned from the storms of life. Most times, we are clueless. It is not only that when we can call Mohanji, he comes. It is more so that Mohanji is present everywhere at the same time, and we tap into his energy when we think of him. Unconditional grace. Only love. No likes nor dislikes. Only love. My subtle senses perceive Mohanji’s energy as brilliant white light shining luminously with specks of gold.

Experiencing the death of loved ones is life changing. The passing of dearly loved ones like my mother about twenty years ago changed the direction of my life completely. I went into a deep depression and felt intense pain. Not long after that, Mum came to me in a dream and smiled at me ever so lovingly. She looked young, vital and full of life. And she shone so brightly!

That was a major turning point. My life shifted from ambition and the calculated pursuit of materialism to seeking the truth that life exists after death. 

Today, as I sit typing this testimonial, I feel Mohanji’s loving embrace as always. I am aware of great pain, but it has not torn me apart like before. Such is his grace. Mohanji says all other life forms that share this Earth with us are ‘people’ too. We are all Source. We are all the same energy. Parabrahman. Thank you, thank you, beloved Mohanji, for teaching me that we die to live, but we should not live to die.

Love you Mohanji!


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Incurable to being cured

By Arpana Nazre, India

I have been in the IT industry for quite a long time now. Along with it come the stress, project deadlines, late nights, long hours, working weekends, sedentary lifestyle, competition, and politics. Everything you can think of that could affect your body in some way or the other. The longer you are here, the more damage it causes. If a balance is not made, it can even be fatal to your physical and mental health. Of course, there are good things too, like money, stability, etc. However, here I would like to write how the industry and other factors triggered an ailment on my physical being.

A couple of years back, I was in a very good project, but at the same time, very demanding and taxing. Extremely stressful, working late nights, and a very demanding superior, added to the woes. Also, it was a Canadian project, so most of the meetings used to happen late in the nights. This went on for almost a year and a half. By the end of the year, I started developing painful joints. Thinking that it was due to sitting for long hours in front of the computer, I just neglected it. Whenever I used to get up from my seat after sitting for long, my joints would be stiff, and I would almost limp to even go to the nearest bathroom. Over time, it started getting worse. My knees would become swollen. I couldn’t get down from the vehicle and walk after driving to the office. Slowly, my ankle joints, elbows, shoulder joints, everything started showing signs of inflammation and pain. A time came when I finally had to visit the doctor. After the initial tests, the doctor suspected Rheumatoid Arthritis (referred to as RA henceforth).

I was hoping that it would be something minor and would be healed with a little medication. But as fate would have it, the blood reports confirmed Rheumatoid Arthritis. Until then, I knew nothing about it. Upon further investigation (thanks to google), to my horror, I realised that it’s a chronic disease and that there is no cure for it. RA can just be brought under control with medication. And usually, the medication would last a lifetime. I was devastated. How the hell did I get this? Why me? And I felt that I was too young to get arthritis. How will I manage the rest of my life? So many questions were unanswered.

The day I came to know about it, I was so depressed that I messaged Mohanji about the issue. He just replied – “Talk to Subhasree from London.” I contacted Subhasree to know that even she was suffering from the same issue and had been on treatment for some time. She immediately called me, consoled and convinced me that things would turn for better with treatment, lifestyle change and of course, supreme faith in the Guru. She guided me to a naturopathy treatment centre in Kerala. At the same time, I consulted a Rheumatologist and started medication. He didn’t give a definite timeline for the treatment and just said it might take time as it differs from person to person. The medication was also a low potency medicine given for cancer treatment. It had side effects like extreme hair fall. It was horrific to think that I might be bald soon!

Even after the medication, when the pain didn’t subside, the doctor advised steroids. I was extremely scared of taking steroids. But at the same time, I didn’t have another option either. At that moment I remembered an incident where Mohanji had mentioned to another devotee that if medication is needed, to take it, but offer and surrender to Mohanji, and he sees to it that it doesn’t have any side effects. So before taking it, I just prayed to Mohanji to help me, so it doesn’t cause other side effects on my body other than what it is meant for. Finally, I also took two steroid injections. The pain subsided, but again after three months, I had to take another dose. By this time, I had started exploring other options of holistic treatments. I went for a 10-day detox in a naturopathy hospital in Kerala.

Meanwhile, going back in time, when the RA was first detected, in the first week, we had meditations in Preethi Duggal’s house in Bangalore. After the meditations, we started speaking, and I happened to mention to Preetiji about my RA condition. She gave one look at me and said, “I don’t think it’s got anything to do with a physical ailment. This looks like more of an emotional issue which has erupted as this condition.” She also advised me that I should go for Mai-Tri Method. At that time, I didn’t know much about it. Since it was something that was given by Mohanji, I had complete faith that it would help. So I requested Preetiji to do Mai-Tri for me and booked an appointment with her.

The day came for the session, and Preetiji just asked me to lie down. Mohanji Gayathri was playing beautifully in the background. I knew Mohanji would take care, come what may. She started the process, and we didn’t talk much, but I could feel the heat in her hands while moving over the various chakra points of my body. I just surrendered completely to Mohanji and relaxed. After Mai-Tri, when I got up, I saw Preetiji sitting on the floor, as if she was handling something of high intensity or frequency, and almost shivering. She then slowly got up and came to the chair beside me. She started telling me what she saw during the Mai-Tri Method.

“First of all, your faith in Mohanji was so high that you were completely open for Mohanji to work, for his energy to work. The receptivity and faith in you were so high that Mohanji’s healing energy was at a high intensity. Since the energy was so high, I was not able to take it at one point, and I started shivering and had to sit down. Second, I saw that this pain is because of the trauma you are carrying from one of your previous lives, where you had a very abusive husband. In that life, you had been physically and mentally tortured to a great extent and had died because of that torture. I could see that you still had bruises all over your body, and burnt marks like those made by cigarette butts on your body while you were dying. This was the trauma which was carried over lifetimes, and it had manifested in this life in the form of this ailment. I could see Mohanji clearing the blockages in your body, and since you were so receptive, the energy was flowing beautifully through all your chakras.”

I was in a state of shock. But it was what it was. Then I realised why Mohanji says never carry the memory or emotion of any particular incident. It gets stored in every cell of our body, and we even carry those emotions and memories over lifetimes. Since these memories become impressions, these impressions manifest in similar situations. When an issue happens, look at it objectively. If something has happened, if it’s wrong, try to correct it. If it’s an abusive relationship, and nothing can be done, move out. Please do not take it passively. Instead, be objective enough to take action or move out. This way, we are not storing stuff. If you are feeling sad, cry it out, but then there is no need to store and lament over it for years. Mohanji says forgiveness of self and others, and acceptance are the biggest gifts you can give to yourself, and that is what the Power of Purity Meditation helps us to do.

With this one single Mai-Tri session, I could feel in the coming days, almost 60% of my symptoms of RA had come down. One of the days when I met Mohanji, I asked if I should get Mai-Tri done again. He said, “You should check with your practitioner and if need be get it done.” I decided if one session can help so much, a couple more would help me clear this issue altogether. Meanwhile, I did various other alternative things. I also went to the Bosnian Pyramids and the Ravne Tunnels with Mohanji, which is said to have healing energies. Upon return, I scheduled another appointment for a session of Mai-Tri with Milica from South Africa. By this time, I had already reduced my dosage of the medicines from twice a day to once a week.

Bosnian Pyramids with Mohanji

Mai-Tri with Milica was another divine experience. Milica would tell me then and there as to the results of energising and healing each chakra in the body. She saw that Mohanji was healing me with divine bright light, and a major blockage from the solar plexus region was removed by him. It looked like a huge black ball. She asked me if any of my grandmothers had a knee problem. I tried to recollect and realised that my paternal grandmother had knee pain and swelling for as long as I could remember. She had passed away a few years back, though. She mentioned that I was carrying her pain, and that was the reason I was still suffering those joint issues. She was hovering around me, and then Mohanji stepped in and healed my grandmother, and asked her if she needed anything else or was it ok if she is released from this plane? My grandmother said she wanted to be released. So Mohanji healed and released her to the divine white light. Oh, my God!!!

I have learnt two things from all this. We carry our lineage karma, which includes physical ailments too. And with Mai-Tri, Mohanji is healing and helping the lineage also, just not us. How much more compassionate can one be! Aren’t we supremely blessed, that Mohanji is not only releasing us from our miseries but also our ancestors from all this? My medication by this time had reduced to almost once in 15 days, or whenever I used to feel the pain.

After all this, it so happened that I applied for the Kailash pilgrimage. As we all know, Kailash is an ultimate journey for a person in this lifetime. We were given a set of instructions of physical and breathing exercises to do, to prepare ourselves for this tough journey. It was almost a month before Kailash, and yet I was not able to do any of these due to various reasons. Just 15 days before the journey, my son suddenly fell ill with a high fever. Later, I came to know it was a viral infection. It so happened that after his viral attack, I happened to fall sick with the same thing, though something like this had never happened before. Maybe it was another form of test/cleansing for Kailash (which Mohanji confirmed in Nepal, en-route to Kailash). I became very weak and developed rashes all over my body. Forget about exercises; I was not able to get up from my bed. At the same time, my RA suddenly flared up. My knees were suddenly swollen. My left foot was completely swollen. I was not able to wear my sandals. All this when I was about to embark on a physically demanding journey?

I started my RA medicines again and got back to twice a day dosage. In spite of taking the medicines continuously for 15 days, the swelling didn’t subside. I was getting more and more anxious about doing the 52 km parikrama in Kailash. But somewhere internally, I knew if Shiva has called, he will take care of it. I don’t have to worry. And I surrendered to his will. It could also happen that due to the cold weather, this condition could get worse and out of hand. Finally, I kept all the medicines with me and just prayed that whatever happens, I would face it. His will is my will. Just being there would be good enough for me, even if I don’t do the parikrama.

When we reached Nepal, we had a satsang with Mohanji in Kathmandu. During one of the breaks, when I went to prostrate to Mohanji, I told him about my condition. He said it was not just me; almost everyone was facing some issue or the other in their lives before coming to Kailash. He also mentioned that Kailash was not an easy journey. And this was all a part of the cleansing process. Setting foot on the land of Kailash itself needed a certain kind of eligibility, and not everyone could do it. So even if we were making the journey by the grace of the Guru, we all had to go through the purification process, which we had all been going through for months.

I told him that I wanted to do the parikrama and asked him to help me with it. He just replied – “You will, why not?” That was just enough for me. I knew he would take care, and I don’t have to worry. It has been my previous experience with other Mohanji pilgrimages that although we are not completely physically fit for a demanding trek, in his energy and with complete surrender, we are different people altogether – highly energetic, no signs of fatigue, stress, strain, etc. It proved to be true on this trip too. Though we were in the coldest of regions with low levels of oxygen, I didn’t have any signs of fatigue or any of the symptoms of RA. I even forgot to take my RA medicines, though I was carrying them along with me. That was the level of energy that we were in.

At Yamadwar, I prayed for liberation, and to let go of all that is not required for spiritual progress, be it physical, emotional, materialistic relations, things, etc. I did the entire parikrama, some on a pony and some on foot, without a single sign of weakness, breathlessness, or joint pain. Nothing! It was a breeze!! How powerful are our Guru and his grace? How compassionate and loving he is, in spite of all our misdoings, helping us sail through the toughest journey like it was child’s play. When we have faith and surrender, Guru’s grace will give us the toughness and the tenacity to go through any situation, and that is what I experienced in this holy journey to Kailash.

When I came back home from the trip, I forgot all about the RA. I stopped taking the medications too. It’s been four months now, and I have neither felt the signs of it till now, nor have I felt the need to take medication. From impossible to possible is what Mohanji is all about. I am M-powered! No amount of words can convey my gratitude to the Guru and Guru Mandala for showering me with so much grace, love and care. It was not only me, but even the lineage has also been healed.

I bow down with deep gratitude and surrender to all the Masters of Guru Mandala and Mohanji for healing me from this impossible ailment and ridding me of it completely!!


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The grace of the Master

By Krishnakumar Sampath, Maryland, USA

Generally, an ordinary human being like me can’t understand the different episodes of a real-life situation. Still, when we look back, we can easily connect the dots by tracing them back to a particular situation and understand why and how it happened. This may not be applicable to all incidents, but for certain experiences, the dots are easy to connect.

My uncle, who is 60 years old, had an increased risk of becoming Covid-19 positive. He became Covid-19 positive on July 1st, 2020. He was ignoring the symptoms, mistaking them for a common cold. As things got worse, he started blabbering and complained of pains and tightness in the chest area. At this time, the presence of divine grace became evident.

In Chennai, it’s hard to reserve a hospital bed in this current Covid-19 pandemic. When my uncle began complaining of chest pains, his wife started looking for a hospital, but she couldn’t get hold of one with space for him. She is a math tuition teacher, and one of her students is the daughter of a doctor in a leading hospital in Chennai. Therefore, she contacted her student and talked to her father (the doctor) explaining the situation. The doctor immediately recognized the severity of his condition and arranged for an ambulance to pick up my uncle from his home and shift him to the hospital, which was a few miles away.

My uncle almost collapsed in the ambulance, his vitals (pressure, pulse) were all going down, and he was on the verge of suffering a heart attack. He eventually suffered a cardiac arrest as the ambulance entered the hospital (see the play of divine grace) and within a few minutes, he was taken to the operation theatre, and his heart was revived. If he had suffered a cardiac arrest somewhere along the way to the hospital, things would have gone either way, but it happened right in the hospital premises. What can we call this, other than grace! After the revival, he was admitted to the ICU (intensive care unit) as he was in a critical condition. I came to know about the whole incident two days after he was admitted to the hospital.

I immediately contacted Mohanji Acharya Latha to do a Mai-Tri Method session for him. She quickly sent out a message to the Mai-Tri practitioners’ group to do Mai-Tri for him. My friend Sachi connected me to a Mai-Tri practitioner, Bhavani, to do a distance session for my uncle. He continued to stay in the ICU, fighting for his life for the first two weeks on a ventilator. In those two weeks, he had irregular heartbeats for two days, but his vitals were stable without medications.

Bhavani started the first session on him during which she felt a lot of blockages had been removed from his head. The subsequent four Mai-Tri sessions removed a lot of blockages from his stomach region. After two weeks, a tracheostomy was performed on his throat to prevent any infections occurring from the ventilator. He had the tracheostomy tube in place for two weeks with little oxygen support and started breathing on his own after this period. He gradually recovered well to the point where he started eating solid food, and now he is on his way to recovery.

It is really Mohanji’s grace that he was able to fight the Covid-19 virus and survive a cardiac arrest at the same time. The 4 Mai-Tri sessions carried out by Bhavani during the two weeks when he was in the ICU were instrumental for his recovery. If Mohanji’s grace was not there, I cannot think what could have happened. Faith is very important though doubts will interfere with faith. But it’s better to have persistent faith through thinking, contemplation, and ignoring the mind. Listening to Mohanji’s talks and reading his books will increase our faith in Mohanji. We are all lucky to be blessed by this great Master.


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