Unconditional Love

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Blossoms of Love

The mind is a monkey. It has to jump in and share its opinion on this glimpse of the state of pure love. So, my next thought was – if I live like this, with a wide-open heart, the world will dry my heart into pieces easily. So, how do I protect it? How do I live with an open heart and at the same time keep it protected?

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Dying to live

Today, as I sit typing this testimonial, I feel Mohanji’s loving embrace as always. I am aware of great pain, but it has not torn me apart like before. Such is his grace. Mohanji says all other lifeforms that share this Earth with us are ‘people’ too. We are all Source. We are all the same energy. Parabrahman.

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My first brush with Mohanji

If I had researched, I would have found out that Mohanji is the Guru who finds us. Honestly, I did not come to the satsang with Mohanji because of Mohanji. I came, firstly because I regularly followed the events from that area, secondly because I didn’t want to miss an event like this one in my town and, thirdly I expected to meet my ex-lover (in a workshop before this one, I did the technique of untying from him while he was sitting a few rows away from me, but I was not ready to talk to him. I was feeling strong and stable enough to put an end to that story now, with love and peace).

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Having gone through 30 years of various gynaecological procedures (and subsequent total hysterectomy 10 years ago) following the respective births of my two giant-sized babies (10 lb each), I had become used to living under the governance of my ever-increasing bladder alerts. Wherever I travelled I’d automatically, mentally calculate my liquid intake and the very real prospect of a cross-legged stagger to the nearest bush (in the face of a commonplace lack of public conveniences).

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